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Conjunction Sun – MC (Midheaven). The power of leadership

Bonding is one of the most powerful aspects of life that has a strong influence on the external circumstances around the native. The sun symbolizes the active part of consciousness, our ego, the desire for success and self-affirmation in the profession. This is the main goal in life and relationships with men. Meridian Midheaven is in the 10th house of career and social success in adulthood, starting in college. This is the point of human destiny.

The direction is indicated by the sign of the zodiac and planets near. Therefore, the connection of the main star of the horoscope with the MC is also called the culmination of the Sun. This is a sign of social success and dizzying take-off, where everything is combined: unexpected luck, the projection of influencers and personal hard work. However, to maintain fame, it is not enough to follow the path of the ego, where it is easy to become an unprincipled careerist. It is important to develop the solar qualities of the zodiac sign in which the connection is located, achieving a balance of energies.

Features of the manifestation of the conjunction of the Sun – MC

Aspect creates excellent conditions for the materialization of interesting ideas, born of the ambitious consciousness of the native. In 90% of cases the choice of profession is in register with the karmic vocation, especially when standing next to a harmonious Mercury that never moves away from the sun . However, if it is burned , and there is Neptune nearby , confusing the intuition of the owner of the horoscope with unrealistic fantasies and dreams, then there is a variant of passive burning of life or throwing from one sphere of activity to another without rooting and growing in a single direction.

Most often, the mission is to be a leader and set new trends. They are pioneers in politics, science, literature and creativity. Moreover, they have no problems with recognition. There are supporters, sponsors and patrons immediately, ready to promote a unique talent. But the spiritual side of the bearer of the aspect is far from always unambiguously positive. It can be either a light ruler and creator, or a dark ruler.

Features of the influence of the Sun – MC (Midheaven) connection on fate:

  • a strong need for career success, for which they can go to a marriage of convenience or the destruction of competitors;
  • money is secondary, it can work for the sake of an idea, to make a name for itself, or on two fronts: to earn money not by vocation, being involved in politics, creativity or charity in public;
  • dependence on praise and compliments, the desire to shine in society, especially if the Midheaven Meridian is in Leo , Libra , Aries and Sagittarius ;
  • a great gift of an orator, equally good for a politician, teacher and actor;
  • the feeling of happiness and self-expression comes exclusively through professional achievements;
  • the position of the Sun is public here, so any mistakes and sins of the native will emerge and become a stain on the reputation;
  • authoritarian character, self-confidence and many talents contribute to obtaining high positions, patronage of influential persons and gaining a solid position in society.

With favorable configurations with the ruler of the 10th house and additional harmonious aspects, the Sun – Midheaven conjunction guarantees popularity and honor, even if it is a rather narrow circle of professionals, but most often world fame comes to the native.

Conjunction Sun – MC (Midheaven) and personal relationships

Aspect bestows leadership qualities, and at the same time, strong subconscious or quite conscious competition with recognized authorities. The desire to lead and be the boss is most clearly manifested in his student years. If 1 house is in the signs of fire or air, then a person leads and inspires in life, but when the Ascendant is weakened, or in the spheres of water and earth, then it will flourish for 18-20 years, subject to accepting his uniqueness and active self-realization. However, it is worth humiliating pride and learning from the true leaders of the chosen field of activity, so as not to make enemies.

The father plays an important role in the native’s life. He sets an example to follow, inspires and supports on the way to the goal, if the Sun is harmonious, but he can also be a counterbalancing factor in the presence of striking aspects. For example, a person achieves a lot in life for fear of repeating the fate of his father.

Most often, the positive effect of connection is triggered when parents help and clear the path to the desired goal from obstacles. In the female horoscope, this is also a hint of meeting a high-ranking spouse at work, or a sign of cooperation with a star as a professional, which is also true for the male horoscope.

Practical implementation of the conjunction of the Sun and MS

Bosses will not be able to run errands as a small fish in the office. The strongest internal conflict will occur. From childhood, you need to strive to get a higher education at a prestigious university, choose leadership positions in any business, learn from the best and protect your reputation, because when the Sun-MS is connected, the secret will always be obvious. But even for carriers, the aspects of the secrets of the world are visible at a glance, which helps to make great discoveries and foresee the future.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity could not have been formulated otherwise with the conjunction of the Sun and the Midheaven in Pisces, and Jules Verne became the master of thoughts thanks to a similar aspect in Aquarius, which determined the futuristic direction of his novels. Having chosen the field of activity according to the zodiac sign of the 10th house , the native can be confident in his brilliant future.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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