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Trigon Uranus-Neptune. Weaving reality from dreams

Trigon, like a magnifying glass, highlights the advantages and talents of the participants in a favorable union, against the background of which other disadvantages of the horoscope become invisible. If the aspect unites the higher planets, standing in one element, then a person from youth feels the divine fire of an unusual purpose in his soul. When positioned in corner houses, this is an unconditional genius in science and art, a sign of future discoveries and technological changes.

The great mission of a native with a sun sign in the element of water and air is to raise the level of spirituality and mystical awareness to an unprecedented level. The sun in the sphere of fire and earth is responsible for financial and scientific transformations. In any case, keen intuition, imagination and foresight make the trine carrier an outstanding representative of the era.

Possibilities of the Uranus-Neptune trigon

The native has a tendency to break the usual patterns of behavior and communication with people. The unique and inimitable style of dress, manner of speech, emphasis on involvement in the secrets of the mystical plan is of interest when the planets are in a strong position, but also the desire to twist a finger at the temple if there are negative aspects. A rich fantasy causes flushes of inspiration when the owners of the Uranus-Neptune trine create without sleep and rest, fueled by energy from above.

At a high level of spirituality, they influence the consciousness of millions through artistic images of cinema, literature, music, and also bring civilization to a new round of the technological spiral, introducing improved gadgets into everyday life. In prophetic dreams, they are presented with visions of the future, which is reflected in their projection of reality. In a position in the 12th house – performers of secret missions, spies, astrologers or diplomats of the international level. They can also be top-class scammers, because the unique combination of the Neptunian talent for confusing the mind and the uranian quickness of thinking generates not only brilliant financiers, but also schemers. For harmonious development, you must rely on the strengths of the trine:

  • spirituality, the desire to act nobly and correctly in the eyes of others;
  • erudition, intelligence, sense of humor, unusual perception of the world: words are seen in saturated colors of the rainbow in the imagination, animate objects and trees;
  • magical and healing abilities that open the path of an innovator in esotericism;
  • the desire to make the lives of millions better and to bring utopian ideas into reality;
  • successful implementation in the field of astrology, palmistry, politics, music, acting;
  • revolutionaries in the position of Uranus in fire signs, and poets, if Neptune in water signs;
  • romantics and dreamers who are ready to give their lives for the sake of love for the Motherland and partner.

Despite the initial success and easy money on the path of deception and money-grubbing, karmic reckoning comes: esoteric abilities, the ease of creating objects of art and the gift of prophecy are extinguished. It is especially dangerous to walk along the lower Neptunian floor if one of the planets is related to the 12th house – the threat of imprisonment and life far from home.

Love and marriage with the trine Uranus-Neptune

The aspect gives rise to a deep sensuality and extravagance of behavior. In the absence of a spiritual foundation, it leads to depravity and curiosity about intimate relationships. The desire to taste the forbidden fruit is hidden under the external appearance of nobility and confuses others. It seems that the native is an angel in the flesh, and he is tormented by dreams of daring experiments. The negative aspects with Lilith in the 5th and 1st houses are especially dangerous .

Holders of the Uranus-Neptune trine share flirtation and deep feelings. Even with a dissolute youth, having met sincere and pure love, they are able to completely be reborn and reach the highest level of relationships.

In the case of strong religious convictions, romance reigns supreme. Often a person comes up with a non-existent ideal and for many years is in anticipation of an unearthly beautiful feeling that will strike like a thunderbolt. With Venus in the water and air signs, emotions require a splash in creativity. It also saves you from failures in your personal life.

Practical interaction with the Uranus-Neptune trigon

Aspect lasts 84 years for an entire generation. Positive properties, such as intuition, clairvoyance, mimicry with a complete change of appearance and immersion in the role, will be most clearly expressed in the owners of the Uranus-Neptune trine, which affects the corner houses. In other people, these abilities are present in a dormant state. If they are developed, while remaining at a high moral and religious level of consciousness, the trigone will also turn on a strong program.

It is important to be bold and creative, while being careful about money and documents, especially if one of the planets has negative aspects. The faint-hearted people may develop a disconnection from reality, the desire to constantly hover in the clouds, and a clash with scammers is likely. The karmic task is to stand in the position of honesty and law, not succumbing to temptations.

Jewelry with natural stones set in silver will help to strengthen the Uranus-Neptune trine. Since both planets are superior, you have to wear crystals for a long time to feel the effect. Jadeite , aquamarine , labradorite, star sapphire , serpentine and fire opal are suitable for this aspect .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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