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Opposition Jupiter – Ascendant. Diplomatic conquerors

The life of the bearer of the aspect is complicated by the heat of internal tension. He is tormented by the contradictions of the principles of the planets and every extreme seems desirable and necessary. The roots of this state go back to the karmic experience of the ancestors.

Given that the second member of the opposition, the Ascendant , showing professional preferences and the way they are embodied, it is obvious that the native’s ancestors misused Jupiter’s principles, pursuing their goal in a selfish and unfair way.

The goal of the current incarnation is to position oneself in society and build a career in the image of a noble and generous leader, and most importantly, to really be him, and not to seem. In addition, you will have to get rid of conflicts and duplicity in matters of religion, education and finance.

Dangers of opposition Jupiter – Ascendant

Tension along the Jupiterian line always brings problems with the law, protests against rules set by someone, and disregard for authorities. This is what will prevent the owner of the horoscope from increasing capital and moving up the career ladder.

However, when choosing a diplomatic and sublime opposition to the inertia of a conservative society, the native has every chance of becoming a leader with many supporters, thanks to the conjunction with the 7th house cusp.

Jupiter’s propensity to expand is reflected in the irrepressible desire to live luxuriously: in a prestigious area, dress in brand stores and relax in fashionable resorts, by all means demonstrating this to others.

People are drawn to the owners of the opposition Jupiter – Ascendant, inspired by their belief in success despite difficulties, but everything can be spoiled by the need to impose their point of view on matters of religion and politics, both to family members and friends and colleagues. Other important manifestations of the aspect:

  • personable appearance, high growth, tendency to be overweight, which forces you to constantly diet, curly hair;
  • a desire to be an authority from school through opposition to competitors and teachers, and later to the authorities;
  • the habit of behaving downright, emphasizing belonging to the upper strata of society, even if it is not so, arrogance, selfishness;
  • difficulties in understanding with the boss, in case of a negative character – prying, intrigue, betrayal;
  • excessive efforts to appear friendly, polite, courteous makes a person fake in the eyes of others;
  • stinginess, fear of making big money and spending big;
  • the desire to live like parents, which determines both the choice of profession and family principles.

To be successful, the native needs to get a higher education and also allow others to believe in their ideals. When denouncing power, there is a risk of limiting freedom, especially if there are additional negative aspects with Mars or Pluto in the 12th house , and Jupiter himself in the 6th sector .

Love and partnership with opposition Jupiter – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect are most often happy in relationships. They are ready for an equal partnership in financial terms, however, representatives of the stronger sex are ready to take on money issues if the chosen one shares his spiritual views and is equal to him intellectually. They will respect the creative activities of their life partner, love romance and travel together.

True, the Jupiterian tendency to exaggerate contributes to unmotivated jealousy, suspicion, the desire to bring a husband, wife, boss or colleague to the surface when there is no reason for this. The tendency to dramatize events is expressed in quarrels over a broken cup or if a partner has forgotten about some promise. The native himself tries to remember important dates and celebrate anniversaries magnificently. The carriers of the opposition Jupiter – Ascendant will find harmony and love in marriage with the owners of Venus and Mars in fire signs, and it is better to conclude a business partnership with representatives of the earth and air elements. Spouses and friends are karmic teachers, you need to listen carefully to their advice in order to succeed.

Harmonization of opposition Jupiter – Ascendant

The most advantageous feature of the aspect is the willingness to constantly improve spiritually and psychologically. She is opposed by an inability to self-criticism and megalomania. Developing the first quality and leveling the second, you can achieve unprecedented heights, if you do not consider your beliefs to be the only true ones and do not quarrel with high ranks.

It’s a paradox, but with the opposition Jupiter – Ascendant, the talent of a diplomat is naturally laid down, the main thing is to grow it from a small sprout. Professional success is also expected in trade, real estate, tourism, stage, construction, restaurant business. It is not recommended to work in political and legal structures, as it will be difficult for the native to accept the rules of the game behind the scenes.

A person with this aspect will never be content with little. Having achieved the first goals, he will be inspired and go higher and higher. Close contact with cattle should be avoided if Jupiter is in the 6th house, and appetite should be tempered, as the tendency to obesity is obvious.

Stones-talismans will help develop a sense of proportion, diplomatic talents and eloquence. To harmonize the opposition Jupiter – Ascendant, yellow sapphire , topaz , citrine , tiger’s eye and amethyst are recommended .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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