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Pluto Square – MC (Midheaven). Rise of the Phoenix

Quadrature does not deny the presence of talents along the line of influence of the planets that form the aspect, only the ascent to the top goes through obstacles and the cultivation of the best qualities of the sign, where the members of the union are. This can be difficult, especially if there is a higher planet, symbolizing the karmic debts of the clan, which the native will have to solve.

Pluto already means rebirth through the destruction of stereotypes that inhibit the development of relationships and attachments of any nature, and being in the square with the Midheaven , showing the place of fame and professional success, it attracts conflicts with the powers that be. Even wishing to change the world for the better, the native will face the resistance of parents, teachers, bosses, and will face a choice – calling or indulging the beliefs of other people.

Dangers of Pluto Square – MC

It is easy for the owners of the aspect to manipulate people with a weak Mars . Quarrels and confrontations arise with those with a strong Pluto or a similar aspect. Accordingly, it is difficult for them to get along with their peers who have achieved a high position before them, and even more so to work under their supervision.

Starting from adolescence, a person unconsciously chooses a destructive model of behavior, attracted by the sensory instincts of early awakened sexuality. The temptation to permissiveness, the understanding that it is worth breaking the law and desires will be easily fulfilled, excite the Plutonian nature, but can ruin the reputation in the bud at the slightest miscalculation. With additional negative connections with 8 and 12 houses, there is a greater likelihood of suffering from connections with crime and from imprisonment.

Carriers of the Pluto-MS square believe that they know everything in the world and strive to control others. Even if their expertise is undeniable, bosses do not like to feel dependent on a smart subordinate. When the native manages a project, heads often fly. Friendship at work does not arise, except for the position of Pluto and MC in air signs.

A person will have to be reborn from the ashes many times like the Phoenix bird, so it is important to know the main dangers of the aspect:

  • irascibility, irritability, a tendency to destroy at the root of the fate of dissidents;
  • hatred of competitors, envy of successful rivals in work and love;
  • toxicity, the desire to devalue the achievements of other people, even close family members, to be the only star in the sky;
  • achieving the goal goes through the thorns of failures, obstacles, disappointments;
  • career success is possible only after a period of trials, suffering and rethinking of priorities, a change in behavior in a peaceful way;
  • the use of good feelings of people for selfish personal purposes, abuse of authority, fear instead of discipline;
  • need for power and control, focus on career as the most important thing in life.

Aspect bearers are incredibly sexy and often take advantage of their personal charm to get the job they want. This happens especially often with representatives of creative professions. The only criterion that distinguishes a native from competitors is sex appeal, and it moves him to the top.

Personal relationships

It is more than likely that in childhood, the native faced violence against his personality, desires and goals from one of the parents. Most often, the mother was an employee of a secret or law enforcement organization or was associated with dark magic, which left an imprint on her worldview and ways of raising children. The owners of the Pluto square – Midheaven believe in the need to be stronger than those they love in order to subjugate them, and not suffer from a lack of control over the feelings and actions of loved ones. The only way they know is to inflict pain in order to keep them submissive. If Venus, Ascendant and Mars are in water and fire signs, these are aggressors and manipulators who skillfully involve in their networks, and then two versions of events turn out: they do not know what to do with love and business partnership, pulling the blanket over themselves, or suffer from jealousy and inability to act as a worthy partner. The most effective and simplest way of revealing the native’s personality is if the companion is sexually interested in him.

Elaboration of the Pluto – MC square

A person with this aspect will have to devote a lot of time to studying psychology in order to understand their predisposition to violence and find ways to interact with others. The profession is most often associated with this need: psychotherapists, astrologers, surgeons, neurologists, investigators, pathologists, actors, writers, filmmakers and detectives.

Nativ is attracted by jurisprudence, but there are two sides of the coin: he solves the issues of lawlessness, helps the oppressed, or vice versa, serves as the devil’s advocate and successfully pulls criminals free. In this case, there is the accumulative karma of Pluto, which will subsequently hit the owner of the horoscope with imprisonment, especially if Mars is in the 12th house .

In general, litigation and scandals are frequent companions of this square and legal education will help to get out of them with honor. Happiness is felt only from the top of a high social and financial position, so from youth you need to make every effort to find them. Talismans made of natural stones will help protect yourself from adversity: rauchtopaz , obsidian , jet , black onyx and tourmaline.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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