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Opposition Uranus – MC (Midheaven). Stubborn rebels

The Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house shows the true calling of a person. By following it, it is easy to gain recognition, monetize your work and create a personal brand. Tense aspects complicate the path, but show points of growth. Uranus is the supreme planet, patronizing inventors and eccentrics.

Opposition with him provokes a constant search for purpose, when a person tries something new and throws one step away from real success, travels a lot and seeks to introduce new attitudes into the life of society. He brings chaos and uncertainty everywhere, although it is interesting and fun to be with him, but the family and the company cannot expect stable incomes. The carriers of the opposition Uranus – MC have seven Fridays a week and a million urgent matters, so it is extremely difficult to work out this aspect.

Dangers of opposition Uranus – MC

Both men and women have absolutely no interest in being accepted by society. They are on their own wave and believe that the world should adjust to them, and not vice versa. This is partly a rebellion against parental tyranny, which they face in 90% of cases, but the rebels themselves take pleasure in shocking others with indecent jokes, antics and a demonstration of aversion to money. These cranks are the ones who throw banknotes out of windows or donate their entire salary to the dog shelter.

The only thing that interests them is the secrets of the Universe: mysticism and the ability to influence events. It is easier to make a career in unusual areas: astrology, occultism, blogging, computer technology, aviation, astronautics, where you will need to invent something new and become a pioneer tester. Creativity is also a favorable area for self-expression: actors, designers, and writers with the Uranus-MC opposition are rapidly gaining popularity.

The aspect is destructive in the early years of life, creating events that impede a good education, warm trusting relationships with family and friends. In adulthood, it is easier to manage it, especially after learning all the nuances of influence:

  • independence, stubbornness, extravagant tastes, lack of a sense of proportion, tact, norms of decency;
  • dislike for the violent manifestation of emotions, romance, signs of attention, devaluation of the care of another person;
  • unwillingness to take on commitments, striving for freelance and free marriage;
  • acting abilities, the ability to mimic those around, to seem like one in any team, if there is a need for it;
  • violent imagination, dirty sense of humor, talent of an inventor and writer;
  • with negative aspects from the outside: charming scammers without shame and conscience;
  • denial of a classic career with a managerial position and a stable salary;
  • constant conflicts with loved ones due to professional aspirations that do not correspond to generally accepted ideas about success.

In fact, the owners of the opposition Uranus – MC are able not only to shock, but also to delight with courage, innovative thinking, the ability to shake off aggressors with a sharp word and make an unexpected discovery. With the position of the planet of eccentrics in the signs of earth and water, a person is more restrained in showing the features of the aspect.

Personal relationships

Usually one of the parents with whom the native subconsciously associates himself suffers from mental problems, self-realization, or is simply emotionally cold. This greatly affects the worldview of the owner of the horoscope. Women get used to the fact that they are not openly loved, which means that they will also have a consumer attitude towards relationships. Men do not have an example of a warm expression of affection to look up to. It’s easier not to get close to anyone, so as not to experience the pain of rejection. A native leaves his home early, and although he does not really care about money, he is able to earn money when there are goals to gain independence.

The carriers of the Uranus-MS opposition have a million friends, but they rarely have lifelong friends. But they skillfully use superficial connections to get interesting positions. Flirting at work or bonding with your boss is normal for someone who doesn’t put family first. At home, they have creative chaos: from a mess and cobwebs at the corners to a stylized nightclub to make it easier to have fun with the company.

Elaboration of the opposition Uranus-MS

The main task of a native is to learn to love. It is easier to do this when the 1st , 5th and 7th houses are harmoniously manifested and strong Mars and Venus are there . In this case, all that remains is to restrain your violent temperament, the desire to sarcast or prick an unpleasant colleague, even if he is wrong.

To be successful, you should direct your creativity to the 10th home area, which will allow you to express yourself for the benefit of society and personal budget. Extravagance and sarcasticity will allow you to become famous on the stage, and the study of the secrets of the Universe – in science or astrology. The carriers of the Uranus-MS opposition are successfully promoting on the Internet as bloggers. Their independent opinion, bright individual style and lack of complexes bring instant popularity and good money for advertising. At the same time, the absence of bosses and an office schedule has a beneficial effect on the psyche of the native, who usually has difficulty adapting to the requirements of society.

The wards of the aspect are recommended to wear sky blue, silver and sparkling white, and watery topaz , azurite , larimar, white opal and quartz are suitable as talisman stones .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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