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Jupiter-Pluto Sextile – millionaire by birth

Sextile planets show what positive character traits you need to pay attention to when choosing a career and life path. The native will have to work hard before dreams come true, but the more effort is made, the wider the doors to a happy dimension will open.

The owners of the Jupiter-Pluto sextile are millionaires by birthright. Even if childhood passes below the poverty line, they will find a way not only to get rich, but also to become famous all over the world. Magnetic charisma, unshakable confidence and energy are eye-catching when they go out in public. The gift of attracting money will open closer to the age of 30, but even before that time, financial success is making itself felt.

Pros and cons of the Jupiter-Pluto sextile

Power and wealth are the native’s main motivations. The main thing is not to violate the free will of other people in the thirst to subjugate and possess not only financial flows, but also minds. In man, two principles are fighting: the supreme god-Olympian and the ruler of the underworld, therefore temptations are accompanied throughout life. The ward of the two planets is constantly in search of the truth: he reads ancient manuscripts, talks with religious leaders, tests different teachings. The work touches on the themes of dark forces. If Jupiter is in the 12th house , then even a change of faith is possible.

The main luck still comes in the financial sphere, especially if Pluto is in the 2nd or 8th sector . This is not just wealth, but managing a world-famous company or creating a unique business that has been bringing fabulous income for years. Therefore, it is important to know the pros and cons of the aspect in order to cope with the task:

  • ambition, optimism, efficiency, interest in all spheres of life, but especially in the secret and unknown;
  • wisdom, insight, the ability to get in touch with the higher mind through prayer and meditation;
  • constant spiritual renewal throughout life: it is reset and revived through new knowledge, but sometimes it contradicts its own convictions of past years;
  • success in politics, education, directing, banking due to extensive knowledge and energy;
  • opportunities for creative realization are given from above with a high spiritual level of development;
  • addiction to the renewal of old systems or, conversely, the revival of forgotten ideals, if Jupiter is retrograde.

Pluto in the 12th house can lead to imprisonment for ideological beliefs. The owners of sextile use a rich imagination to escape from the harsh reality into the world of creative creativity, using the time of imprisonment to create masterpieces or proving by personal example that strong faith works wonders: liberation, healing, restoration of justice. In any difficult and dangerous situation, emphasis should be placed on the power of the Plutonian will and the generosity of Jupiter .

Love relationships with sextile Jupiter-Pluto

Men and women with the Jupiter-Pluto sextile love to impress and shine in light. Feeling that the fulfillment of the destiny is connected, first of all, with the development and application of personal strength and the accumulation of capital for posterity, they will not sit at home in front of the TV, but will work tirelessly. In a relationship, it is important for them to play the first violin, to feel sincere respect and see unquestioning obedience to their will. This is especially pronounced in men and women with Venus in Capricorn and Aries , as well as when Pluto is in the 1st house .

Despite the native’s generosity to the household and the luxury of living conditions, family members often suffer from the lust for power and authoritarianism of the owner of the Jupiter-Pluto sextile. With the affected planets, he turns into an ideological tyrant, forcibly imposing his system of values ​​and not accepting a different point of view.

The carriers of the aspect perceive strong representatives of the opposite sex as friends, and as a marriage partner they are looking for an economic, calm and even sometimes unremarkable person in order to be confident in their power. They like to teach and educate the chosen ones, to raise them to their, a priori, high level of knowledge. Such people often cause fatal love and break hearts.

Jupiter-Pluto Sextile in Children and Strengthening the Aspect with Stones

Ambitious children with the Jupiter-Pluto sextile immediately make it clear the importance of their authority. With the harmonious position of the planets, one immediately feels that these are leaders, even if they keep apart. They study perfectly well, mainly because it is a shame to be a bad student, and in high school they already form a career plan and work for it.

Their possessive instincts wake up early. If Jupiter is weakened, and Pluto is in exaltation, greed, a passion for junk food, fast food is manifested.

In a harmonious position, the desire to possess fashionable and expensive things remains, but there is generosity, especially in relation to friends. It is necessary to teach an understanding of true values, respect for the individual, and transform the thirst for wealth into a position – study, earn and then live luxuriously, as you dream now.

Decorations with rauch-topaz and blue topaz will help to implement plans and harmonize energies at any age .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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