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Uranus Square – Ascendant. Boy is a tramp

The aspect in which the Ascendant is involved has a profound effect on social behavior and the way people are successful in their profession. The qualities of the planet are woven into the energy portrait of a person and his appearance. If this is a square that creates an excess of nervous energy along the line of affairs for which houses and signs are responsible, then the impact is most often negative or aggravating the already difficult circumstances. Moreover, these features appear completely unexpectedly, during a period of stress or on the eve of a fateful decision.

The square of the king of the eccentric Uranus and the rising sign leads to madness on the basis of love of freedom and independence. The native does not want connections and obligations so much that he breaks up with friends and family without regret, embarking on dangerous adventures. This threatens the lack of a career, because he is terribly afraid of dependence on his superiors and work schedule.

Influence of the Uranus square – Ascendant on fate

Salvation is in the presence of other favorable aspects to Uranus, then an innovative leader turns out, leading people to structures of a revolutionary model in politics and business. This aspect is observed among the founders of huge network marketing corporations, for example. Otherwise, the need for freedom goes beyond the boundaries of reason. The native strives to shine in society, but chooses the image of a jester who shocks the public with eccentric antics, tramples on authorities and preaches nihilism.

Men and women with the Uranus – Ascendant square leave their parental home early. They hate the need to obey the rules set by the father or mother, which prompts them to earn money and rent a separate apartment. Unfortunately, they do not stay at one place of work for a long time, because they do not like to carry out other people’s orders and do not tolerate reprimands. The easiest way to start freelancing from your youth is via the Internet. It will satisfy the need for freedom and a personalized schedule while taking the stress out of the routine. But do not forget about other dangerous nuances of quadrature:

  • eccentricity of appearance: tattoos and piercings on the face, a purple or green shade of hair that causes makeup, or vice versa, an emphasis on unisex style with denial of signs of one’s gender;
  • addiction to plastic surgery to stand out from the crowd, which sometimes leads to death or destruction of health;
  • categorical statements, offensive humor, jokes and insults for no reason, imbalance of the nervous system;
  • lack of reliability and commitment: it is easy to forget about promises, fail with deadlines;
  • difficulties with business partners with the position of Uranus in the 7th house , and big money when it is in the 8th sector or opposition with Pluto;
  • Difficulty getting things done
  • electric shock and burns when using electrical appliances.

The owners of the square generate fresh and interesting ideas, but given the lack of concentration and inability to plan time, they are used by more successful and organized colleagues, and the author is happily forgotten.

Love and marriage with Uranus square – Ascendant

Friendship and love are present in a native’s life in a very perverse form. He takes the help and sympathy of people for granted, but does not consider himself obligated to pay in return. Allowing himself to be loved, he abstains from obligations and escapes marriage bonds like the devil from incense.

Even women have an unconscious fear of being stamped in their passports. The effect is enhanced by the air and earth Venus, as well as the Descendant in Aquarius and Gemini. Sensuality is reduced and therefore the quality of sex is replaced by quantity.

Light, superficial connections without promises – the style of the carriers of the Uranus-Ascendant square, regardless of gender. In addition, the need for a change of place of residence, work, or even abandonment of modern conveniences in order to live in a cave or an Indian ashram. This is not the most reliable option for a personal and business partner. Union is possible on the basis of coinciding intellectual views with the bearer of the same aspect.

Elaboration of the Uranus – Ascendant square

In fact, the owners of quadrature are incredibly creative people, they just cannot structure the flow of energy and bring ideas from abstraction into practical application. You need to prescribe a daily routine, try to finish any project on time, rewarding yourself with a trip to an interesting place. Interest in a stable income should be maintained by imagining a desired purchase or trip in colors.

It is important for the creative profession to hire a personal assistant to keep track of the schedule and to invest. Among the carriers of the Uranus-Ascendant square, there are many artists, designers, astrologers, marketers and programmers. Freelance and remote work will bring success and fame. Jewelry talismans will also help with this. The stone is chosen according to the element where Uranus stands:

fire – all variegated and iridescent opals , polychrome tourmaline

earthjasper , olivine , agate ;

air – fluorite, labrador, mystic topaz ;

water – crocodile, turquoise , mother of pearl;

It is better to wear them in a titanium alloy frame in an unusual presentation, for example, a ring instead of a pendant, or earrings in the form of grotesque geometric shapes.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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