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Venus-Jupiter opposition. Artistic shopaholic rises to power

The planets of happiness, big money and love usually bring good luck and prosperity, but in the event of their opposition for prosperity, you will have to fight with the main enemy of success – yourself. The tense aspect in the horoscope arises when the participants in the tense aspect stand in hostile signs and direct energy towards each other.

Emotional and mental conflict, contradictory desires, aggression and a combination of the incompatible: sentimentality and indifference, ambition and isolation, lead to the treatment of stress with sensual pleasures and excesses in food. The roots of the problems lie in relationships with parents who did not encourage the child’s success. A person wants more all the time, but there is no certainty that he is worthy of love and wealth.

The influence of the Venus-Jupiter opposition on fate

Financial problems arise from an addiction to luxury goods and an inability to contain the selfish desire to possess them. A native easily spends his entire salary on a branded bag or shoes, without thinking about the future. It is important for him to look important and status in the eyes of others. For the sake of personal popularity, the owners of the Venus-Jupiter opposition are ready for any scandals and public statements of a loud nature, if, of course, they cope with the swamp of laziness and idle pastime. The main problem is indulging one’s weaknesses and impulsive desires: if you wanted to – you spent all your family savings on a ticket, in a bad mood – you shouted at your colleague. The bearers of the aspect do not recognize the guilt, the self-righteousness and confidence in the righteousness of the owners of the solar and ascending signs in the element of fire and earth are too great, it is easier to come to a consensus with water and air representatives. The main problems that the Venus-Jupiter opposition brings:

  • arrogance, arrogance, financial illiteracy;
  • the tendency to spend all the money that goes into your pocket for entertainment;
  • Voluptuousness in the literal and figurative sense: dependence on sugar and all kinds of sexual experiments;
  • admiration for celebrities and high ranks in politics and social activities;
  • atheism, boasting, exaggeration of one’s own merits and achievements;
  • disrespect for tradition, envy hidden under the guise of hypocritical friendliness.

Despite the periodic outbursts of these negative tendencies, the native feels a strong need to learn, to learn in practice different spheres of life, and the bright side of the soul reacts sharply to injustice, though not always prompting to intervene in the fight against evil. Unfortunately, good intentions are often suppressed by a vain impulse to deceive and outwit everyone, and in a particularly difficult astrological situation – to appropriate public money. If one of the planets affects the 8th or 12th house , you need to urgently work on your character in order to avoid prison.

Love relationship 

The owners of the Venus-Jupiter opposition, like the carriers of positive variations, give the impression of artistic, generous and eloquent interlocutors, which attracts a lot of fans. Men love to splurge, portraying perfect exploits and meeting celebrities, but more often than not, the stories are exaggerated several times.

Women are morbidly vain about their appearance, considering themselves the first beauties to whom everyone should bow down. The best option for their ego would be marriage with a rich and status partner, although easy money serves as a catalyst for depravity, laziness and degradation, to which the owners of the Venus-Jupiter opposition are more susceptible than others.

It is especially difficult for the native’s partners with the rising or solar signs of Leo and Aries. But with others it is not easy: they do not know how to live within their means and do not make exceptions for the family budget. Women with this aspect will prefer secular life to a career, and men often do not allow their wives to work, forcing them to devote all their time to ensuring the life and career of their spouse.

Elaboration of the Venus-Jupiter opposition

The owners of the aspect are more important than others need to feel the pleasure of the vocation. Status and personal brand make them happy and mitigate negative expressions of opposition. Enjoying impressions in music, performing arts, media, jewelry, diplomacy, dance and vocals, they fulfill ambition and reduce the need for admiration. Accordingly, they treat their marriage partner and friends more gently, without demanding submission to their will.

The habit of creating an idol and blindly worshiping his principles of life should be replaced by a plan to become a star in the area of ​​interest. The Venus-Jupiter opposition is also stabilized by:

  • learning foreign languages;
  • systematic achievement of the goal in stages;
  • charity through overcoming greed;
  • regular sports and dancing;
  • work as a chief.

You can harmonize energies with the help of natural precious stones. A ring or pendant with a yellow sapphire framed by two diamonds or zircons will include the best manifestations of both planets. Amethyst and chrysocolla will help to cope with insane spending , and love and respect in relationships will teach you how to preserve turquoise , malachite , and amazonite .

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus Opposition Jupiter:


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