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Mercury Sextile – MC (Midheaven). The gift of communication

The positive aspects with the planet of mind and communication always endow the second participant with intellectual strength and flexibility in behavior in different circumstances. Not an exception, and sextile with the Middle Heaven , the highest point of the 10th house , which is responsible for the glory and fulfillment of destiny. A person is gifted with the ability to make useful contacts, instantly memorize the necessary information and find a common language with representatives of any social stratum.

With his superiors, he is on a short leg, skillfully uses patronage for personal and business gain. When choosing a profession, you must take into account the zodiac sign of the 10th house. All achievements will depend on the level of intelligence. Career takeoff is always associated with advanced training, even if it is mini-courses. However, talkativeness and unprincipledness can lead to trouble if you do not develop the best aspects of Mercury .

The influence of the sextile Mercury – MC on fate

The effect of the aspect is especially vividly manifested at the moments when it is necessary to show one’s intellectual achievements: during an interview, public speaking, dispute. That is, during life it is necessary to read, develop, accumulate knowledge, and when the time comes, sextile will shoot with extraordinary success.

At the same time, in everyday life, the native may not shine with intelligence if Mercury is in Pisces or Cancer . In school years, the owner of the horoscope absorbs interesting information like a sponge, hovers in the clouds, composes or plans, depending on the position of the planet of intelligence in air or earth signs, but success thanks to the mind comes mainly after adulthood. At the same time, a commercial streak awakens and an understanding of how to monetize your abilities.

The harmonious aspects with Uranus are very good here , allowing you to earn money with innovative methods and introduce extraordinary technical discoveries into generally accepted ways of achieving goals. Understanding of the purpose also comes during the student years, but if the choice of the university is made incorrectly, it is important to switch to the specialty of interest in time, otherwise routine and apathy will destroy the native’s brilliant mind.

Other important features of the sextile Mercury – Midheaven:

  • wit in personal communication and diplomacy in contacts with high-ranking interlocutors: a person understands what and when is appropriate to say;
  • humor and lightness in the position of the planet of reason in air and fire signs, restraint and sarcasm if Mercury is in the elements of earth and water;
  • rational thinking is helped by developed intuition and spiritual insights;
  • oratorical skills and structured presentation of information during a speech make the owner of the horoscope an excellent teacher, journalist, politician and TV presenter;
  • the ability to plan time so that the family has enough of it, but at the same time not to the detriment of work – excellent freelancers and managers who manage the business remotely;
  • the danger of being misunderstood or ruining relationships with other people due to careless statements about them, especially if Mercury is initially retrograde;
  • the choice of a profession is almost always associated with intellectual and creative activities.

The owners of the sextile Mercury – MC love to work in a team of young and ambitious colleagues. The competitive spirit adds excitement to them. These are democratic leaders who will never sit in a separate office for a long time, preferring team games and joint brainstorming.

Personal relationships

The native’s parents are usually highly educated, well-read, sociable and creative. They are engaged in the development of children, take to various circles, encourage reading and stage performances. In such an atmosphere, it is easy to develop these initially talents.

At the same time, the owner of the sextile Mercury – the Middle of Heaven cannot be called a merry fellow and the soul of the company. Men and women with this aspect create their own inner world and do not let strangers in there. They do not harbor false illusions about the attitude of others towards them, thanks to their understanding of psychology and accumulated knowledge. This helps to avoid disappointments in love, but also prevents you from falling completely under the spell of the person you like.

If there are harmonious ties with Venus , then the carriers of the aspect are able to charm any vis-a-vis, regardless of their personal or business sphere, but they themselves prefer friendship to love, building relationships on its basis, and they are also attracted to partners equal to them in intellectual level of development.

Practical implementation of the sextile Mercury – MC

The aspect requires constant development throughout life in different directions, but the main thing is to determine the main professional path and improve in this area, paying special attention to details that others do not pay attention to.

The owners of Mercury or the Meridian of the Midheaven in Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini and Libra are able to fan the flame of discoveries or a literary masterpiece from the slightest spark of information. Representatives of other signs prefer to work with broader layers of knowledge.

Parental support makes it easier to move towards success. They can positively influence the choice of a profession, even if it seems to the native not what one would like to do. If there are brothers and sisters, it is important to work with them or listen to their advice and intuition. Studying together with family members also contributes to the creative growth and self-affirmation of the bearer of the aspect in the team. During your student years, it will be useful to practice as a counselor in children’s camps or organize a public speaking studio.

The talisman of success in sextile Mercury – MC will serve as jewelry with emerald , green jasper and tourmaline of at least 3 carats.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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