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Saturn-Pluto square. Atlas straightens his shoulders

The squaring of the planets creates an excess of energy, which turns into depression and irritation in the weak and becomes a powerful engine for success with fighters. However, one should tune in to long-term overcoming of obstacles in the field of the position of the participants of the aspect. Saturn-Pluto Square brings complex karmic lessons to the native’s life.

They must be passed with honor so as not to aggravate circumstances towards old age. Most often it is necessary to transform character and abilities through limitations and humility, which is very difficult for a proud and stubborn native to do. Resilience and the urge to impose one’s opinion leads to injury and imprisonment until the realization of wiser and flexible behavior comes.

The danger of the Saturn-Pluto square

The fate of the carriers of this difficult aspect is connected with group karma. They need to refer to the astrological calculations of safe days when planning travel or embarking on the path of a politician. They are acutely aware of the world’s problems, as if they are carrying the burden of national troubles on their shoulders. By helping to solve the problems of people, the owners of the Saturn-Pluto square relieve tension and go to the highest level. Determination, willpower and endurance help in this.

Intoxicated by the first successes, they believe that they are right in any situation, and those who doubt their wisdom are outlawed. It is easy to move from a fighter for justice to the status of a brutal dictator precisely because of the distortion of the aspect and fear. The native is afraid of losing social status and privileges. Plots and intrigues through which the bearer of the Saturn-Pluto square successfully gains access to power and money turn against him. Other dangers of intense planetary energy:

  • disregard for moral standards, rapid transition to violence;
  • interest in criminal activity (even sometimes at the level of watching films and reading criminal chronicles), temptation by the dark side;
  • the habit of taking on someone else’s blame and responsibility for failure, while often the only deliverance is a bullet in the forehead;
  • perfectionism going to the extreme;
  • passion for secret communities, sexual perversion and conspiracies;
  • an unconscious desire to experience the state of the victim and the executioner, which provokes violent fights and blows to pride;
  • the thirst for destruction is dangerous when owning big money: the transit of planets leads to a waste of corporate funds and a break with partners;
  • accidents and disasters of a natural nature limit the activity of a native when he violates moral standards.

The owners of the Saturn-Pluto square subconsciously gravitate towards war zones and natural disasters. Intuitively taking responsibility for taking people to a safe place, they lighten the karmic burden and straighten their shoulders from the accumulated worries about the world. Sometimes their actions are tough and categorical, but there is always a higher goal behind it.

Man’s Saturn-Pluto square

In his youth, this is the real Anakin Skywalker from “Star Wars”, talented and resentful against injustice. However, with age, the chances of becoming Lord Vader increase, in an effort to change the order of things, especially feeling the taste of power and impunity. It is important to observe moral principles in order not to cross the line of legal punishment of criminals and not become one of them.

The knight of the dark image is very attractive to the opposite sex, however, he is jealous and vindictive when he detects treason. The owner of the Saturn-Pluto square will never forgive betrayal. His penchant for perfectionism extends to marriage. If Mars is in fire or water signs, it is capable of extreme measures, and with the position of the red planet in the elements of earth and air, it is still possible to agree amicably. At the same time, there is no doubt about his loyalty and devotion.

Woman’s Saturn-Pluto square

She seeks to suppress the will of a man and become a leader in relationships. Even outwardly, a girl with a Saturn-Pluto square gives the impression of the Snow Queen, accustomed to commanding her subjects, especially if her Venus is in Capricorn or Scorpio . This is actually a social mask. She strives to take responsibility for others in the confidence that no one can handle problems better than her.

Due to the exorbitant burden, over the years, her expression becomes gloomy and aggressive, although subconsciously she loads herself out of love for her neighbors in order to facilitate their fate. Because of this, she may seem arrogant, interfering in the affairs of her husband, children and colleagues, considering herself the only wise expert who knows how to proceed. At the same time, he never admits his mistakes.

Elaboration of the square of Saturn-Pluto

A native’s painful workaholism is treated with deliberate procrastination, of course, not to the detriment of work. You need to take breaks, pull yourself out of the perfection funnel, and allow yourself to make mistakes. The purpose of the study is to drive Pluto’s laser sword into the cold sheath of Saturn, limiting the inferno of inner passions. The native’s motto is to prepare for the worst, hoping for the best. In this situation, plans will begin to come true, especially if he does not take on unnecessary obligations. The owner of the Saturn-Pluto square harmonizes the aspect of working in politics, mining and processing of minerals, art.

When harmonizing the aspect with the help of natural stones, it is undesirable to wear blue sapphire, which aggravates rigidity and intransigence, but to pay attention to the minerals of Venus: malachite , turquoise , rhodonite, which contribute to the opening of the heart chakra, and later add light shades of amethyst , lapis lazuli , rauchtopaz and obsidian .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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