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Trigon Mars-Jupiter. Cheek brings success

Trigon (trine) is a favorable aspect for those who are grateful for the support of higher powers, but they themselves do not fail, act and develop. The powerful trine Mars-Jupiter gives an inexhaustible charge of energy, enthusiasm and optimism, capable of pulling the entire horoscope on itself to the top of the world. The native should learn to control his power as early as possible.

Failures and failures of ideas do not discourage him and do not stop him on the way to the goal, but awaken anger and an explosion of emotions that are destructive for loved ones. This is typical of childhood and adolescence. Over time, he learns to do several things at the same time, without getting hung up on one, and failure is perceived as an annoying trifle. Trine wearers are advised to relieve tension in team sports and entertainment: cinema, circus, football matches.

Mars-Jupiter trigon possibilities

Like a sextile with the same planets, the trine does not portend fabulous wealth, but gives constant financial comfort, and as soon as its owners conceive a specific project along the line of houses where Mars or Jupiter are located, money comes from nowhere. The gift of materializing dreams with the power of thought appeals to practical and zealous ambitious people who, since childhood, are obsessed with the desire to rule the world and immerse themselves with interest in the world of politics and business.

The second gift of the Mars-Jupiter trine is the ability to inspire people with ideas, build teams of dedicated employees, and confidently conduct deals and negotiations. They are idealists, brave and loyal. If the concept of the organization where they work is close to them, and they feel like in a family, then they will get all the stars from the sky for its prosperity. Or they will lead over time, replacing the less agile leadership. Trigon provides many opportunities for success:

  • sincerity, courage, greed for knowledge, hard work;
  • the talent to win in battle according to the principles of honesty and nobility;
  • the ability to inspire respect for rivals;
  • good health, energy, the habit of helping with deeds, not words;
  • religiosity, willpower, open-mindedness and liberalism;
  • love of travel, self-education, reading;
  • money comes through the deeds of houses ruled by Mars and Jupiter;
  • the gift of turning unfavorable circumstances into advantages.

With Jupiter’s position in the 2nd or 8th house, a native is able to become a financial tycoon through hard work. To do this, you only need his desire and willpower. If the planets are affected, delusions of grandeur and confidence in their own infallibility are manifested. If Mars is in the 8th or 12th house , you should not fight enemies openly and contradict the leadership. You should follow the Jupiterian line of generosity and focus on personal growth, and not waste time quarreling with enemies.

Love and family in the trine Mars-Jupiter

Men and women with the Mars-Jupiter trine are interested in a partner who will open new horizons for them, teach them what they have never tried. They are ardent and passionate and ready to give their partner the whole world. The aspect creates the preconditions for strong family happiness, especially with Mars in the 5th house and Jupiter in the 7th house. However, in order to maintain the native’s fervent feelings, one will have to lead an active lifestyle. Trigon holders cannot imagine life without travel, sports and raising the level of education.

With inharmonious planets, the sense of self-importance goes off scale, and for the needs of the ego in admiration and admiration, the interests of the partner fade. Narcissism and irascibility are the main enemies of personal life. Despite the quickeningness, the native manages to throw out the stress and the negative accumulated during the day on a loved one who cannot withstand such an intensity for a long time, because the energy of the carriers of the Mars-Jupiter trigon is very strong. It is especially difficult when Mars is located in Aries or Leo. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so everything is harmonious here. Women with this aspect cannot stand weak men without goals and aspirations. They are suitable partners with a solar or ascending sign of the element of fire.

Practical interaction with the Mars-Jupiter trigon

For the successful realization of the possibilities of both planets, the native needs a sense of freedom, which he gets from the position of the head of a department or firm. They are also excellent athletes in terms of physical and psychological data, because defeat for them is not the end of the world, but on the contrary, a sign to train more and achieve unprecedented records.

To turn on the Mars-Jupiter trine, you need to show organizational skills, activity, sociability and generosity in difficult or controversial situations. Higher education is compulsory, as well as travel abroad for an internship. If Jupiter is in the 7th house , then most likely the future marriage partner will meet in another country. The native’s main danger is his own gambling. Trigon holders love to take risks and gamble on everything that brings winnings in their youth, and ends badly in old age. You should avoid casinos, racing and horse racing games and sweepstakes.

To enhance the action of the Mars-Jupiter trigon, jewelry with natural stones is well suited. An ideal talisman will be a two-color mukait, which combines the energy of both planets, and a pomegranate . Hematite and coral are used to support Mars , and Jupiter favors yellow sapphire , chrysocolla and azurite .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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