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Venus square – Neptune. Through thorns to love

The aspect of 90 degrees between the planets is called a quadrature and portends karmic problems in the areas affected. The meaning of life is to overcome the complexes and fears accumulated in the family, often through pain and stressful situations. Holders of the Venus-Neptune square from childhood are faced with the collapse of illusions, betrayal, and sexual perversion.

Resistance to soul-destroying stereotypes will subsequently become one of the main tasks. Faced with dirt and violence, you need to struggle upward towards the light with all your might. This is helped by active self-realization in creativity, strengthening Venus through love and the beloved work of life.

The Danger of Venus-Neptune Square

The mission of the tense aspect is to develop new qualities, transforming painful experiences into positive ones. This is hard work, especially when square prompts Venus to manifest through the lower energy vibrations of Neptune , clouding consciousness and creating false values. People are afraid to even touch members of the opposite sex, considering it a mortal sin to manifest sexuality, or, on the contrary, secretly savor lecherous pleasures.

In love, they are not interested in respect, trust and warmth, even if they claim otherwise. The focus on receiving strong emotions through pain and humiliation is too strong. The owners of the Venus-Neptune square feel happy when they throw their lives at the feet of their beloved or close them with themselves from bullets, as they often appear in their dreams. Destructive manifestations of the aspect:

  • naivety and talkativeness in dealing with dangerous people, criticism and suspicion with benevolent and positive interlocutors;
  • long patience of insults, humiliation, bullying, but the overflowing Neptunian bowl sweeps away the former beloved with a stream of revenge (especially if Mars is watery);
  • inability to organize oneself, laziness, procrastination;
  • sacrifice and inappropriate servility to the detriment of their interests, the desire to arouse sympathy through self-humiliation and expensive gifts;
  • inability to refuse, tacit consent to the violation of personal boundaries by strangers and loved ones, feeling “good” only if you give;
  • striving for self-punishment for joy and carnal pleasures;
  • fear of talking with the boss about a pay increase and confidence in the low quality of the work performed, even if it is perfect;
  • Stockholm syndrome and the constant justification of cruel and low acts by attributing non-existent reasons: they took the last money – they need it more, hit it – it was his boss who brought him to white heat, etc.

As a result, liars, crooks, manipulators and moral sadists are attracted to the native, which only confirms his worldview and adherence to the image of a sufferer.

Venus-Neptune square in a woman’s horoscope 

The influence of the Venus-Neptune square is more detrimental to women who instantly become emotionally dependent on hard-hearted partners and tyrant bosses if one of the planets is in the 10th house . Life turns into a race for the approval of the people who hurt. A rich imagination endows tyrants with unthinkable virtues. The position of Venus in Libra , Gemini and Sagittarius gives the idealization of the partner and strong amorousness.

At its worst, it is passion for criminals or those serving prison sentences, drug addicts, alcoholics, and being drawn into their vices. At best, love for a subtly feeling representative of the creative bohemia. One of the manifestations of the Venus-Neptune square is separation from a loved one: the chosen one is a sea captain or is banally married.

Venus-Neptune square in a man

In the male chart, the square between Venus and Neptune foreshadows fatal love with many deceptions and betrayals. The chosen one will be a creative person with a hysterical character or psychological problems up to schizophrenia. In a negative version of the development of events, she is likely to have problems with drugs and alcohol, in a positive one – love for a wonderful muse inspires the creation of works of art, which does not save her from betrayal on her part.

After working out the aspect, a man is destined to experience unearthly love, when the interests of the chosen one are more valuable than his own, and to perform feats in the name of passion.

Elaboration of the Venus-Neptune square

To harmonize the aspect, you need to allow yourself to be imperfect, to make mistakes without fear of punishment from above. The native is insanely afraid of being rejected, superfluous, useless, therefore, it will be necessary to strengthen confidence in one’s own value for peace and independence from the opinions of others. An effective way to eliminate the negative influence of the Venus-Neptune square will be classes in esotericism, psychology, any kind of art, but especially drawing and acting.

It will also help:

  • decreased trust in strangers, development of intuition;
  • life on schedule, playing sports;
  • establishing clear and inviolable boundaries of personal space;
  • developing social skills and maintaining useful contacts.

Saturn will be the guarantor of the equilibrium of the Venus-Neptune square. By strengthening responsibility, punctuality, willpower and hard work, a person neutralizes the lower pole of Neptune. To this end, you need to wear jewelry talismans with blue sapphire , blue topaz , azurite and tanzanite. And to strengthen the highest pole of Venus through diamonds , turquoise , rhodonite, malachite . Neptune in this planetary combination will calm the white opal .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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