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Trigon Mars-Uranus. Born to fly and blaze

Trigon helps a person throughout life if the benefits granted to him are realized. The many beneficial aspects are relaxing, although they make you lucky. This is the answer to why many people who shone in their youth were suddenly out of work at once. Trine cuts off the delivery of lucky chances and the flow of money to projects by burying talent in the ground.

This is especially true of the brilliant originals with the Mars-Uranus trine, brave and impetuous discoverers. Seething energy bursts from the inside without being used for its intended purpose. This can be seen with the naked eye at the position of any of the planets near the Midheaven or Ascendant meridian . The native needs fame and recognition of society like air, which will come only through innovative and bold ideas and inventions in business, electronics, aviation or art.

Mars-Uranus trigon capabilities

The driving force of character here is not the desire to rest on our laurels, but the sweetness of victory in achieving the goal. In the soul of the carrier of the Mars-Uranus trine, ideas of conquering the world at a high level of development and the need for a good fight at a low one are seething. For safety, choose a hobby and professional career with a creative direction, even if it’s a tech industry, and consider telecommuting or taking off as a boss.

The owners of the Mars-Uranus trine will not tolerate instructions and orders, so they are not recommended to choose service in the army, unless a privileged position is planned. They are accustomed to solving all problems with a decisive offensive into the attack, without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes it brings dizzying success, but it also causes complete collapse.

The native should control emotions and apply courage according to a strategic plan. Optimism and entrepreneurship help to achieve success, although with a negative aspect of Mars, enemies can prevent this. However, the aspect gives a lot of possibilities:

  • creative energy, physical strength, flexible mind, tenacious memory and practicality;
  • strong will, courage, quick reaction and the habit of taking fire upon oneself, protecting the weak;
  • courage of ideas and behavior, the need for personal freedom, endurance;
  • an original and economical approach when introducing new effective ways of working and communicating with employees;
  • passion for esotericism, psychoanalysis, astrology with a desire to adapt to the surrounding reality and apply in practice;
  • success as a leader in a team, starting a new business, doing something mystical and mysterious;
  • constant involvement in meeting interesting people, unexpected surprises and chances to try yourself in a different role.

If the goal is attractive, the native works day and night, depleting the body. He needs to engage in hard physical labor: to work out on simulators in the gym or dig up a vegetable garden in the country in order to relieve the excess of nervous tension and aggression that occurs with affected planets.

Love and family in the trine Mars-Uranus

Men and women radiate the intellectual charm of eternal youth. They are witty and talkative, they are the first to approach the person they like. If feelings are strong, as often happens when inner energy flares up with the fire of passion, they confess their love without hesitation. A woman with a Mars-Uranus trine does not recognize gender conventions and can take the initiative by offering to marry her. In courtship they are impetuous, but moderately assertive, preferring to charm with erudition and demonstration of their inventions. Despite the intellectual talent, tact and empathy are deprived: offering sex at the first meeting is quite in the spirit of a trigone.

The best way to win the heart of the owner of the aspect is to offer to go in search of treasures in an unknown country or, in extreme cases, to do extreme sports. The native loves adventure and speed and will not miss the opportunity to tickle your nerves in a pleasant company.

The carriers of the Mars-Uranus trine will never be homebody. They are attracted by wanderings, distant frontiers and prospects to test the limits of their talents. If you deprive them of this, then the internal energy is transformed into destructive aggression, which is dangerous for loved ones.

Practical interaction with the Mars-Uranus trigon

The energy resources of the Mars-Uranus trine holders are in constant combat readiness. To maintain the positive energy of the aspect, it is necessary to keep abreast of inventions and technical innovations, improve the level of education and qualifications and be sure to give yourself physical activity. It is advisable to cultivate the habit of seeing common sense in the suggestions and advice of other people, without dismissing them immediately so that you do not have to invent a bicycle.

Trigon Mars-Uranus protects the ward from injury and danger for a long time, but if you abuse the senseless risk for the sake of an adrenaline rush, over time, the protection will weaken. This is especially true for the position of any of the planets in the 3rd and 8th house .

The native knows how to recover and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix bird, but it should not be taken to extremes. A desperate arguer and oppositionist with Mars in the 12th house will avoid punishment from the authorities for a long time, but it is possible that by the end of his life he will be in prison if he does not moderate his aggressiveness.

To enhance the action of the Mars-Uranus trigon with the help of natural stones, paramount importance should be given to the red planet. Suitable ruby , almandine , red garnet and hematite . At the same time, it is permissible to wear only one uranium stone – a variegated fire opal . If Uranus is weakened, then jewelry with blue topaz , labradorite and lapis lazuli will help .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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