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Mercury in the 6th house

Mercury in the 6th house and its aspects will determine what skills the native has and whether he is doing well in his job.

The sixth house is considered the evil field of the horoscope. The presence of Mercury in it makes a person prone to nervous diseases and various disorders. He is often interested in medicine and methods of curing diseases.

Abilities, behavioral features and life circumstances of a person

A person with Mercury in the 6th house is distinguished by an interest in applied sciences and a penchant for rationalization. The world for him consists not only of objects and phenomena, but also of numerous details that make them up. The owner of the natal chart loves to delve into the nuances, understand the essence of what is happening and put everything on the shelves. He understands how mechanisms work, is able to identify defects, eliminate the causes of failures and breakdowns of complex devices.

Over time, such a person becomes a professional in his field. True, he is not always interested in a career or promotion (there should be instructions for this in the 10th house ). The owner of the horoscope loves to do his job well and be a master in his field. A leading position, as a rule, is a burden to him. He is meticulous, principled and critical when it comes to his own work. Often he gets bogged down in details, subjecting the results of labor to careful analysis. Of course, he has neither the time nor the energy to control the activities of his subordinates.

Such a person is inclined not only to mental activity. He knows how to do a lot with his own hands. These can be various crafts, useful household appliances, hand-made, etc. A person with Mercury in the 6th house can make a good mechanic, locksmith, technician, proofreader, editor, translator, programmer or doctor.

If Mercury in the 6th house of the horoscope is damaged by other planets, then this makes a person nervous, painful and restless. Stress and hectic work can undermine the subject's health. Often such people are interested in a healthy lifestyle, different diets and health systems.


Mercury and some signs of the zodiac

It is important to analyze the signs of the zodiac in which Mercury stands . This will help to highlight the most vulnerable organs and systems of the body.

For example, if the planet is located in Aries , then a person may suffer from migraines and high intracranial pressure. Being actively involved in sports, you need to protect yourself from injuries in the head area (for example, you must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle).

The most unfortunate location for Mercury is the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces . These are signs of Mercury's weakness. Since the astrological projection of this planet is the bronchi and lungs, the owners of an essentially weak Mercury in the 6th house are prone to respiratory and respiratory diseases. It is necessary to take timely measures and prevent the development of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, etc.

Mercury denotes not only the ability to comprehend information and voice it, but also to visually perceive the world around us. The planet in question in the 6th house may speak of vision problems. The subject spends a lot of time at the computer, works with small details, reads in the dark, and therefore the vision of such people is rapidly deteriorating. Performing simple eye exercises and observing a work and rest regimen will help preserve your vision.

In addition, Mercury is responsible for the movable joints of the skeleton. If this planetary principle is defeated, the native may have joint problems. For example, a damaged Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th house may indicate knee problems.

Lilia Garipova


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