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Trigon Venus-Mars. Magnets for love and happiness

Trigon (trine) is an aspect of opportunity that connects planets at an angle of 120 degrees. Considering that they stand in the same elements, talents and personal charm are included in full force. The specificity of the trigon is such that even if you do not apply conscious efforts, you can still stay in an even and calm flow of life and even receive bonuses and pleasant surprises.

But if you also work purposefully, then the rise to success will be swift. Especially when it comes to the Venus-Mars trine, which creates public favorites, charming and irresistible. The main luck lies in the rare balance of male and female energy, due to which a flexible and adequate behavior is formed: courage in battle and tenderness in love.

Venus-Mars trigon capabilities

The gift of the aspect is luck in personal life. Even one Venus-Mars trine for the entire natal chart can stretch the situation and attract a really suitable partner from the native’s dreams. Another thing is that meeting an ideal does not mean keeping it for many years. If the planet of love is weak, and Mars is affected by other negative aspects, you will have to work out the energies. However, the native knows how to please and dizzy with the opposite sex, without making much effort.

Holders of the Venus-Mars trine in any situation attract attention with charisma, ease of conversation, artistry, coquetry and humor. They love and understand art, are energetic and active. The danger is getting used to getting what you want quickly and not being interested in moving forward. A person believes that everything is fine, begins to go with the flow, being drawn into the comfortable and calm rhythm of everyday life, although he could become a star. Sometimes this happens if the native simply does not know about the benefits of the Venus-Mars trigon:

  • artistic ability, beautiful voice, non-standard approach to self-expression in art;
  • optimism, good health, invulnerability in battles, an intuitive understanding of the rules of behavior in any society;
  • purpose – to be a popular person who brings fun and harmony to the lives of others;
  • success in politics, show business, stage, military affairs;
  • a career in creativity is successful using personal energy and will;
  • talent of a needlewoman, tailor, wood and glass craftsman, farmer;
  • unbridled courage and enterprise in the face of danger, regardless of gender;
  • passion is preferable to romance, dependence on sexual pleasure.

If a person lets things go by themselves, then he gets average income, warm, but without a spark, family relations and social recognition at the level of sympathy of neighbors. At the same time, internal torments arise that did not have time to show potential, and degradation using the advantages of the trigone: countless love relationships, easy money and waste on pleasures. After 30 years of native, the unused aspect turns off the energy support.

Love relationship with the trigon Venus-Mars

The planets of femininity and masculinity vividly emphasize the gender qualities of the wards. Outwardly, they look like the ideal of human ideas about the beauty of the stronger and weaker sex. The inner content depends on the situation. A fragile and gentle beauty has an iron will and endurance, and a brutal macho is able to feel sympathy for an abandoned dog and listen for hours to the complaints of his beloved about the injustice of life.

Usually, strength and sensitivity are harmoniously combined in character, but passion and sensuality will prevail over the spiritual side of love. The path to the heart of the Venus-Mars trine carrier goes through bodily pleasures: delicious and plentiful food and sexual fantasies. A weakly expressed aspect gives the ladies’ man and Chekhov’s “Darling”, striving to adapt to the interests of the chosen one, forgetting about herself. But even so, they will be happy in marriage. The luck of the trigon is manifested in the sympathy of the opposite sex in adolescence and the multiplication of wealth, the ease of doing household chores in marriage.

Practical interaction with the Venus-Mars trigon

The speed of getting what you want understates ambition. A person takes for granted a confident procession up the career ladder if the trine is related to the 10th house , a happy early marriage ( 7th house ), growing earnings ( 2nd house ) and adventurous love affairs ( 5th house ), which always end successfully. To consolidate well-being, it is necessary to develop the highest qualities of femininity or masculinity, striving not only outwardly to correspond to the ideal. The habit of working and enjoying the results of labor will strengthen both Venus and Mars, especially if the field of activity concerns:

  • cinema, theater, cosmetology, beauty salons, fitness industry;
  • jewelry and banking, fashion, marriage agencies;
  • gardening, agriculture, animal husbandry;
  • politics, military and sports excellence.

Do not shut yourself off from society for a long time. Prosperity and good luck accompany the native, who skillfully maintains friendly and business ties. During travel and social events, there is a chance to meet a loved one or receive a lucrative offer for cooperation.

To enhance the Venus-Mars trigon with natural stones, a ring or earrings are perfect, where a diamond and a ruby are combined . A more affordable option is to wear Venus stones on Fridays: malachite , turquoise , rhodonite, rose quartz , and on Tuesdays the minerals of Mars: red jasper , carnelian , corals .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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