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Uranus-Pluto Sextile. The dark flame of progress

The owners of any sextile subconsciously feel that they must develop the highest qualities of the planets, which are in aspect. Reward and honors come only with tireless actions and remain dreams if you are lazy and doubt your own abilities. However, the carriers of the Uranus-Pluto sextile are able to siphon strength and energy from hundreds of followers of their restless aspirations.

They have many ideas, charisma and power, but there is no clear plan of action. They know that they need to run somewhere for the ghostly bird of happiness, but they rarely understand what it looks like and what its capture will bring. The obsession with the dream of a world coup excites the native, but fortunately, he is ready for a productive dialogue, and the presence of a wise mentor or comrade saves from the world revolution.

Pros and cons of Uranus-Pluto sextile

The combination of the transforming power of Pluto and the unbridled zeal of Uranus generates forces that are equally destructive or creative depending on the purpose of use. The owners of the sextile are able to create quantum energies or drugs, but in the hands of evil they will turn into weapons of mass destruction. And nevertheless, scientific discoveries associated with the conquest of space, the creation of technical innovations and the abilities of the brain are inherent in scientists with the Uranus-Pluto sextile.

Sometimes the native naively believes that everything created by him is for the good and improvement of the world, and works day and night. The aspect gives him stamina, energy and lack of need for sleep like ordinary people. If Mercury is strong, then this is an indicator of a bright writing and journalistic talent. With a harmonious Venus – an acting gift.

When the owner of the Uranus-Pluto sextile is realized in art, the world remains safe. It is also important to neutralize the negative aspects of Neptune so that fraudsters do not use the native’s gift for dark purposes, and to study their strengths and weaknesses:

  • inventive talent, strong will, the ability to materialize desires, concentrating on the necessary images;
  • idealism, aversion to injustice, a tendency to divide the world into black and white, irascibility;
  • decisiveness of an impulsive nature, arrogance in relations with people: immediately moves on to the main thing, without minuscule words and curtsies;
  • insight, sensitivity to spiritual energies, interest in esotericism, issues of death and the afterlife;
  • abilities of a medium, clairvoyance, dislike for old forms of religions and social order;
  • scientific discoveries through the study of natural matters and the power of reason;
  • inspiration and spiritual growth occur under the influence of sudden changes, stresses and shocks.

With additional negative aspects of Pluto, the native uses discoveries and inventions for personal gain, and if Uranus is weakened, then for the sake of money he will betray ideals, although he can painfully experience the consequences.

Love relationships with sextile Uranus-Pluto

The native falls in love with the combination of intelligence and sexuality. Men and women with the Uranus-Pluto sextile are attracted to people with unusual appearances that differ from generally accepted beauty standards. They are capable of both creating and loving Frankenstein if their views on reforming an outdated world order coincide. Women are attracted by progressively thinking rich men who have power over any structures, and men are attracted by girls of free morals without prejudice, but smart enough and wealthy.

If there is no such type in the environment, then the carriers of the Uranus-Pluto sextile live alone, without experiencing a special need for spiritual closeness. Science and creativity occupy their minds much more than love. Passion is clearer for them, especially if Venus and Mars are in the element of fire. They like the feeling of power over another person, which sometimes turns into a form of perversion when Venus is struck.

The position of the planet of love in the signs of water makes them more docile and calm, but encourages idealizing relationships, expecting special and fantastic feelings from union with a loved one. If this does not happen, then they are disappointed and immersed in work.

Sextile Uranus-Pluto in children

The native’s childhood falls on periods of economic crises or money problems in the family. The child has to use ingenuity to look as good as their peers. Defiant behavior, greed and even a tendency to steal can manifest themselves in weakened planets. With a harmonious position, it is necessary to develop imagination in art and literary studios, as well as to study financial planning and competent allocation of funds from an early age. Childhood poverty often triggers the pursuit of wealth and power.

Strengthening an aspect with stones

For the harmonious strengthening of the Uranus-Pluto sextile with the help of natural stones, one must proceed from which planet is more weakened. It needs to be supported by the energy of the gem. Uranus will be helped by lapis lazuli , amethyst , blue topaz , and Pluto will be strengthened by tourmaline and rauch topaz . If both planets are strong, minerals can be combined in one decoration.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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