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Trigon Pluto – MC (Midheaven). Disenchanting Karma

The harmonious influence trine with Meridian Midheaven usually weakens and extinguishes ambitions as Nativ realization that everything comes easily and effortlessly. Success in the profession, recognition from the first steps, popularity during the years of study at the university bring up confidence in the chosenness and patronage of fate. But everything is different when Pluto is the second member of the aspect .

The higher planet indicates the karmic connection of the chosen profession with the family, and the lord of darkness symbolizes the need to transform the usual approach to the native’s activity into new methods. If a person continues the family business, the more obvious is the need to improve or even rebuild it.

The influence of the trigone Pluto – MC on fate

It is Pluto’s powerful and pulsating thirst for change that gives rise to a relentless quest to satisfy ambitions. The best option is to see what professions of the ancestors respond to with the desire to continue them, and whether they correspond to the sphere of influence of the 10th house , where the Meridian of the Midheaven is located, as well as nearby planets and, of course, Pluto itself.

Aspect bearers are very successful in business where they manage fabulous sums of money. Small business will only annoy them. But trine works in a peculiar way. Efforts still have to be made. It is easy to get the opportunity to enter a big game, meet famous personalities, and there is also protection from clashes with crime, racketeering and conflicts with law enforcement agencies. However, the native will work and study in full force if he wants to satisfy the ambitions to rule and command, and not fulfill someone else’s will.

By nature, the gift is given to be an excellent leader, proactive and enterprising, able to raise an empire from ruins. People with the Ascendant and Mars in fire signs will immediately become this way , the rest will have to study all aspects of the aspect’s influence in order to use it to the maximum:

  • strong will, indefatigable striving for victory: they actively act, but do not demonstrate success to the public until they are sure of the brilliance of the results;
  • interest in the occult, the power of reason, words, magic rituals;
  • the need for self-improvement, training and the desire to do it together with the team;
  • foresight, charisma, punctuality, restrained attitude to public speaking, prefer to lead the process from the shadows;
  • attachment to beautiful, expensive things with history, be it the property of your own family or antiques;
  • the need to save money and spend only on significant areas: training, travel, research and investment;
  • friends help to achieve success in the shortest possible way;
  • talent of a politician, businessman, lawyer, financial advisor, insurance agent, nuclear physicist, mathematician, investigator.

A career in a chosen business should really please the native. If it becomes boring and unpleasant to work, the plutonian energy is blocked and stagnation occurs. In adulthood, owners of the Pluto-MS trine often change their field of activity if it did not initially coincide with their karmic goals. The aspect attracts many signs of fate and the decision is usually correct if understood correctly.

Personal relationships

The native’s mother might have studied astrology or strongly believed in the child’s unusual destiny. This led to the exactingness of studies, payment of additional classes for better development, investment in future education. The native was prepared for a special mission, or vice versa, he himself went to it through obstacles.

Much in the interpretation depends on the additional figures of aspects and the degree of elaboration of generic karma. One thing is invariable: the more knowledge and practical experience the bearer of the trigon Pluto – MC gets, the easier it is for him to understand relationships with people. Success reveals his sociability, ability to please and organize his team. Happiness in marriage here directly depends on professional fulfillment.

As a leader, the native is not too authoritarian, knows how to listen and understand the essence of the problem, without requiring blind obedience. Trigon Pluto – The middle of the sky extinguishes jealousy, therefore, unlike conjunction, cooperation is possible here without fierce competition with colleagues and loved ones.

Practical interaction with the trigon Pluto – MC

For the successful use of the power of the aspect, it is important to understand: one cannot remain in a subordinate position in a secondary role, but it is also uncomfortable to be a wedding general, the face of a party without real authority.

The role of the privy councilor, the “gray cardinal,” is to the liking of the native. It will be possible to have power, but not to advertise it publicly in business and science, but creativity is not closed from the carriers of the Pluto – MC trine, these are unforgettable actors and musicians. Examples of this: Paul Newman, Anthony Hopkins, Eddie Murphy, Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep. In any case, the trigone is a good application for global popularity, provided that you work on yourself in the profession. You cannot refuse the help of influential persons. Regardless of the choice of specialty, it is recommended to increase financial and legal literacy, use talismans of protection from enemies. Decorations with natural stones will help with this: black diamond , tourmaline, onyx , obsidian , smoky quartz , volcanic glass.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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