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Trigon Saturn-Pluto. Between magic and reality

Trigon unites planets that are in the same element, but in different houses and signs. He gives good luck in affairs along the lines of these sectors and works productively throughout life, if the native makes efforts for self-development. Even one such aspect can pull a person to the pinnacle of success, and several create a lucky one who is lucky in his career and love.

This happens because the native unconsciously owns the understanding of the work of the energies of the Universe, and by improving his mind and insight, he reveals the secrets of the universe for others. Holders of the trine (trine) Saturn-Pluto from the category of magicians who steer events at the mental level, as well as talented nuclear physicists, astrologers, teachers and writers. Willpower and tireless work are directed towards the great goal associated with the missionary karmic task.

Possibilities of the Saturn-Pluto trigon

The higher the level of human development, the more global peaks he seeks to conquer. If the planets are in corner houses, then fate itself finds him and forces him to go up. It is better not to resist this, because Saturn will then create additional limiters to overcome obstacles and get to the right point. Despite their ambition and prudence, the owners of the Saturn-Pluto trine sin with excessive caution and slowness, not daring to quickly leave their comfort zone, and miss a lucky chance. You have to pay for this with routine work in low positions, especially if Saturn is in the 2nd , 6th and 10th houses . Because of this, they achieve their goal rather late, but the results are forever and please the descendants.

The wards of the aspect are almost always happy and secure by old age, although after 60 years they undergo metamorphoses. Losing their usual prudence, they can indulge in all seriousness, or vice versa, leave the world for a monastery or an Indian ashram. This is due to the strong limitation of spiritual and material needs in adolescence, so it is important to develop the strengths of the Saturn-Pluto trigon:

  • the ability to practically and methodically translate original innovative ideas into reality;
  • effective collaboration in a large organization and the magical transformation of teamwork through their activities;
  • sincerity and loyalty in friendship and business ties;
  • talent of the organizer and designer, thoughtful movement towards the goal;
  • logical thinking replaces intuition, they believe not feelings, but chains of facts, decomposing them into the multivariance of future events;
  • freedom from megalomania even in the position of the president of the company: a sober assessment of one’s merits and demerits;
  • tolerance for other people’s mistakes and weaknesses, liberal views on politics and science;
  • abilities of physics and mathematics are combined with an interest in astrology and fortune-telling;
  • transformation and improvement through strict self-discipline and hard work;
  • the location and patronage of the authorities and high officials.

The key to a native’s success lies in accepting physical and painstaking intellectual labor as the soul’s karmic mission. Through the detailing and systematization of data, he receives information from higher spheres for scientific discoveries and positive changes for society.

Love and marriage with the trigon Saturn-Pluto

Men and women with this aspect are interested in creating a strong spiritual and intellectual connection with a partner. They are not too interested in socializing, flirting, joint entertainment in clubs. They prefer to meet at work or school, while they like older people who have achieved success, whom you can respect and learn from their example.

Almost immediately they bet on their exclusivity and the main role in relationships, emphasizing that such a unique person no longer exists in the Universe. Girls with the Saturn-Pluto trigon are looking for passion and patronage, expecting that with the appearance of a special companion with wisdom and power, their lives will change dramatically.

Men accept the renewal of fate through a partner who encourages them to earn more, change their appearance, and conquer new horizons. A fatal passion and attraction is possible, which subjugates all the thoughts of the native, especially if there are aspects with Lilith, and Pluto is in the 7th house .

Practical interaction with the Saturn-Pluto trigon

If the planets are in strong positions, the native will change the reality and fate of people with the power of their convictions, discoveries and even charisma. Weakened members of the aspect will require the transformation of internal demons into resource engines that drive success. You will have to spend a lot of time on personal growth, developing strengths of character, getting rid of envy of rivals, who easily take what the native takes time for.

Patience and perseverance will come in handy not only in a career where it is easier for the owners of the Saturn-Pluto trine to change, but also in personal relationships. Knowing how to influence the consciousness of partners on the subtle plane, they unconsciously use esoteric techniques to keep loved ones in their usual alignment of forces in the family, preventing them from being successful outside the home. It must be remembered that mutual freedom will serve the spiritual growth and prosperity of all family members.

Jewelry with talisman stones will help to avoid stagnation in thoughts and life events, accelerating the process of approaching the goal. Trigon Saturn-Pluto includes jet , morion, tourmaline and smoky topaz . If there is a need for stability, then it is better to prefer blue sapphire and amethyst .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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