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Opposition Jupiter-Neptune – Life in a Castle in the Air

The opposition between the planets gives rise to internal chaos, the struggle of dark and light forces in the soul. It is all the more powerful because there are four opposing sides: the lower and higher energies and the demands of both participants in the intense aspect. The native is both an aggressor and a victim along the line of signs and houses where heavenly bodies are located.

The Jupiter-Neptune opposition gives an incredible sensitivity and compassion for one’s neighbor, but also a tendency to exaggerate the scale of the tragedy. Rich imagination and artistry border on insincerity and their use for selfish purposes, as well as overestimated conceit and absent-mindedness in relation to personal obligations. The idealism of dreams and aspirations is of no practical use, and religious ecstasy is replaced by atheism and vanity.

Influence of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition on fate

If the native manages to observe discipline and planning in achieving goals, the aspect will contribute to fruitful creative work, but succumbing to laziness and soaring in the clouds, wastefulness and voluptuousness at the first awards to his talent, he risks being left at the bottom of the trough.

The habit of emotionally fanning a storm in a glass of water or underestimating rivals leads to financial losses and problems with the laws, because the owners of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition often believe that the rules are not for them. A special relationship develops with the theme of deception: they lie and fantasize themselves, or they become a victim of liars. It’s a matter of the desire to paint the world with desired dreams, even if only for fun, and in the naive belief that all people are good.

You will need to stand in the position of an observer, not to think for another, not to strive to seem better than it is, but to let the events of life flow like a river, and interact with reality, not with fantasies. Without work on oneself, the negative properties of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition appear:

  • excess of emotions, tearful sentimentality with external passivity;
  • bragging and inventing non-existent feats, meeting celebrities, exaggerating talents, which subsequently spoils the reputation;
  • gluttony, alcoholism, tendency to be overweight and inactive;
  • encounter with speculation, betrayal, forgery of documents in financial matters;
  • vagrancy, trips around the world in the absence of a comfortable home, pilgrimage searches;
  • difficulties in choosing faith, hallucinations, hypocrisy.

At the same time, the native is a loving nature who sincerely wants to create a wonderful world out of dreams on earth. Particular attention should be paid to the house and sign of Jupiter, as actions in this area awaken Neptunian shame. For example, in Taurus: the possession of money and sexual pleasure cause inner doubts about the correctness of this from a religious point of view (Neptune with such opposition in Scorpio).

Love relationship

The opposition of the planets is sometimes played out through a conflict of feelings and dogma: the attraction of Neptunian intuition is in conflict with the teachings of the church and the rules of society, which often affects personal life. Falling in love with a representative of a different faith and nationality, a beggar musician, while a native from a rich family, a marriage of convenience or a misalliance is always a painful choice.

If the 8th and 12th houses are involved, there is a chance of falling in love with an adept or leader of a sect or mafia structure, where you will have to completely reborn and change your lifestyle.

Getting to know your partner takes place in unusual and mystical places – in a church, in a cemetery, a festival of Gothic lovers or while traveling.

The reason is often a sudden outbreak of hostility or an argument on a sensitive topic, but negative emotions quickly develop into a burning passion. Often, lovers indulge each other’s shortcomings, supporting illusions and vainglorious speeches, as well as an addiction to delicious junk food and alcohol. At a high level of development, mutual assistance in creativity and joint prayer practice leading to self-improvement takes place.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition

The main problem of the native is the lack of practical experience and staying most of the time in the pink illusory castles of unrealizable dreams. Compassion and kindness must not only be tested, but proved by concrete deeds: volunteer activities, charity concerts, help in organizing fundraising.

If Jupiter is in the 6th house – active deeds for the good of society or work in a hospital, helping the elderly.

Talents are often associated with cinema – directing, screenwriting, cinematography. The perfect elaboration of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition goes through leadership positions in navigation, shipbuilding, exploration, tourism and diplomacy.

Throughout life, you will have to maintain a balance between practicality and charity, an addiction to luxury and generosity, and also learn to give easily, without succumbing to low instincts of greed.

Refusing to lie does not solve the problem, as it leads to an increase in the number of deceivers and fraudsters. One must learn to see the signs of deceit in others and stop attempts to cloud the mind. It is better to leave financial matters in the hands of an experienced and honest specialist.

A talisman decoration with a serpentine will help stabilize emotions, recognize lies and be a leader , blue aventurine accumulates activity and energy , and amethyst , blue sapphire and lapis lazuli will give wisdom and purity of mind .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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