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Trigon Mars-Neptune. Wrestling as an art

Trigon positively influences the fate of the native, pulling him out of the funnel of mistakes and random troubles. The planets in this aspect are in the same elements, despite the different signs of the zodiac. This enhances the flow of energy, creating favorable conditions for development. The interesting union of Mars and Neptune in trigon sharpens presentiments and quick reactions. In a dangerous situation, the native reacts instantly, saving himself and his loved ones.

True, sometimes he deliberately seeks enemies, like Don Quixote, wanting to realize the idea of ​​a noble struggle against evil. The ardent enthusiasm and chaotic activity of a trine carrier can be annoying. Paradoxically, religious feelings and the gift of healing coexist with a passionate addiction to bloody action films and scandalous talk shows.

Mars-Neptune trigon capabilities

Inspirational enthusiasts are not out of touch with reality. These are knights of a cheerful lifestyle, enterprising and active, so they will not sit penniless. Their principle is to provide for themselves, and only then all of humanity. But they are ready to provide psychological support around the clock and will be the first to rush to deal with the offenders of the weak.

With age and with the study of esoteric treatises, they prefer to act according to the Neptunian scheme, incapacitating rivals and enemies by behind-the-scenes methods, remaining above suspicion. However, these talents are used only against obviously mean and cruel people. Success in creativity thanks to Martian energy, and in business, extraordinary bright ideas due to Neptune. Trigon gives a lot of bonuses:

  • compassion, sensitivity, ability to inspire heroic deeds and instill confidence;
  • talent in music, literature, chemistry, sports (especially aquatic sports) and dance;
  • the ability to identify with the inner world of another person gives the gift of a dramatic actor;
  • striving for a high social status in politics and diplomacy, but if necessary – joining the battle for ideals;
  • good control of the body, voice and emotions, coupled with insight: it is unrealistic to deceive them;
  • love of sea travel, the secrets of history, ancient manuscripts and psychology.

Financial and social success comes to Mars-Neptune trine owners at an early age, if there are no additional negative aspects. For professional implementation, it is better to choose medicine, theater, diplomacy, financial and hotel activities. Natural personal magnetism, combined with the romance of appearance and strength of character, persists until old age, if the native follows a healthy lifestyle and diet, as prescribed by the trine.

Love and family in the trigon Mars-Neptune

Despite enthusiasm, mysticism and some superstition, it will not work to deceive the carriers of the aspect. Even if they voluntarily accept the rules of the game, nevertheless, they are perfectly aware of what the subject of passion is. But the men and women themselves with the Mars-Neptune trine perfectly fool their beloved, embellishing their dignity, biography and character traits. This is done without malicious intent, because their nature is romantic and noble, but from the desire to look better than they are, and correspond to the inner image of the hero without fear or reproach. If Mars or Neptune are in the element of air, one should not recklessly believe the promises of their ward, and with a position in the signs of the earth, one can already hope for the embodiment of words into action.

Holders of the Mars-Neptune trine are amorous, strive for exalted relationships and great love, but in reality they quickly cool down after a romantic period of courtship. The soul requires vivid impressions, and the partner will often have to arrange surprises and travel to the sea. Men often elevate their beloved girl to the rank of a Beautiful Lady, considering it a blasphemy to feel sexual attraction to her, and eventually marry a practical person, preferring to hover in the clouds and do art. Women, on the other hand, imagine themselves to be princesses who must be saved by a noble knight, which leads to disappointment with the negative aspect of Mars and Neptune with Venus.

Practical interaction with the Mars-Neptune trigon

Music and literature are the source of strength and inspiration for the native. After reading about the exploits or business achievements of an interesting hero, he can put this idea at the head of his life and surpass the idol. Routine tasks are easier to perform with your favorite musical compositions. The essence of the Mars-Neptune trine is good help for those in trouble or in pain.

The karmic task is to alleviate the suffering of people through art, books, peacemaking, medicine or charity. At the household level, this means listening, giving advice, helping to bandage wounds, feeding the homeless. It is especially important for women with this aspect to respect men, not to argue over trifles and serve as their muse.

The native does not tolerate psychological stress and stress. Meditation, yoga, vegetarianism are ideal for harmonizing the inner state. Alcohol should be ignored and medications should be taken with caution.

To enhance the properties of the Mars-Neptune trigon with the help of natural stones, it must be borne in mind that the minerals of the planets do not match even in color. If one of them is weakened, then preference is given to its strengthening. For Mars, ruby , red jasper , garnet , hematite and coral are suitable , and for Neptune jadeite , blue aventurine , aquamarine , charoite, green tourmaline. When both planets are strong, jewelry is worn alternately.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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