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Opposition Mars-Neptune. In the maze of the dream factory

The planets standing in opposite elements direct energies towards each other, which generates a conflict of mind and feelings in the soul. If friendly participants are involved in the opposition, the imbalance is easier to calm, but the more different they are in properties, the stronger the conflicting passions that rend the native.

The owners of the Mars-Neptune opposition know firsthand about this. Their intentions are lofty and beautiful, but most of the time feats are performed in the native’s head according to the script he created, and when faced with reality, idealistic dreams collapse, wounding the fragments of the once enthusiastic master. Religiousness saves, but also becomes a reason for scammers to get into the network.

The influence of the opposition Mars-Neptune on fate

Rich imagination and passion lay outstanding creative abilities, but a person hovers in the clouds, not plunging into the study of interesting topics and not developing talents, not being able to force himself to daily work.

Superficial knowledge and the desire to show off in public are often the cause of injuries and fatal accidents out of the blue. On a bet, the native goes to the forest or to a cemetery on a dark night, jumps into the water from a great height, decides to cross the river on thin ice. They are also fans of taking selfies on the edge of an abyss or effectively deviating from the edge of a skyscraper roof.

If one of the planets rules or stands in the 11th house , then friends will become instigators, and in the 1st house the person himself is the source of problems. The main danger for the owner of the opposition Mars-Neptune lies in deception: as a rule, it is self-deception or charm with liars and their sweet promises. Praise and flattery ignite the Martian ego, and the native flies in the net like a moth to the fire. Other complications of the aspect are no less painful:

  • laziness, arrogance, quick temper, vindictiveness and deceit;
  • unhealthy fantasies and interest in creating poisons, attempts to brew love potions or poison enemies;
  • alcoholism, smoking, gambling addiction, addiction to antidepressants and addiction to the Internet;
  • demagoguery, hypocrisy, bribery, intrigue, lack of punctuality and obligation;
  • poisoning with drugs and alcohol, predisposition to infectious diseases;
  • nervous disorders, hallucinations, religious ecstasy;
  • increased sexuality up to nymphomania, masochism.

With the position of Mercury in water signs, the owners of the Mars-Neptune opposition often have problems with their studies: they do not like to read and cannot concentrate on studying the exact sciences, but they write great poetry, draw and play on stage. To shine in the cinema and theater for many becomes an obsession, but having realized it, they are really freed from many psychological complexes.

Love relationship

For women, the aspect is played more difficult and more painfully than for men, because Mars symbolizes the desired image of the chosen one, and in combination with Neptune, a karmic passion for a weak-willed, infantile person who is used to living at someone else’s expense flares up. In the best case, a girl with the opposition Mars-Neptune will meet a creative personality, successfully realized in art, and will independently solve everyday problems. In the worst case, he will try to get an alcoholic, drug addict or psychopath out of addiction, and may also become a victim of a marriage swindler. However, in the presence of earthly Venus, she will notice in time the discrepancy between the external appearance and real actions.

Men with the opposition Mars-Neptune have increased sex appeal, and fans cling to them like bees to honey, although in reality their sensual fantasies are perverted and can frighten enthusiastic girls. Sometimes the native needs a fair share of alcohol to fulfill marital duties, but if Mars is in fire signs, he is also drawn to fights and showdowns. The red planet in the element of earth is calmer in this regard. You can enchant the bearer of the aspect by inviting to dance, since music and rhythm are of paramount importance here for awakening sensuality.

Elaboration of the Mars-Neptune opposition

If you do not allow the native to realize creative talents, he will be unhappy all his life. The only problem is the inability to make his way and organize the work process, so a practical and efficient manager is needed who will arrange castings, represent business interests and monitor the drafting of contracts. The owner of the opposition Mars-Neptune will only create, not being distracted by everyday trifles. Here it is generally desirable to have a nanny for life, because any disappointments and shocks, criticism and deception, cause powerful destructive emotions that can lead to suicide.

The main tool for dumping negativity is dance. The native has a unique sense of rhythm, grace and charisma that draws public attention to him. Only the path to the starry Olympus will not be smooth. Intrigue, gossip, distortion of information will have to be experienced along with applause and copper pipes. It is necessary to give up alcohol, cigarettes, take pills strictly according to the prescribed dosage, do not travel to countries where snakes and poisonous spiders are common.

The owners of the Mars-Neptune opposition are prone to the evil eye and easily fall into depression, so red coral and carnelian will become the best talismans for them , giving optimism and strength to resist enemies. Sardonyx will help you to look at yourself from the outside, develop discipline and determination. Serpentine and amethyst are also shown .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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