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Sextile Neptune – MC (Midheaven). The gift of empathy

The Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house shows the purpose of a person. Many wonder about the meaning of life and why they should exist on earth at all. Especially acutely set such philosophical tasks are aspects with higher planets that require a high spiritual level for the embodiment of karmic tasks. Neptune blurs the idea of ​​position in society, even in an initially positive reading of sextile.

This is the gift of creativity, intuition, empathy for the suffering, but at the same time, it encourages to build castles in the air, lie, manipulate people in order to rise above them. It is more important for the owners of the aspect than others to declare themselves publicly and become famous, otherwise, at a low level of awareness, they will begin to compose fables about themselves, imaginary acquaintances with celebrities and travels that were only in their imagination. Sooner or later, the deception will be revealed and thoroughly ruin the reputation.

Influence of sextile Neptune – MC on fate

The native’s main talent is highly developed intuition. Men and women with this aspect equally literally read information from subtle planes. It is interesting that almost all of them have been writing poetry since childhood, but they cannot retell what they have written from memory. This happens because sextile wards are connected to the creative flow and simply capture what is in the air.

Interesting ideas, plots, strategies come to them near the water, from the shower to the ocean shore. The main problem is to sit yourself at the desktop and start an action, and then the information flows are automatically turned on. They are born poets, writers, photographers, actors with an intuitive understanding of the role. When they go on stage or stand in front of the camera, they don’t know how they will play, but once they start, a vivid image is born.

In business, they do not rush to the director’s chair, but they stand next to their bosses and advise suitable ways for development. Thanks to the ability to feel the mood of others, they know what to say at a certain moment and quickly move towards the intended goal. It is also important to take into account other factors of influence of the sextile Neptune – MC:

  • idealism, peacemaking, fantasies taken for reality, an overestimated sense of self-importance;
  • the desire to help the offended and oppressed, engaging in charity work, material assistance to loved ones at the first request, if not Virgo or Capricorn in the 1st, 3rd and 8th houses;
  • interest in big money, the need to earn a lot, not out of greed, but to have something to share;
  • harmonious atmosphere at home, although there is a dislike for cleaning, the desire to live by the water, while life in cities where there is no river or at least a pond really does not allow sextile to turn on in full;
  • fear of direct confrontation with competitors, avoid quarrels and showdowns;
  • early interest in religion, occultism, astrology;
  • isolation, shyness in dealing with arrogant and self-confident people.

Owners of the sextile Neptune – MC are contraindicated to work and communicate with negative toxic people due to innate empathy. They automatically connect to negativity and can even get sick, not to mention ruined plans and unfulfilled dreams. You need to look for a friendly team.

Personal relationships

It is easy for gifted representatives of the aspect to love the whole world as a whole, but it is difficult to put up with the imperfection of a particular person. The native’s mother was most likely a creative and religious person, both absent-minded and not very punctual. She made every effort to develop the child’s talents, but she hardly taught him to create, keeping within the specific deadlines.

If Saturn and Mercury are strong in the natal chart , then, most often, the flows of Neptunian energy are balanced, also not allowing the native to rush headlong into office romances. It will be difficult to work with the boss. As a rule, the owners of the sextile Neptune – MC go to executives who have seven Fridays a week, who allow themselves to be late and give urgent orders at the very last moment.

And the person himself with such an aspect is not averse to reaping the fruits of a glamorous career, to shine in public and receive dividends. Indeed, in men and women with the sextile Neptune – Midheaven there is something special and attractive to the crowd.

It is worth making an effort and it will turn out to become a president, actor, fashion model and TV journalist.

Practical implementation of the sextile Neptune – MC

A career should be associated with an area where imagination is actively involved. Not fruitless dreams, but their practical implementation. It is not only a dream factory, painting, photography, ballet and music, but also a business from scratch.

Neptune is also considered the planet of big money, but only in the case of their disinterested use for the good of society. Professions related to the sea and water travel, tourism, hotel business by the ocean are ideal. Ambition must be combined with a sincere desire to help others. This is not a simple charity, but for example, the creation of a Disneyland with a marine theme or spas, where everything is thought out for the enjoyment of visitors.

It is important to protect your reputation and not trust the leadership, because there is a possibility of being a “scapegoat” in dark intrigues, especially if there are negative aspects from 10 to 12. You cannot go with the flow and succumb to despondency, because this will drag you into an empty swamp of illusions.

Decorations with serpentine , aquamarine , larimar, blue agate and green aventurine will help to enhance the Neptune-MS sextile .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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