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Money and Wealth in the horoscope (Natal chart)

What is the difference between a millionaire’s birth chart and a beggar’s natal chart? Is it possible to see wealth in a personal horoscope, or are we all born with the same financial potential?

Of course, all people have a variety of inclinations and talents. But it is natural abilities that motivate us to certain types of activities. The monetary potential of the horoscope (i.e. the ability of a particular person to earn a livelihood) is described primarily by the Second House of the horoscope. This house is also responsible for talents and abilities.

There are few millionaires in the world. There are many more people with ordinary, average earnings. It follows from this that rich people have some rare abilities, which they once successfully developed, which subsequently brought them material success.

But maybe in the birth chart of each of us there is a hidden potential that may one day manifest? What if people can see and discover all their talents? The horoscope and knowledge of astrology help to determine the optimal area for human efforts, solve pressing financial issues and gain material well-being.

Financial houses of the horoscope

To determine whether a person will be rich or poor, you need to analyze the financial houses of the horoscope . These include

The Second house, as already mentioned, symbolizes not only the people’s financial circumstances, but also their innate talents. Abilities may be developed or, conversely, not shown. The richer and stronger the Second house of the radix, the more opportunities the subject has for self-development, spiritual and material enrichment.

The Eighth house of the radix indicates how much people under this position feel the financial support of others. They may not make money on their own, but be fully supported by thier spouse or other family members. People with a strong Eighth house often live on interest, receive subsidies, and visit someone else on allowance. They can receive a good inheritance and dispose of other people’s property.

The income level is thus determined by the following factors:

  • heavenly factors (this is what is given to man by nature, space);
  • earthly factors (a native can develop his abilities or, conversely, neglect their development).

The famous British astrologer John Frawley, in his book “True Astrology in Practice”, gives the classification of Jean-Baptiste de Villefranche. In addition to the Second House, the latter also refers to the houses of acquisitions as the Sixth and Tenth houses of the horoscope.

The Sixth house indicates living creatures owned by the native (animals and hired personnel), and the tenth field indicates the possibility of intangible acquisitions. This refers to fame, popularity, authority, high office.

Other financial indicators of the horoscope

But analyzing financial houses alone is not enough. You need to see the general picture of the horoscope, which speaks of the direction of such people, their desires and aspirations. For example, if in the people’s horoscope most of the planets are located in the signs of Air (and Fire), then they are unlikely to accumulate great treasures. Such an enthusiast will be more attracted to intellectual development. Here we will talk, rather, about spiritual wealth, which is also a value. But most people still see material wealth as their goal, and here people with a predominance of the earth (and water) elements in the horoscope are most successful.

Individuals with a weak Moon in Capricorn will save on the most important things – food and necessities, and the owners of the tense aspect between Venus and Jupiter will squander their wealth and spend huge sums on entertainment and pleasure.

John Frawley, for assessing wealth, also advises to analyze the location of the Lot (Pars) of Fortune . In order to calculate this point yourself, you need to know the degrees of the location of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant on the zodiacal circle. Modern astrological programs and online services greatly facilitate this task.

The sign of the zodiac and the house in which the Pars of Fortune is located can indicate areas in which the native will be most fortunate in life. These benefits can be both spiritual and material. The planet that rules the zodiac sign and its position can also be a good indicator of a native’s financial well-being.

Thus, to understand the full picture, you need to study the natal chart comprehensively, i.e. not be limited to the meanings of the Houses of Money. A financial horoscope involves the analysis of many factors, and the study of the planets occupies an important place in it.

Horoscope planets and finance theme

Different astrologers attribute different planets to financial planets, but nevertheless, when analyzing, one should not neglect any of them. Any planet has something to do with the topic of money.

The sun is associated with gold and the moon with silver. In ancient times, it was precious metals that were the measure of value. They clearly demonstrated the solvency of people, served as a reliable means for trade and ensured material stability in the state and in the world.

Mercury is the planet of trade. And where there is commerce, there is also income.

Venus symbolizes prosperity and wealth. If this planet is clearly manifested in the horoscope, then people in this position gravitate towards stability and gaining prosperity. They want to live beautifully, eat deliciously, enjoy simple earthly joys. This is the reason for their hard work and the incentive to make good money. Such people are very talented. Continuous improvement of skill and success in creative activity lead to success in the material sphere and the accumulation of wealth.

Mars is the planet of enterprise and energy. This luminary helps entrepreneurs compete in the market and conquer new sales areas, as well as achieve their business goals.

Jupiter is associated with a high standard of living and a privileged position. People with a well-pronounced Jupiterian principle in the radix are not used to being content with little. They deserve the best, and the best costs a lot of money. Such people are used to making good money and spending a lot.

