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Venus in the 4th house

If Venus is in the 4th house of the birth chart, then this gives the owner of the horoscope inner harmony, a positive attitude towards life and love for all living things.

Venus is a good planet, and its location in one of the corner houses of the radix brings happiness and good luck to the native. Such a person loves his home, family and parents. The history and traditions of the country and region in which he lives are dear to him; at heart he is a patriot. The owner of Venus in the 4th house supports family values ​​and strives to pass on to his descendants all the best that he has (accumulated knowledge, experience, the desire to create beautiful things, increase spiritual and material wealth, etc.).

Internal qualities and features of the native's behavior

The holder of the natal chart is distinguished by peacefulness, caring, thrift and a desire for stability. Wherever he is, he creates an atmosphere of joy, tranquility and well-being. The native loves to decorate his home and creates comfort in it. He will transform any space thanks to decor items. In his home you can find beautiful paintings, well-groomed plants, lovingly selected dishes, textiles, etc.

Pleasant music is often played in the native's house. Here they prepare delicious dishes, meet guests, organize friendly gatherings and fun family holidays.

A person with Venus in the 4th house does not like quarrels and conflicts in the house. If the planet is strong and has many harmonious aspects, then there was a kind and positive atmosphere in the native's parental family. This feeling of joy and happiness, coming from childhood, the native tries with all his might to preserve and recreate in his adult life.

A person with Venus in the 4th house often has good practical skills. He spares no time on household chores, and therefore there is always order and contentment in his house. Such a person does not forget to make food supplies. If you have a summer cottage and a vegetable garden, you can find numerous preparations for the winter: jam, pickles, dried herbs, berries, mushrooms and fruits. A person with Venus in the 4th house can be called a gourmet and hospitable person.

Venus in some zodiac signs

This luminary manifests special power in Taurus , Libra and Pisces . Such people know how to easily resolve real estate issues. They are lucky in matters related to housing. A native may own not only apartments, but also country houses, summer cottages, garages and cellars. Such people, as a rule, get along well with relatives and friends. Whatever happens in other areas of life, at home they are always awaited, supported and loved.

If Venus is in the signs of Scorpio , Aries or Virgo , then the owner of the horoscope is constantly dissatisfied with something on his territory. He endlessly improves the environment, renews the interior, expands the space. Subject wants their home to be in line with fashionable design trends. If the luminary is damaged by other planets, then periods of peace in the family alternate with quarrels and clarification of relations.


Venus in the 4th house of a man

If in a man's horoscope Venus is in the 4th house, then this is a favorable indication of the creation of strong relationships and family. Subject is interested in having a woman in the house. She should be charming, affable, caring and homely. The woman of his dreams is, first of all, the keeper of the hearth.

Venus in the 4th house of a woman

Venus in the 4th house of the horoscope will tell you that its owner loves comfort and coziness and knows how to create them. Often such women cook well, create supplies at home, skillfully organize the space and furnish it with beautiful interior items.

They choose a partner for themselves who will help fulfill her dreams of a happy family and children. There should be love, beauty and mutual understanding in her house.

Lilia Garipova


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