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Trigon Neptune – MC (Midheaven). In pursuit of the ideal

Trigon is the aspect of happiness and good luck in achieving life goals. When the Midheaven Meridian is at the second point , showing purpose and profession, one should expect that fame and recognition will automatically be applied to the results of work. However, Neptune is a master at confusing plans.

The higher planets are always associated with karmic tasks. To control them, you need to be at a high spiritual level, maintain clarity of mind with incredible intuition in order to understand which direction to move. Otherwise, Neptunian illusions fill the mind, creating a feeling of belonging to world secrets and supposedly worked out karma of the clan. A person does not see the beam in his own eye and teaches others how to live.

Influence of the trigone Neptune – MC on fate

The level of success depends on the environment. Despite the talent of an artist, musician, psychologist and occultist, the native does not fully implement them, being without moral support among pessimists and skeptics. If you have a producer and an active manager, on the contrary, you can really become a world-class star. The exception is the Ascendant and the 5th house in fire signs with strong planets and aspects.

The harmonious position of Mars and partly of Saturn is especially important here . If they are weak, a creatively gifted person becomes dependent on disruptive businessmen, but thanks to the pacifying influence of the trine, he gains profit and fame, although he may experience moral discomfort from this. Complete freedom disorients the native if he is far from religious and psychological practices designed to structure consciousness and will.

The carriers of the trigon Neptune – MC are inspired by the idea of ​​healing the universe. For this, they are ready to work day and night, even without receiving financial reward. As a rule, with this approach, the reward is not material in nature. This is the glory of a peacemaker, artist, healer. As with all aspects involving Neptune, the trigone requires a detailed study of all shades of influence. He gives:

  • passive, peaceful character, mood swings (especially with a water moon), idealism equal to “rose-colored glasses”, generosity and generosity;
  • resentment, vulnerability, susceptibility to negative emotions;
  • a predisposition to devaluation by other people: a disdainful attitude with undoubted talents, if he lets things go by themselves and does not position himself as an expert in the chosen field;
  • the talent of a poet, actor, artist, writer, photographer, astrologer, psychotherapist, sculptor;
  • successful application of intuition in professional activities, peacemaking in a team, problem solving, thanks to instant reading of the boss’s mood;
  • the need to help, to heal the physical and mental wounds of the offended and oppressed, which also contributes to the good glory and reputation of the righteous;
  • contempt for racial and religious prejudices, the desire to create a world where everyone will be happy and in demand.

At the lowest level of development, the Neptune-MS trine includes the enjoyment of low instincts, satisfying sophisticated sexual needs through the attraction of high-ranking partners. The native easily weaves intrigues and comes out dry, since no one suspects him.

Personal relationships

Men and women with the trigon Neptune – Midheaven are very sensitive to the moods of others, so they carefully choose the environment. They are hurt by a rude word, tactlessness, invasion of personal space. If desired, they easily find a common language with any person, but only if he can be useful professionally or become a sponsor for charitable projects. It is more difficult for men with the trigon Neptune – MC to arrange a personal life, since they put moral and spiritual ideals above earnings and material gain. They are very successful in their chosen field of activity, but have absolutely no interest in the financial side. Enough for life and okay.

In the case of a woman, there is a chance to do what she loves under the wing of her husband or thanks to the support of patrons and connoisseurs of her talent.

Aspect promotes a happy marriage and a warm, close relationship with parents, at least with the mother, right up to old age.

Practical interaction with the trigon Neptune – MC

It is important for carriers of the aspect to learn how to maintain a balance between spiritual goals and material comfort. When they realize that wealth is a sign of all-round karmic realization, the time will come for their prosperity and harmony with the Universe. Worldwide glory awaits in areas related to spectacle, healing, psychology and religion. An example of famous personalities with the Neptune-MS trigon are Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson, George Lucas.

The choice of a profession is also determined by the element of the 10th house sign . Fiery people choose creativity, aerial people choose the media, diplomacy, photography, earthly people choose astrology, psychotherapy, pharmaceuticals, and water people choose painting, religion, and literature.

In any case, it is important to practice dancing, public speaking, swimming, as well as study alternative medicine, work with the subconscious.

Holders of the Neptune-MS trine need to strengthen Saturn and Mars. At work, it is favorable to wear clothes and use accessories of azure, blue, blue shades.

Jewelry made from natural stones: serpentine , lapis lazuli , white coral , charoite and blue aventurine will protect you from enemies and catalyze the power of the aspect .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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