Although Saturn is considered the planet of difficulties and hardships, regular efforts in the chosen direction, everyday hard work bring results to the native. People with a strongly pronounced Saturn principle do not live on a grand scale. They are thrifty and even stingy, but they always have some funds set aside for a rainy day. Austerity and the ability to be content with little helps to save enough money to buy real estate. Said planet is associated with land and real estate.

Uranus is perhaps the most intangible planet. However, its good aspects present unexpected gifts to the native, and its negative aspects provoke sudden monetary losses. If the planet has a special meaning in people’s birth chart, then they relate to the topic of money playfully. If they are interested, they will quickly find a source of income and, moreover, where others have not tried to look (and then spend the earned on the development of their intellectual potential).

Neptune and Pluto are financial planets that symbolize both material and spiritual wealth. They indicate people’s resources that they are not always aware of. People with strongly expressed principles of Neptune and Pluto are provided for, but they do not consider it necessary to calculate their income, expenses and losses.

Traditional astrology and wealth

How to use this knowledge about the planets? The main points for analysis are suggested by traditional astrology. It is necessary to select the most significant luminary in the individual horoscope, based on the following parameters:

  • – the most powerful planet in the horoscope in terms of quality,
  • – the luminary with the richest and most favorable aspect;
  • – a planet in a corner house (preferably kind).

If a planet that meets all these requirements is found, and it affects the affairs of the Second House (for example, controls it), then it will be the most stable and reliable source of income for the native.

For example, in the natal chart, Venus rules the Second house of the horoscope. Venus is a good luminary. This planet is located in Libra, stands in the Seventh house and has five aspects with other luminaries, most of which are harmonious. Of course, the owners of such Venus will be unusually lucky in money matters. Their financial situation, without a doubt, can be called prosperous. Income is brought by contractual, creative, intellectual activities, as well as cooperation with people of art, diplomats, lawyers, etc.

A subject with a weak, damaged and evil planet that affects the affairs of the Second (and Eighth) house will be in a worse position. If the native has a cusp of the Second house in Capricorn, and the ruler of this sign is in the Eighth house, and at the same time the luminary is weak in quality (for example, Saturn in Cancer, in Aries, in Leo) and poorly aspected, then it will be the cause of poverty and financial restrictions of the owner of the horoscope. Such a person should not invest in real estate, farming, construction and gardening. It is better to choose an activity for another, more successful element of the Second house.

In this regard, we can mention an interesting example from the book of the famous English astrologer of the seventeenth century William Lilly “Christian Astrology”. In the chapter “Judgments on the second house. On riches, ”he analyzes several astrological factors influencing the second field of the horoscope, belonging to an English merchant. Some of them are more successful, others should not be relied on.

For example, Lilly considers the ruler of the House of Money Saturn in Taurus to be the stronghold of the native’s well-being. Saturn “shows the native to collect wealth through pastures, cultivation of the land, mines, minerals, coal and other earthly materials extracted from its depths.”

At the same time, other astrological factors indicate the likelihood of an unfavorable outcome of cases related to the inheritance of property due to false documents, legal proceedings and testimonies against the native. Here the astrologer, analyzing the circumstances of the financial house of the horoscope, makes a very specific judgment that the native should not rely too much on inheritance. The wealth will be provided for the most part “by the own labor, travel, ingenuity.”

Features of the planets – indicators of wealth and financial well-being

So, what planets can be considered sources of financial well-being and wealth? The luminaries related to the Second house of the horoscope and possessing essential power will be the guarantors of the subject’s material success. Even if this planet will have some damage from other luminaries, a person will not face complete bankruptcy and financial abyss.

Ideally, a strong planet, the ruler of the House of Money, should have both harmonious and tense aspects. Monetary losses that occurred on negative aspects will motivate the owner of such a horoscope to restore lost positions and further earnings, and good aspects will give favorable financial chances, help to save what they have acquired and invest money profitably.

Planets in signs of their power

Consider some options for the zodiacal arrangement of the planets of financial houses that promise financial strength and power. The most fortunate in terms of money can be considered the owners of good and essentially strong planets, which are elements of the Second house.

For example, Jupiter in Cancer will bring a good education to the people, which will become the basis for their future success in activities. Such individuals can become happy owners of real estate both in their home country and abroad. The greatest income will bring them teaching, medical, legislative or publishing activities. Import and export of goods, any international projects, cooperation with foreigners, trade in expensive things promise good profits.

Such owners of Jupiter in Cancer in the Second house do not waste time on trifles. If they shop, then in the best domestic stores or abroad. As for everyday needs, these people do not deny themselves anything. Their earnings allow them to provide themselves and their loved ones with everything necessary, and, if necessary, to spend on charity.

