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Opposition Venus – Ascendant. War for love

The participants of the aspect are in opposite elements and hostile signs, which causes internal tension in the heart and mind of the native. Considering the opposition of the planet of creativity, a symbol of quick and easy money, and professional aspirations for the Ascendant, it is easy to understand that despite the talent, beauty and charm, there will be difficulties with a career, love and friendship.

Most likely, the reason will be associated with the complexes of the owner of the horoscope: the inability to express feelings, to show them in relation to loved ones and those whom he sympathizes with, as well as infantilism and fear of large sums of money. Men face problems in romantic affairs, and women do not understand how to express their nature in communication, sex and even arrangement of life together with the opposite sex. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to harmonize the aspect and neutralize excess tension.

Opposition manifestations Venus – Ascendant

The opposition does not greatly affect the appearance, but here it also creates a contradiction: a person is handsome, but at the same time possesses repulsive manners, deliberately despises etiquette or dresses contrary to the rules of style, chooses colors that do not suit him, shabby clothes. Girls are ashamed of the attributes of femininity, cut their hair short, hide their beautiful breasts in shapeless robes.

The paradox is in the strong desire to please and be loved. For this, they will go out of their way, and spend all their salaries on a new wardrobe, falling in love. They react approximately the same to getting a dream job, transforming on the eve of the desired event. The vanity of the opposition Venus – Ascendant is destructive, it violates the sense of proportion in behavior and communication, but it turns on once, during stress, constant competition and offensive attacks from rivals in women.

The desire to defeat envious people and prove the right to personal happiness and wealth prompts them to fight in dark ways, to make a storm in a teacup or a real war over nonsense. The result will depend on karma. Sometimes such incidents distinguish a native from the crowd and turn into happy accidents, but this should not be abused.

Other manifestations of the opposition Venus – Ascendant:

  • harmonious friendly character, shyness, uncertainty, ambition hidden from prying eyes;
  • fear of conflicts and aggressive people, the desire to solve problems in peace, the skills of a diplomat, orator, psychologist;
  • desire to always be in partnership and close cooperation with several proven people in a team, fear of loneliness;
  • inability to show artistic talents in an unfriendly atmosphere, fear of open competition and showdown;
  • dependence on the approval and compliments of others, rejection of desired goals in the absence of favorable circumstances, for example, unpleasant personalities in a team at a dream job are the reason for rejecting it;
  • money slipping through your fingers: failure to long-term financial planning and investment.

In achieving goals in the spheres of business, education, career, the native relies on his attractive appearance, thinking that only by liking him personally, he will be able to find success, but more often he puts himself in an ambiguous position.

Love and marriage with opposition Venus – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect try so hard to impress their companions on their first date that they give a fake impression. They are wonderful partners, loving, loyal, with a huge supply of tenderness and romance, ready to pour it out on the recipient, but the need to be the best plays a cruel joke. Their companions may decide that the native is so beautiful and perfect that they are not on their way.

The owners of the opposition Venus – Ascendant, more than anyone else, dream of a love marriage and a strong family, and this will easily become their reality if they allow themselves to be alive and spontaneous, ceasing to hide mistakes and human weaknesses.

As a rule, the position of Venus in the 7th house simplifies this task, unless it is shackled by an alien element, for example in Virgo or Capricorn, but the carriers of the planet of love in the 6th house should be careful in sexual activities and beware of casual relationships: venereal diseases are likely.

Harmonization of opposition Venus – Ascendant

As a child, the native strives to be good in order to become loved. This algorithm does not always work in adulthood, so you need to learn to accept all aspects of your “I”, even shyness and outrageous behavior.

It will not hurt, however, courses of etiquette, style and dancing, especially this is shown to the owners of Venus in Aries and Sagittarius. If the planet of passion is in Gemini, Leo and Aquarius, then you should not rush to get married or marry at a young age. In this situation, the marriage in 90% of cases will end in divorce due to domestic difficulties. First, you need to make a career and find financial freedom, then love will bring the desired, and most importantly, a long-term romantic aura to the marriage.

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Vasilisa Vishneva


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