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Venus-Neptune Opposition. Martyrs of love

The opposition reflects the contradictory nature, paradoxically of its aspirations and hopes. The planets stand in different elements and direct opposite energies towards each other, which generates a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions in the spheres subject to the houses where they stand. Knowing this feature, it is easier to look for a fulcrum, because the effect of the aspect can be overcome only by agreement with oneself.

The owners of the Venus-Neptune opposition rush between low passions and spiritual searches for the heavenly spheres. They have a subtle sense of high art, the soul sings when meeting a partner with a pure heart, but they are also strongly attracted by dark, perverted fantasies. Trying to combine the two sides of nature, the native involuntarily includes a Neptunian distortion of reality: lies and hypocrisy, depravity and alcoholism. In response, the world deceives his expectations and destroys a potentially happy relationship. The problem can be solved through the control of emotions and the support of a religious egregor.

The influence of the opposition Venus-Neptune on fate

Intuition is present, but the images are blurred, and a person is poorly oriented in them, choosing the wrong path, in full confidence that he is going to the goal. Hence frustrations and many mistakes in relationships. From the outside, it seems that they themselves harm themselves, destroying a strong marriage union, provoking betrayal and jealousy, but due to the collision of energies, the owners of the aspect sincerely believe that they are following the path of the heart. The constant struggle between reason and feeling, low instincts and high aspirations makes them an easy victim of deception in politics and art. Selfish dealers play on this contradiction, using the talents of a naive native to their advantage or robbing them to the bone. Faced with meanness, the bearer of the Venus-Neptune opposition begins to suspect even sincerely loving loved ones of secret intentions, turns on a double game in order to protect himself, and as a result destroys the relationship.

Dangerous manifestations of the aspect:

  • professional success is possible only with the patronage of higher ranks;
  • painful perception of criticism and a feeling of lack of love;
  • denying responsibility for what they did and blaming others for failures;
  • emotional and sexual difficulties, craving for perverse experiments, scandals and litigation;
  • religious fanaticism, falling into a totalitarian sect;
  • drunkenness, drug addiction, food poisoning, dependence on drugs;
  • gambling addiction, financial bankruptcy, deception of business partners.

On the one hand, the feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment prompts to look for a way out in religion, psychology and philosophy. On the other hand, most often there is indulgence of their emotions, fantasies, intoxication with empty dreams with actual laziness. Talents are extinguished in the meaninglessness of being.

Features of love relationships

The native lives with illusions and dreams and prefers to look at the chosen one through rose-colored glasses. Even frankly boorish and disrespectful behavior turns into brutality and self-sufficiency in the imagination. The only thing that quickly sobering up the mind is the lack of good manners and sloppiness, since the owners of the Venus-Neptune opposition value beauty and sophistication. But they are ready to forgive drunkenness, betrayal, insults to a stylish and creative partner, but they themselves will not be faithful. They are accustomed to the bohemian rules of the game – free relationships without unnecessary obligations, but with joint appearances and fun at parties.

The other extreme is martyrdom in love. The Venus-Neptune opposition is harmonized by helping the sufferers, and the native feels this very well on a subconscious level. A person is drawn to drug addicts and alcoholics on the lower floor of Neptune, but on the highest Venusian promise – to save love from heavy addictions. As a result, he is pulled into the abyss along with the one he loves and tries to re-educate. An exception is the solar and ascending signs in the elements of fire and earth, as well as strong Mars. Kindness and selflessness are often used by selfish people, so you need to be very careful when choosing friends and partners.

Elaboration of the Venus-Neptune opposition with actions and stones 

With such an aspect, the only way to succeed is to clearly separate illusion and reality. It is necessary to track the dependence on sweet dreams and immediately direct the consciousness to stay in the present moment. The owners of the Venus-Neptune opposition, more important than anyone else, need to realize their value, to love sincerely and unconditionally personal individuality, so as not to depend on the disposition of other people. Development is going on at several levels:

  • working with a psychologist to find a fulcrum within yourself;
  • purposeful physical labor to ground the energy sector;
  • mastering time management and workshops on financial literacy;
  • drawing up lists of plans for the near future.

The second factor of salvation is to be psychologically and financially independent from your partner: to have your own source of income and a friendly environment that can support you in the event of a toxic relationship.

To harmonize opposition with gemstones, it is important to channel Neptune’s creative fantasies into productive channels. Diamonds in white gold will help in this , clearing the mind and awakening self-confidence. Zircons , blue topaz , aquamarine , and amethyst have a similar effect . It is also good to wear stones that reveal the energy of the heart chakra – emerald , malachite , carnelian and rose quartz .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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