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Saturn-Pluto Sextile. The patient smith of his own happiness

Sextile is a major aspect, implying spiritual growth and human prosperity through the creative use of talents. A large number of aspects eliminate difficulties, but form an addiction to easily achieving goals, which makes life difficult when faced with adversity.

However, this situation does not threaten the owners of the Saturn-Pluto sextile, who know how to control will and decisiveness through self-discipline and a sober calculation of progressive actions.

Ambition pushes to satisfy ambitions, but does not diminish the ability to skillfully use power. Nevertheless, excessive prudence and caution, as well as the fear of exceeding authority, sometimes lead to a negative result: opportunities were missed, awards went to more active rivals.

Pros and cons of Saturn-Pluto sextile

The main gift of the rare conjunction of planets in the major aspect is patience and indulgence towards other people’s shortcomings. Thanks to this quality, the native overcomes the complexes and obstacles generated by other stars in the horoscope. The second talent that determines success is the ability to concentrate a huge amount of energy and will on the way to a specific goal and to take decisive steps, casting aside doubts.

The owners of the Saturn-Pluto sextile are not afraid of competition, realizing that few have such a stock of patience and hard work. Their example is more than a thousand words. They can act in silence, without using rhetoric and PR technologies, but hundreds of people come to support their work, because they are impressed by the achieved result. A native is a laconic leader who prefers to work alone and give clear instructions to the team. It is necessary to learn more interaction with loving people and the ability to delegate authority, so as not to lug the load alone. A clear understanding of the pros and cons of the Saturn-Pluto sextile will help with this:

  • practical mindset, perseverance, enterprise, decisiveness after preliminary deliberation of actions;
  • ability to physics, mathematics, chemistry, and at the same time, esoteric and magical practices;
  • readiness for hard physical labor, endurance and ingenuity, high survival rate in captivity, concentration camps;
  • work is connected with a karmic task, vigorous activity changes the life of the native and those involved in his mission for the better;
  • wealth comes from investments and real estate, and with Pluto in the 8th house, inheritance;
  • the ability to win over politicians, sponsors, heads of law enforcement systems.

To achieve success, it is necessary to calmly relate to routine, monotonous work, because it is in the process of such duties that spiritual growth and awareness of higher goals occur.

Love relationships with sextile Saturn-Pluto

If Venus of men and women with the Saturn-Pluto sextile is located in earth signs, they are far from romance. Insight and clairvoyance do not allow them to be deceived about the true intentions of a sympathetic person. Therefore, on the one hand, they are less likely to be disappointed, on the other, they become cynical if the social circle is far from the ideals of honor and nobility. Venus in the signs of water and fire makes the owners of the Saturn-Pluto sextile passionate and ardent, giving in to the game of flirting and romance. But do not flatter yourself, you still will not be able to deceive the native.

He allows events to happen according to the scenario that he considers acceptable to himself. However, having met a wise person striving for high goals, the bearer of the aspect is ready to give all of himself to an exalted feeling of love. Venus in the sign of air encourages sextile owners to constantly improve in order to correspond to the intellectual level of the future chosen one. The fact is that a native is always attracted to erudite and successful people, but only airy Venus makes him doubt the level of compliance with them. Usually, an impenetrable confidence in the right to love and happiness brings obvious success with the opposite sex.

Sextile Saturn-Pluto in the child’s horoscope

The father has a strong influence on the child. His parenting methods are transforming mind and body. In the best case, there is a hardening of will in discipline, learning by example and support for intellectual development. If Saturn is struck by negative aspects, then the father is cruel and domineering, demands unquestioning obedience, possibly punishes physically (if the planet is in Capricorn), which changes the nature of the native. Salvation in intellectual confrontation: academic success, early part-time work in order to have their own money for independent decisions, will help to break out of dependent relationships in the family.

Strengthening an aspect with stones

To support the beneficial energies of the Saturn-Pluto sextile with natural stones, close attention should be paid to Saturn , especially if it is in the signs of Aries and Leo . Wear jewelry with blue sapphire , obsidian , aquamarine , tanzanite and amethyst . Pluto loves hematite , rauchtopaz and hawkeye.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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