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Trigon Venus-Jupiter. Life-long enjoyment

Trigon (trine) is a favorable aspect that connects planets located in friendly elements. Talents and opportunities for success become stronger and more tangible, and life itself contributes to the implementation of the native’s plans in an easy and fast way. However, if a person does not develop abilities, then the aspect becomes a source of tension and stress.

This period is especially hard for the spoils of fortune with the Venus-Jupiter trigon in the natal chart . This is a guarantee of a constant flow of luck, wealth and sympathy from others. The native gets used to the fact that as soon as he wishes, everything is fulfilled, and stops working, not suspecting that after 30 years the river of abundance will turn into a trickle, but he is not used to working. Luck remains with those who skillfully use and respect the source of success.

Possibilities of the Venus-Jupiter trigon

The degree of influence of the trigon depends on the strength of the planets . If both are weak, then desires will also be fulfilled gradually, and the native will have to work, developing the highest qualities of Venus and Jupiter . To do this, you need to go out, communicate, make useful connections and not neglect light flirting. Otherwise, the aspect simply won’t turn on. The trine (trine) Venus-Jupiter works especially strongly in the corner houses, but nevertheless does not protect the ward like other configurations. He presents a bunch of opportunities, but does not guarantee trouble in the process of accepting them.

The native is incredibly charming and by its very appearance brings harmony to the team. Those around him are drawn to him, like to the warm sun, to bask in the rays of not only glory, but also ordinary conversation over a cup of tea. The problem is that the aspect attracts not only the right people, and the person burns out from trying to please everyone. The main directions of influence of the Venus-Jupiter trigon:

  • striving for lofty ideals, aestheticism of the worldview, benevolence;
  • compassion, dreaminess, mercy;
  • ease of earning and spending money, generosity, charity;
  • a creative approach to any business, plans to conquer the world with talent and beauty;
  • laziness, addiction to pleasure, especially overeating tasty and unhealthy food;
  • religiosity, love of art, loyalty to friendship and the principles of cooperation;
  • income depends on contacts with influential foreigners and the patronage of high officials;
  • the desire to possess respectability and luxury;
  • understanding the beauty of form, word, color and sound – success in painting and show business.

With a strong Jupiter, the leadership is instantly imbued with trust and sympathy for the native, and if the lord of luck is weak, but Venus is strong, you will have to influence circumstances and people with personal charm and artistry.

Love and family in the Venus-Jupiter trine

Men and women with the Venus-Jupiter trine are confident in personal charm and attractiveness, and therefore openly express feelings and sympathy. They are rarely denied reciprocity, because charismatic, adventurous and creative personalities attract fans like a magnet. Although it’s not just a lightness of character and relaxed behavior at parties and social events. It is the Venus-Jupiter trigon that removes toxic and negative-minded people from the path of wards, connecting their hearts with kind-hearted and creative partners.

On the other hand, the native is not used to looking for shortcomings in a person, but he gratefully accepts the good and is content with the advantages that are.

Women and men adore luxurious and stylish outfits, jewelry, and strive to look like movie stars, even in modest status. They have many love relationships and hobbies throughout their lives, but having chosen a worthy companion and taking an oath of allegiance, they try not to look at the side. Trigon portends more than two children, especially if the 5th house is affected, and a harmonious relationship with them.

Practical interaction with the Venus-Jupiter trigon

Aspect surprisingly affects women more than men. Good luck in love, easy money, patronage of the famous and the rich, charm are manifested brighter, but addiction to pleasure is more difficult to overcome. Girls with the Venus-Jupiter trine are prone to overeating and sexual excesses. They may agree to intimacy even without deep feelings for a fan, just out of interest, or use external attractiveness for career advancement.

However, one must remember that if wealth is acquired dishonestly, then laziness and apathy will swallow even the most promising and talented native. For the full use of the capabilities of the Venus-Jupiter trigon, you need:

  • engage in creativity both professionally and as a hobby;
  • go out often, communicate, keep in touch;
  • come up with and develop a personal brand, set goals and achieve them in stages;
  • to work for pleasure, to engage in aesthetically pleasing and spectacular sports: rhythmic gymnastics, diving, athletics, figure skating;
  • eat moderately and correctly, observe hygiene;
  • sing and perform on stage (with harmonious aspects with the Moon, the native will have a great voice);
  • do not hesitate to dress brightly, flashy and luxurious;
  • strive to communicate with successful and popular personalities.

You can strengthen the Venus-Jupiter trine by using jewelry with natural stones. If the planet of love is weakened, then it is better to wear turquoise , malachite , rose quartz , emerald and diamond . Jupiter will be supported by yellow sapphire and topaz , amethyst and lapis lazuli .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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