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Sextile Sun – Ascendant. Under the banner of Fortune

The sun in the horoscope symbolizes the ego and vitality of a person. With favorable aspects, it is a leader who inspires with creative energy and optimism of family and colleagues. The Ascendant is a sign that rises in the east at the moment of birth, shows a social mask: the image through which the native interacts with society, in public during performances, business contacts and communication.

The sextile between the main star of the horoscope and its rising symbol is a special luck that contributes to a brilliant ascent to the heights of any chosen field of activity. A person will be active, bright, confident and self-sufficient, regardless of the signs of the zodiac where the participants of the aspect are located, if he is able to fruitfully use all the esoteric advantages.

Influence of sextile Sun – Ascendant on fate

The beneficial influence of the two success factors is so great that even the squares and oppositions of the horoscope serve as a springboard for takeoff, and not an obstacle. The native’s sincerity and openness win over. He does not hold a stone in his bosom and openly expresses his opinion. The tactfulness of self-expression depends on the signs where the Sun and the Ascendant are located: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries and Leo can be caustic and straightforward, offending sensitive interlocutors without even wanting to. But they also express their admiration violently, without embarrassment of emotions. With age, a philosophical approach to communication is developed and the emphasis is on the unconditionally positive personality traits:

  • originality of thinking, sense of humor, confidence, uniqueness of external and mental characteristics;
  • seething energy, literary, musical, artistic talents;
  • organizational skills, leader’s charisma, courage, firm convictions;
  • physical endurance, good health provide the preconditions for sports success;
  • the ability to arouse the respect of competitors, love of the opposite sex, voluntary recognition of the right to power due to the absence of snobbery and arrogance.

The talents of the owners of the Sun – Ascendant sextile are revealed faster in a competitive environment. It does not cause them anger, but a cheerful sports passion, contributing to maximum concentration in practice. Working alone on freelance, the ward aspects easily succumb to laziness and absent-mindedness, making mistakes that later hurt self-esteem, so they are shown to work in a large team and a large company in politics, business, charity. From the spheres of creativity, the acting path is suitable.

Love and relationships with sextile Sun – Ascendant

If the native manages to avoid narcissism and drawing attention to himself, then he will not find a best friend and partner for marriage. It is difficult with solar Lions, Scorpions, Aries, born to rule and command. The ascendant in earth and water signs softens the pressure of narcissism, but nevertheless, not all of the native’s chosen ones will agree to second roles, because he likes beautiful outwardly artistic natures who strive to embody a high purpose.

Quiet and homely workers will not attract the attention of the owner of the natal chart. The secret is that the talents of the Sun – Ascendant sextile are revealed precisely in relationships. Bearers of the aspect in love, regardless of gender, perform feats and miracles of creative achievements, inspired by the energy of love and passion. Without this, they fall into depression and do not embody even half of what they are capable of.

Women should develop gentleness and flexibility in relationships with the opposite sex, since their energy in this aspect is more masculine. This ensures success in a career, but in marriage provokes strife and conflict.

How to enhance the positive effect of the Sun – Ascendant sextile with stones

A native with a weak position of the Sun will succeed professionally on stage, otherwise it will not work to get used to the role. With a strong position of the daylight, it is better to become a director not only in cinema and theater, but also an organizer of political events. The main thing is not to forget that the karmic task is to follow noble goals and carry out a high mission precisely along the line of social work.

The more intelligent the native, the faster he becomes a star, beloved by the public. Properly selected jewelry with natural stones will be an excellent help in achieving your goals. They enhance the flow of beneficial sextile energy, protecting from the evil eye and attracting desired events. However, the choice of a mineral is individual and depends on the position of the Sun in a particular element:

firediamond , ruby , citrine , almandine, red jasper , coral , sun stone (for Sagittarius);

earthemerald , green jasper , sardonyx, brown garnet , yellow topaz , smoky quartz, carnelian;

water – minerals of hydrothermal origin: cubic zirconia, blue quartz, spinel, alexandrite , as well as aventurine and heliodor ;

airrock crystal , zircon and stones formed by hot gases in the depths of magma: light-colored quartz, tourmaline, fluorite.

The talisman should be set in yellow gold, and it is advisable to hold it for a quarter of an hour in the sun before putting it on.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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