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Trigon Jupiter-Pluto. Heaven and hell in one soul

Trigon in a horoscope is a gift of fate. The favorable aspect connects the planets located in different sectors, but in the same element. It means that the talents of a person will find the best application in life through the opportunities bestowed by the houses of the position of the planets. The downside is that the native gets used to the fact that the world is meeting him halfway, fulfilling all desires, relaxes and loses interest in learning and self-improvement.

If he is the owner of the trine with the celestial and subterranean rulers, Jupiter and Pluto, there is a chance that he will think of himself as the ruler of the universe and the supreme judge. Unusual spiritual and physical strength, the ability to see hidden in the depths of the opponent’s soul, wisdom and intuition leave no doubt: with the power given from above, the native changes destinies and circumstances.

Jupiter-Pluto trigon possibilities

In addition to charisma and influence on people, the aspect attracts fame and fortune. If one of the participants affects the 2nd , 5th and 8th houses , it is safe to predict the ability to attract money and interesting work, as well as the possibility of easy enrichment through inheritance or sudden popularity. However, attracting does not mean keeping it for long. To do this, you need to show courage, enthusiasm, enterprise and insight, bestowed on the Jupiter-Pluto trine in abundance. The native’s power is harmonized by his incredible charm. People fall under the hypnosis of inspiring energy and youthful desire to turn the world upside down, happily obeying and joining the team.

The carriers of the Jupiter-Pluto trine are interested in everything to the smallest detail, but they are especially attracted by the world of politics, art, sports and religion. They are curious like children, but not naive, and a good mood is due to the confidence in the right to the blessings of the universe. During their lives, these optimists will have to go through several spiritual renewals, so the desire to know the world order through religion and philosophy is not accidental. Success will be facilitated by the development of the strengths of the Jupiter-Pluto trigon:

  • synthesis of efficiency and versatile erudition, ambition, nobility;
  • the ability to inspire by personal example and lead crowds of ideological supporters;
  • striving for learning and spiritual practice;
  • creative self-expression aimed at the common good: not just make a film, write a book and a picture, but touch souls to revive the desire to live and create;
  • wisdom, discernment, ability to concentrate attention and will to achieve a goal.

It is the owners of the Jupiter-Pluto trine who prove by their example that the power of faith works miracles. When it is physically impossible to free themselves from the captivity of circumstances, at the expense of mental energy they reprogram reality, attracting amazing changes by the force of their desire. When positioned in corner houses, there is a danger of megalomania and manipulation of people’s minds for selfish purposes, therefore it is very important to stand in the service of good and light according to the Jupiterian program and fight evil along the line of Pluto.

Love and marriage with the Jupiter-Pluto trigon

If you want to establish a long-term relationship with the native, it is a good idea to look at his solar and ascending sign. These are people who combine the light and dark sides of the psyche, each of which can outweigh the other. This is especially evident in Gemini, Pisces and Libra. Outwardly spiritual, noble and eloquent in courtship, they can prove to be overbearing and tough in marriage, demanding complete submission and respect for their family traditions. Religion is of great importance when choosing a life partner. The liberal attitude towards someone else’s faith recedes aside when it comes to marriage: you need a partner from the same denomination, not a non-believer.

It must be borne in mind that family and marriage will always be in second place for them, after serving their great mission. Here, the best option is to become a companion and assistant, because if the owners of the Jupiter-Pluto trine depart from their purpose, the huge reservoir of energy, granted for the transformation of life at the level of state reforms, begins to heat up and tear them apart from the inside. As a result – a home dictatorship and nervous breakdowns, or going into crime, which happens with a negative aspect of Mars and Lilith. Strong Pluto partners who understand these specific internal swings are best suited.

Practical interaction with the Jupiter-Pluto trigon

For the native’s success and prosperity, it is important to do one thing – to walk up the highest level of Pluto’s energy, directing the collective will to create good through charity, public speaking and artistic expression. Crises must be used for spiritual growth and faith. The life of the owners of the Jupiter-Pluto trine must be full of high meaning and lead to a global goal, otherwise depression will destroy from within. However, higher powers give a lot of happy meetings with the right people to get on the path to good luck, the main thing is not to miss them.

Trine carriers are lucky in business and personal life. They are leaders, whose ideological light is followed by the masses, the main thing is to lead them to a prosperous life, and not to the barricades, then the spiritual level of the native grows in proportion to the good created. Higher education is required here.

If one of the trigone participants is weakened, an energy imbalance occurs. You can restore balance with precious stones. Jupiter in the natal chart is enhanced by jewelry with amethyst , lapis lazuli , charoite and topaz , and Pluto will be strengthened by rauchtopaz , vesuvian and obsidian .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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