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Sextile Sun – MC (Midheaven). Gift of the star

The Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house is a guiding thread to the pinnacle of glory and prosperity. The main thing is to decipher the symbolism of the stars, starting with the zodiac sign and ending with the aspects. Sextile is a sign of luck and karmic merits from a past life, which facilitate progress towards the goal and professional realization in the present. These are talents along the line of destiny, inherited from his father.

They will be noticed by the bosses, patrons and sponsors, even if the native is shy and resisted on the external plane of being. Lucky takeoffs occur after age 18, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in anticipation. On the contrary, from childhood it is desirable to develop in the chosen areas, preparing for brilliant opportunities in the future, so that there is something to surprise the world. The aspect is especially noticeable when the Sun is located in corner houses.

Influence of sextile Sun – MC on fate

The main star of the horoscope personifies vitality, will, ego and creativity. The qualities necessary to fulfill the purpose of the 10th house. Beneficial sextile magnetically attracts circumstances and the right people to support the native’s ambitious plans. The data of the owners of the Sun will appear brighter and faster in the signs of Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It is more difficult to decide to declare yourself to Virgo, Cancer, Libra.

The owners of the aspect enjoy love and a sincere desire to help from other people, while not forgetting to generously repay in kind. They have no desire to dominate at any cost. On the contrary, acquiring friends, they become stronger, and the distance to Olympus is reduced significantly.

A native from his youth sets a clear goal related to politics, creativity, business, and purposefully moves towards it. An exception is the presence of Neptune at 10-20 degrees from the MC.

Other salient features of the Sun and Midheaven sextile:

  • versatile talents, the nature of which depends on the house and zodiac sign of both aspect participants;
  • glory and wealth, thanks to the manifestations of creativity and personal individuality according to the Sun, will come from the 10th house;
  • sextile is realized slowly, in short periods, from youth to old age;
  • hint – special attention should be paid to the development of inherited talents from the father or a figure replacing him;
  • career related to public work, civil service, theater, cinema, media, entrepreneurship;
  • a healthy self-esteem and understanding of one’s uniqueness is a sure way to quickly win first place in society;
  • a good warm relationship with the father is a guarantee of an unhindered ascent to the top.

If the Sun enters into complex figures of aspects, for example, the Grand Cross , a person may be afraid of fame, get annoyed by proposals from producers and directors, leave interviews for a prestigious position, depriving himself of the success that is supposed to be by fate at the last moment.

Personal relationships

Parents and teachers play a crucial role in a native’s life. The mother occupies the main position in the house, most likely the parents are companions in the line of creativity, but the father does not take much part in the child’s life until he declares himself as an active bright personality that can be proud of.

The first significant successes will contribute to working with the father, but the mother is still the driver of success and ambitious guide. If not, then the influence of the father determines the choice of career.

The spouse’s boss or father will also be a source of abundance and happy opportunity in the native’s adult years.

In the female horoscope, sextile Sun – Midheaven speaks of parental support and a male boss, next to whom she can fulfill her wildest dreams. However, an inharmonious luminary portends misunderstandings and quarrels with a father, whose ego is suppressed by circumstances, and ambitions are not satisfied. Girls with this aspect are enthusiastic and temperamental, they are not able to be housewives, since the desire to shine on stage inherent in sextile in the 10th house is inseparable from the fulfillment of destiny.

Practical implementation of the aspect

The key to a happy life is learning to believe in the right to fame and a special mission. The native is sometimes ashamed of his chosenness. It is normal when, at the sight of the results of labor or the demonstration of talents to the public, jubilant pride fills the soul. It is important that relatives support, and achievements are consolidated with a bonus or promotion from the authorities. This is a sign of the right path.

Problems can arise with a weak position of the Sun, which needs to be rekindled by conscious acceptance and manifestation of a leadership position in the affairs of the house where it is located. The choice of a hobby according to the interests of the zodiac sign of the aspect participants and the selection of a talisman with natural stones, for example, amber , ruby , diamond , citrine , will also help .

Inborn laziness also hinders progress. Opportunities and encounters happen by themselves, without the native’s involvement, and it’s easy to get used to. Discipline, self-organization and activity will save you from degradation.

Celebrities with sextile Sun-MC: Jackie Chan, Richard Gere, Mila Jovovich, Gregory Peck.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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