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Conjunction Mars – MC (Midheaven). The power of primacy

The middle of the sky on the 10th house cusp symbolizes the professional destiny of a person. Following the clues of the zodiac sign, planets nearby and in aspects, the native will easily and quickly achieve success, but most importantly, he will enjoy the results of work and a place in society all his life.

Connection is a powerful energy in any horoscope, but one must be able to manage this gift wisely, especially when a warlike and impulsive Mars is involved in the union . It is important to take from him decisiveness, courage, speed of reactions and freedom of thought in order to take place in the spheres of business, military affairs, construction, sports and social activities under his control.

Influence of the Mars – MC conjunction on fate

The owners of the 10th house in the signs of air achieve their goals most quickly . It is easier for them to show flexibility and diplomacy, refraining from directly confronting opponents. If the MC is in the element of fire, then either they take the fortress unceremoniously and take the throne of the winner, or destroy half of the previous achievements and make many enemies. But in another way, the carriers of the aspect cannot. They see the goal and despise obstacles, break through the walls with their foreheads, which brings success in the shortest possible time, but they lose potential friends if they do not learn to hear a different opinion and respect the opponent.

The native hates to lose, and the tactics of retreating with dignity are completely unfamiliar to him, although this is what can save life in a dangerous situation, especially if Mars is one of the points of the Great Square or the Cross.

Other connection qualities:

  • striving to lead in any area more through personal charisma and ambition than knowledge and experience, unless Mars and Mercury are in Virgo or Capricorn;
  • organizational skills and a thirst for primacy wake up after 16 years, while at school the native could be inconspicuous and shy, making Napoleonic plans in his soul (unless Mars is the ruler of the 3rd house);
  • decisiveness, fearlessness, speed of action, the desire to perform feats for the good of the people and at the same time irritation at those who do not understand their plans;
  • career, receiving awards and honors in the first place;
  • craving for strong personalities, idealization of rulers, generals, the need to serve the idea and the state and severely suppress opposition (the combination of Mars and MC was in Lenin, Jeanne d’Arc, Zhukov, Suvorov, Ivan the Terrible);
  • increased sexuality, and in the position of a chief it is possible that the native will incline nice subordinates to intimate relationships;
  • women have a desire to be a man not only at the level of behavior, but also sexually.

Possessors of the aspect easily fall into anger and are ready to take extreme measures to achieve a goal or fight for what they believe in.

Personal relationships

The 10th house symbolizes the image of one of the parents, more often the mother, who in the case of the native is tough, intolerant of other opinions, and wants her child to become the best in everything. This cannot but affect the relationship in the future. Men strive for rude, strong and strong-willed women, and it is difficult for women to find a companion for themselves, because they are accustomed to education without tenderness, exaggerated requirements and severity. There are two options: a repetition of the maternal image and competition with men in the position of a boss, or fear of relationships, short-term romances and immersion in a career.

Girls with the Mars – Midheaven conjunction with additional quadratures need to become a leader as soon as possible or work independently as an individual entrepreneur, otherwise there is a great chance of being at the mercy of an aggressive and egocentric male boss.

If all aspects of Mars are positive, then he is likely to be a strong-willed and brave man worthy of emulation. If there is a trine and sextile in relation to the 7th house , then for a woman it promises a meeting with her future husband at work.

Practical implementation of the connection

The energy of Mars is not only war and politics, although judging by the horoscopes of Lenin, Suvorov, and also President Roosevelt, who led the American resistance to the Nazis during World War II, it is here that the purpose of the 10th house is most clearly manifested – to lead the public masses. However, for more peaceful purposes it is possible to succeed in sports. An example is the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, whose Mars, in addition to the MC, is also connected with Saturn and Uranus , which brought battles not only in the ring, but also in the ideological direction: conversion to Islam, refusal to fight in Vietnam.

Risk and actions unusual for ordinary people always bring good dividends to the native. Two famous tightrope walkers: Karl Walenda and Philip Petit, who shocked the audience by conquering skyscrapers, have the same configuration: the conjunction of Mars and the Midheaven as the top of a tau square . However, the incredible ability to work is better directed to things that will bring practical benefits to people, and not just glory to the native.

In this situation, it is better to get higher education at the faculties of personnel management, military and agricultural academies, but sometimes a secondary special is enough if the path of sports is chosen.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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