A strong Sun in Leo, influencing the affairs of the Second House, also symbolizes success and luck in money matters. The owners of the horoscope have a lot of jewelry and expensive jewelry. Such people like to accept gold and diamonds as a gift, and also indulge themselves with well-known brands. Everything that these people buy must be VIP. And, accordingly, the external gloss and the ability to properly present themselves allows them to quickly get a high status, privileged position and good wealth.

The owners of a strong Sun, which has a significant impact on the affairs of the Second House, do not consider themselves successful if they do not have an impressive amount of money and acquired property. Happiness for them is not only a tight wallet filled with gold, but also an opportunity to realize themselves and their talents one hundred percent.

The owners of Venus in Taurus are not as ambitious and confident in their success as people with a strong Sun. And yet such a Venus brings a lot of luck to the native in money matters. Such people work hard, hone their skills, and as a result make real estate, accumulate a hefty sum in a bank account and live comfortably. Perhaps they will not shine somewhere in society, show others their luxurious outfits and expensive cars (although they have enough beautiful things to brag about). But the owners of a strong Venus most often fulfill dreams of their own house, a cozy apartment, a summer residence, a backyard, etc.

And yet the planet, in the sign of its strength, is a self-satisfied and self-sufficient luminary, who is comfortable in the current situation and does not want to achieve super-results (super-profits). What motivates a native to receive income that others never dreamed of? Of course, tense aspects from other planets (primarily from Jupiter, Mars, Sun and Pluto). They inform the subject of eternal concern about their financial future, dissatisfaction with what they have, a desire to spend a lot and earn a lot, risk money and break an unprecedented jackpot.

Planets in signs of their weakness

Are Essentially Weak Planets Indicators of Poverty and Financial Instability?

If in the Second House there is Jupiter in Virgo, Gemini or Capricorn, this does not negate the native’s earnings. True, a damaged and weak planet promises a large number of unreasonable expenses (for example, on education, travel or travel). People with Jupiter in Capricorn will miss favorable moments in business and, due to their conservatism, refuse projects that promise good profits.

Venus in the restless sign of Scorpio or Aries is also weak. It is difficult for its owner to make a real assessment of the value of things. It often happens that the native’s income does not cover expenses. Despite all efforts, the owner of a damaged and weak Venus remains in the red.

A weak Sun in Aquarius or Libra makes people in this position very creative and gifted, but, unfortunately, impractical. They are ready to do a lot for the sake of others and give the last that they have to those in need, which puts them on the brink of poverty. And only the good aspects of the luminary are able to stabilize the monetary situation.

Modern Astrologers’ View of Wealth

Modern astrology proposes to assess the financial potential of the radix by analyzing the following main factors:

  • – rulers of signs in the Second house of the horoscope;
  • – planets in the Second house;
  • – Aspect interactions of elements of the Second house with other houses.

Russian astrologer S.V. Shestopalov, on the basis of the aforementioned main and some other additional factors, deduced the Formula of wealth and big business (S.V. Shestopalov, “Business Astrology”, 2010). This formula is quite complicated, and therefore it is understandable why not every person can become a millionaire.

Some other factors of the horoscope

Conjunctions and other aspects of the good planets of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter bring luck in money matters. More joys and material bonuses in life are available to such people in life than to others.

The good aspects between Mars and Venus, the Moon and the Sun make the native practical and financially balanced. Such people have an intuitive understanding that if something has disappeared somewhere, it must arrive in another place. They understand the benefits and only invest in projects that are worthwhile. These individuals do not make large purchases with the last money, but choose a more favorable period for this. This behavior saves them from losses and bankruptcy.

The good interaction of Venus and Saturn (or Venus in Capricorn) informs the owner of the horoscope of economy, caution and foresight. Financial affairs are always in order for such people. The income and expense of funds are recorded in various tables, magazines and programs, and it is easy for such people to sum up their financial activities. The current business situation is clear and transparent.


So, in order to assess the financial capabilities of specific people , you need to analyze the financial houses of their horoscope. The Second house has priority . If this field is composed of a large number of very different elements (rulers of the signs of the Zodiac, planets), and the latter have many connections with other fields of the radix, then this is a reason to think about the most financially favorable types of activities.

Here it is important to single out a benchmark and a niche for yourself – the right area of ​​application of efforts, and not to waste your energy on work that provides meager income. A correct assessment of the strength, weakness, aspect and position of the planets in the radix will be a prerequisite for future success in activity.

Astrology suggests that the formula of wealth is rarely found in horoscopes, but each of us can find a worthy source of income for ourselves and gain financial well-being.

Lilia Garipova


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