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Uranus Square – MC (Midheaven). The rebellious sail is lonely

Although squaring not fatal aspect, it created tension seriously hampers the promotion of native areas in 10 homes , where the Meridian Midheaven : fame, popularity, enjoy the profession and recognition of others. The negative influence of the aspect is aggravated by the eccentric nature of Uranus , pushing the wards to strange and shocking acts that seem extravagant and interesting to them, but in fact destroy the forward movement to the heights of success.

The presence of additional tense ties with 1 , 8 and 12 houses especially complicates interaction with society and does not allow expressing oneself in ways that are harmonious for the public. The native prefers to protest against rules of any nature, refute authority, shock with strange religious views or denial of faith. You should choose the path of creation or destruction, and therefore your destiny.

Dangers of Uranus Square – MC

Especially clearly, the square begins to work during adolescence and after entering a university. However, carriers of the Uranus – MC square can study at home, not wanting to gnaw the granite of science in the generally accepted system. They are shown studying in experimental groups with a free attendance schedule, no dress code and no strict grading system.

But in general, it is best to immediately tune in to freelancing, since the owners of the aspect can hardly resist the strong desire to change jobs and place of residence. It occurs quite often, especially during periods of transit of Uranus, and in adulthood, the native significantly complicates the life of his loved ones, who have to choose: to start everything from scratch, following the owner of the horoscope, or to part with him.

The person himself is not too worried about other people’s feelings, the pleasure of the need to provoke society with indecent behavior and shocking sarcastic remarks is too great.

If the 1st, 4th, 9th and 10th houses, as well as the Ascendant are in Cancer , the denial of traditions and rules will be less pronounced, and outbreaks of stinginess arise periodically due to stressful events. In other cases, especially when the above sectors are in the fire signs, a quiet life is not expected. Therefore, it is important to work out the main nuances of the influence of the Uranus square – MS:

  • self-will, stubbornness, low empathy, indifference to other people’s feelings and opinions;
  • dependence on the need to wreak havoc and deprive law-abiding citizens of a sense of confidence and emotional balance;
  • desire to be free from any financial and routine obligations, to do only what is interesting;
  • outbursts of violent indignation at the infringement of personal freedom or at the sight of injustice;
  • addiction to profanity and eccentric clothing;
  • the desire to create something new that was not there before, and single-handedly receive the laurels of the winner, sometimes devaluing the work of the team.

Such things are not always pronounced if a person is in demand in creativity like Steven Spielberg or Sophie Marceau, but without public recognition, unpleasant character traits grow like a snowball.

Personal relationships

The native has a reputation for being difficult to deal with. The owners of the aspect do not know how and do not want to adapt to the team, and even within the family manage to express complaints and disgust for traditions and classic holidays. It is difficult to live with them, although during their youth they are ready to give up their careers for love and start life from scratch.

Growing up and not receiving the realization of their unusual ideas and projects, men and women with the Uranus square – MC will remember their sacrifice and will torment their loved ones. This is largely due to the relationship with one of the parents with a Uranian character, who also refuted authorities, gave excessive freedom to children, or, in principle, was not interested in them as individuals, which aroused in the native a disgust for family values. There is a strong desire to be the complete opposite of the mother or father. Conflicts with the boss, confrontation between two individuals and a struggle for the primacy of a unique manifestation of oneself in a team are likely.

And yet, you need to invent, implement your innovations and create relationships in a personal value system in order to feel happiness at least sometimes.

Elaboration of the Uranus – MC square

It is necessary to eradicate the habit of doing the opposite, contrary to the advice of others, even if the native had originally intended to do so. This forces us to abandon the correct path suggested by intuition.

Success awaits bearers of the Uranus – Midheaven square in the professions associated with invention and speed: physics, astronomy, electronics, aviation, mechanical engineering, astronautics, astrology and advertising.

An unusual creative view of the world gives an instant takeoff in creativity: directing, cinema, theater, design, fashion. Even if these spheres are chosen as a hobby, it pacifies the tension of quadrature.

Extreme sports and frequent travel will remove the acrimony of communication. It is important to release tension and impulsiveness in a useful and positive way, then they will not ruin the life of the native and loved ones.

Internal emotional stability in the Uranus – MC square will be presented by talisman stones: blue topaz , ametrine, paraiba tourmaline, lapis lazuli and alexandrite .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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