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Trigon Jupiter-Saturn. Confident builders of the future

Trigon gives the owner of the horoscope unlimited opportunities for the realization of talents manifested in the affairs of the houses where the planets are located. The native is also lucky in sectors ruled by allies. Aspect participants are always in the same element, albeit in different signs, being on the same wavelength. However, one cannot relax and sit with folded hands, so as not to be left with a broken trough in the second half of life.

However, hardworking and practical carriers of the Jupiter-Saturn trine will not think of this. Thanks to the positive power of the aspect, the permissiveness and extravagance of the former are balanced with the limited worldview of the latter, giving rise to an ideal combination of wisdom, nobility, high aspirations and a reasonable attitude to finance. This portends the path of a worthy kind person who wants to live by the rules.

Jupiter-Saturn trigon possibilities

It is difficult to imagine a positive quality that the native does not have. Resolute, smart, forward-looking, he checks everything in practice, and calculates his plans several moves ahead, having prepared reserve options in advance so as not to lose anything. The combination of seriousness and sincerity evokes an unaccountable public sympathy, and a strategy of adherence to a code of integrity reinforces it. These are great politicians, businessmen, teachers, and heads of organizations.

The only problem is the difficulty of dealing with less respectable people. The owners of a strong Jupiter-Saturn trine will never play a double game and compromise the principles of honor, which makes many enemies, especially with evil Mars or Lilith in the 7th house . However, they are careful enough not to get on the rampage, but they are also too noble for quick reprisals against ill-wishers. If the planets in the trigon have additional negative aspects, and the Sun is in the signs of fire, then dreams of glory obscure the mind. The native can move away from the noble image and indulge in all serious things on the lower floor of Jupiter: bribery, extravagance, idleness. To avoid this, it is recommended to focus on the strengths of the trine:

  • the ability to gradually follow the target, choosing the line of least resistance
  • an intuitive understanding of missionary purpose;
  • preparation and strict adherence to an individual regimen and planning;
  • the ability to do the volume of cases equal to the weekly workload of an ordinary person in one day;
  • harmonious combination of personal interests with public good projects;
  • constructivism and foresight bring instant success in material matters: business, real estate, construction;
  • striving for justice and honesty bestow good luck in the line of state security as a judge, official, lawyer, policeman.

The carriers of the Jupiter-Saturn trine have a trusting, paternal relationship with their superiors. You can count on patronage and protection in difficult situations, and the native, having become the boss, intuitively takes a similar position. It is important to remember that the aspect is included only with daily tireless work. Long-term parasitism deprives a person of all bonuses.

Love and family under the trigon Jupiter-Saturn

The personal life of a man and a woman with this trine is thought out as carefully as the pursuit of purpose. They are not inclined to give up everything for the sake of love, change their usual place of residence, and even more so, leave a successfully starting career. Student romances are not for them. The aspect has a semantic coloring of the 9th and 10th houses , therefore, the owners of the Jupiter-Saturn trine with their whole being are aimed at obtaining higher education and social status through work that is important for society and for them personally.

They will be interested in a partner with similar aspirations, most likely with a solar or rising sign of Virgo or Capricorn, without excessive fanfare, practical and intellectually developed. Thanks to this approach and peculiarities of their character, carriers of the Jupiter-Saturn trine are quite happy in family life. They first earn status, honor, material wealth, and then get married and have children.

Practical interaction with the Jupiter-Saturn trigon

Interestingly, succumbing to the influence of a weakened Jupiter in an effort to spend more than necessary, the native immediately faces the limiting Saturnian circumstances, up to and including getting to a hospital or prison. The planet of order literally keeps the ward from bankruptcy and ruin, even if it is necessary to use heavy artillery.

It is vitally important for the owners of the Jupiter-Saturn trine to work through the affairs of the 6th house , especially if one of the planets is there, and not to deviate from the letter of the law, daily work, habitual routine and routine. It is important to follow the principles of healthy eating, do gymnastics: yoga, Pilates, the Eye of Rebirth. Strict adherence to religious fasting will help to start the stage of a new life, which will strengthen both Saturn and Jupiter at once.

Lack of aspect in excessive foresight and fear of moving forward, as well as fear of public condemnation. It can be removed by constant contact with natural stones, talismans of the planets. Blue sapphire , lapis lazuli , amethyst and ametrine (which combines the properties of Saturn and Jupiter) are perfect.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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