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Trigon Venus – MC (Midheaven). Magnetic charm

The planet of love brings good luck in business, love of others and money for a luxurious life, especially if it is part of the most promising aspect of the horoscope. Trigon Venus – MC is an excellent application for professional success, although if it is not about creativity, where the native is really talented, promotion will depend not on his objective abilities, but on the feeling of inexplicable sympathy that arises from his superiors. It can be both platonic admiration and quite direct sexual interest.

External beauty, elegance of speech and manners are always an additional plus to the career plan of the owner of the horoscope. With many negative aspects, a person does not always understand how to use the trigone correctly. It is worth realizing that the desire to dress beautifully and communicate with high-ranking people is not a whim, but intuition tips for turning on the trine.

The influence of the trigon Venus – MC on fate

The gift of the aspect is the ability to make a good impression on people without any outside effort. Men and women under his patronage are simply liked, regardless of their actions. However, one should not expect intrigues and meanness from them, they value their reputation and avoid bad company, conflicts, feeling the slightest trick from malicious individuals. However, because of this, they may agree to an office romance with the boss in order to avoid dismissal or unpleasant showdowns. In fairness, they rarely do this on their own.

Beauty is of great importance. If Venus is in Leo , Libra , Taurus and Aries , then there is an excessive fascination with one’s own appearance: too bright makeup, emphasized sex appeal, plastic surgery, sometimes on the verge of decency, which generates ambiguity in relationships at work. Undoubted talent in the field of art and craving for beauty give every reason to achieve success in theater, cinema, the beauty industry, and the health sector. With the position of Venus and the Midheaven Meridian in the earth signs, success awaits in real estate sales, tourism, and big money management work. For the correct choice of the field of activity, it is important to know the main milestones of the influence of the trigon:

  • easy fame, thanks to external data and timely developed talent along the Venusian line;
  • kindness, friendliness, optimism, gentle sense of humor;
  • sincere love comes from those with whom he is connected at work: colleagues, bosses, subordinates;
  • passion for luxury in clothing, apartment interior, accessories;
  • the desire to shine in society and even at home to arrange social events;
  • the opportunity to become famous thanks to a personal brand: the carriers of the Trine in the element of fire and air are more famous, other owners of the aspect become famous rather due to being in the immediate environment of show business: makeup artists, decorators, jewelers, interior designers, cosmetologists, masseurs and doctors;
  • the ability to easily adapt to any environment, to become your own person in a team, even very far from ideals close to the native;
  • rejection of loneliness, the desire to communicate with different people.

The dark side of the coin of everyone’s favorite is the secret envy of enemies in a friendly guise. They believe that everything is too easy for the native and can do mean things behind their backs. You need to be especially careful with Lilith and Pluto in the 7th and 12th houses and negative aspects from them to Venus. The second problem is an excessive obsession with money and a loss of interest in spiritual development, which blocks the power of trine.

Personal relationships

Holders of the Venus-MC trine remember their childhood and adolescence with warmth. The love of parents, entertainment, lush home holidays and a lot of attention from loved ones gave them a sense of their own uniqueness and originality.

Not wanting to lose this feeling, they avoid quarrels and conflicts, partly because they are used to admiration and confidential communication, and simply do not know how to behave with offenders. The exception is the Ascendant , Venus and Mars in fire signs.

The carriers of the trine of the planet of love with the Midheaven evoke sympathy and a desire to increase their salaries from the authorities of the same sex and sexual attraction from representatives of the opposite side. This may be in their hands, but it sometimes prevents them from showing themselves in full force. But money and good deals stick to them like a magnet. There is a high probability of exciting flirting and romantic adventures at work.

Practical interaction with the trigon Venus – MC

Aspect bearers are happy while creating and creating beauty. It doesn’t always mean shining on stage or creating jewelry. Decorating the world with kindness and charity is also an art, and, moreover, a study of karma. Helping others, noble deeds from the heart, attract to the native a lot of happy opportunities for earning and self-realization. The secret is to do it sincerely. With the emergence of selfish expectations about what I will get in return, the power of the trigone weakens.

It is useful to practice public speaking, dancing, interior decoration, handicrafts and floriculture.

For holders of the Venus – Midheaven trine, it is important to be among loving people during holidays and social events in order to shine, feeling supported by their side.

Jewelry made from natural stones will help to maintain and enhance the positive influence of trigon: diamonds , emeralds , turquoise , pink tourmaline and spinel, malachite and green aventurine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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