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Jupiter conjunction – Ascendant. A boss who is pleasant in every way

When two planets connect, there is a powerful exchange of energies. By intertwining and supporting each other, they influence fate more strongly than other aspects, however, the influence can be both inspiring and destructive, depending on the spiritual qualities of the native. The Ascendant is always in the 1st house of personality and social activity, and the connection with the planet colors the nature of interaction with society with its vibrations. It is more difficult if she is in the 12th house – an eternal conflict of ambition and secrecy.

The conjunction of Jupiter and the Ascendant gives the world a generous and cheerful person, boldly walking towards a dream. He is liked by the rich and powerful, but with negative factors that weaken the lord of happiness, pride and megalomania appear, and luxury is perceived as the equivalent of luck. If the aspect is in the 1st house, not only luck will increase, but also gluttony, and being in the 12th sector, he will give the favor of higher powers and protection from the evil eye.

Influence of the conjunction of Jupiter and the Ascendant on fate

The native gives the impression of an open, optimistic freethinker and knows how to be his own in any company. He gets along well with world-class businessmen, kings and tractor drivers without much effort.

If the aspect is in the sphere of air and water, the owner of the conjunction of Jupiter and the Ascendant simply reads the personal information of the interlocutor and unconsciously adjusts to his psychotype. In the case of the elements of fire and earth, he prefers to impress with charisma and financial success, without delving into the emotional reactions of others.

The weak point is food and sex. Here he does not know the measure, so he rarely retains youthful beauty and harmony after 30 years. Stopping spiritual and intellectual growth is always transformed into excess weight and unrestrained voluptuousness. The conjunction of Jupiter with the Ascendant affects the appearance, character and event algorithms in the native’s life, creating:

  • large physique, large head volume, excess weight in the abdomen;
  • good nature and broad soul combined with vanity and ambition;
  • a choice of luxurious and bright clothing style designed to capture the imagination of others;
  • hospitable hospitable character, but generosity in courting a person you like depends on the mood at the moment;
  • passion for education: may have several higher scientific degrees, travel and everything foreign;
  • business success and happiness in marriage with a foreign partner;
  • support of the rich and powerful: comes mysteriously at the right time;
  • extraordinary self-confidence and the right to a better destiny;
  • with a positive development of events and self-improvement, they fly up several steps above their original position in society.

Harmonious Mercury contributes to success in a career , but if he is amazed, then the native, even constantly learning, suffers from the impostor syndrome, trying to prove his competence. A weakened Jupiter gives an amateur who cannot admit a lack of experience and knowledge, from which the common cause suffers.

Love and marriage at the conjunction of Jupiter and the Ascendant

The native’s self-confidence extends to personal relationships. Spiritually developed people of this type are wonderful partners, loving and attentive, ready to throw the whole world at the feet of the chosen ones. They give expensive gifts, take them to glamorous restaurants and social events. At the same time, the desire to fill the entire space with oneself is characteristic of the owners of the conjunction of Jupiter and the Ascendant in Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio, Leo and Aries. They are owners, eager to be the only center of attention of the chosen one and bathe in his admiration. Mindfulness and interest in the personality of the partner pass after marriage. Having obtained the object of passion in complete possession, the native goes into an egocentric state and requires that all household members focus exclusively on his important and urgent matters, not forgetting to applaud even minor successes in time.

In addition, bond carriers are prone to side fads. If Jupiter in the 1st house will not even hide them, then with the position of the planet of great happiness in the 12th house , they can support romances on the side for years and no one will know about it. However, the prestige and reputation of the family is too important for them to radically change their lives for the sake of pleasant pleasures.

Practical interaction with the Jupiter-Ascendant conjunction

Money falls from the sky, and useful connections arise by themselves, remaining for many years a help in business. This is normal for a native with a harmonious strong Jupiter. If he stands in Gemini and Virgo , then bragging and a desire to amaze the world with feats come to the fore. A person sincerely does not understand that he is proud of the little things that are natural for the majority. The path to success lies through travel to distant countries, cooperation with foreign partners, and if Jupiter rules the 7th house , then marriage with a person of a different nationality.

It is necessary to show less fervor and intolerance towards other religions and worldviews, allowing people to exist according to their rules. Flexibility and diplomacy, in addition to the generosity and charm of a native, will make him a star in politics, law, education and upbringing.

The best sphere of application of abilities is teaching in business schools, coaching, professorship, but recognition and financial prosperity also come in the rank of a school teacher.

To strengthen the strength of the connection, it is recommended to wear rings with yellow sapphire , amethyst and ametrine, but you also need to take into account the zodiac sign of its position.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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