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6th house in the sign of Capricorn

Daily work, duties that are difficult to accomplish but necessary to achieve success, go along the 6th house line. If people treat the nature of these actions correctly, without aggression and laziness, then everything will be fine with health. The wrong perception of one’s place in the team, the lack of realization, including the wrong choice of purpose for the 10th house, leads to the occurrence of diseases.

Knowing what sign is on the cusp, they can prevent these ailments in advance. The 6th house in Capricorn gives a serious and practical attitude to work, the physical body, debts to other people and their own pets. An internal ban on the use of creative energy leads to stagnation in a small office and suffering from suppressed ambitious plans.

Work and discipline

Unlike Virgo and Taurus, the six-house Capricorns do not like when their work process is controlled by a curator, adjusts or, even worse, fits with amendments. Their penchant for perfectionism, hard work and independence make them valuable and indispensable employees, who are quite capable of performing any task without prodding. The only thing: the owners of the 6th house in Capricorn hate vague assignments, unspecified details and the change of Fridays during the week of the bosses. If the desired goal is clearly outlined to them, they will perform everything masterly and will not ask again about trifles.

This is the most disciplined representative of the 6th sector. Subordination and regulation are their highest values. If Saturn and Uranus are strong, then these individuals will not remain in subjection for a long time, but will become excellent leaders. If these planets are defeated, the career will be in the shadows, but will bring stability. The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Capricorn on character and work:

  • responsibility, dedication, open ambition: even without being bosses, they behave like  status important people;
  • hatred of envious people who make fun of thier ambitions or mistakes: revenge will not be long in coming;
  • ability to work under any circumstances and in the most difficult conditions, even in a hospital or prison;
  • attachment to the office, table, any tools of creativity, unwillingness to share them with other people, especially since the choice of interior and improvised accessories is always of the best quality and if they are spoiled, long-term frustration is guaranteed;
  • the ability to achieve tremendous success in the shortest possible time, both independently and to bring everyone to Olympus;
  • fantasy is poorly developed, goes the beaten path, does not hover in the clouds, but looks at things soberly, however, if Neptune is in water signs, exceptions are possible.

Owners of the 6th house in Capricorn should be patient and not expect a quick career takeoff. The karmic scenario assumes that success will come in adulthood. Saturn will test the ward for strength in matters of career and health, expecting humility, hard work and punctuality.

Disease predisposition

Even a child with a 6th house in Capricorn resignedly follows the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor. An adult also does not engage in amateur activities, completely trusting medical diagnoses and prescriptions. The problem is the sluggish nature of the disease, which is why the beginning of treatment occurs at a late stage of the disease.

Such individuals suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of strength after intense work, depression, weakness, and only then realize that these are symptoms of the underlying problem. The main enemy of six-house Capricorns is cold and dampness. The main diseases of this sector:

  • bronchial asthma, ARVI, pneumonia, bronchitis with severe cough, tuberculosis;
  • stones and sand in the kidneys, gall and bladder, salt deposits, osteochondrosis, gout, adhesions;
  • vasoconstriction, impaired blood pressure, anemia, constipation;
  • dysplasia of the hip joints, rickets, curvature of the spine in childhood, osteoporosis in old age;
  • problems with teeth: sensitive enamel, softness of enamel, up to crumbling into pieces, periodontal disease;
  • lack of flexibility of the spine, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Even knowing the main organs of Saturn, which obviously suffer with negative aspects from Mars, Pluto and the Moon, it is sometimes difficult to make a diagnosis, because the planet of order participates in all body processes and is especially pronounced in old age, when the usual scoliosis suddenly becomes a hump.

Elaboration of the 6th house in Capricorn

People with the 6th house in the sign of Capricorn should devote a lot of time and attention to developing joint flexibility. This will require regular yoga, qigong, pilates classes under the guidance of a trainer. It is worth taking a break and the body again returns to a stiff, stiff state, so daily practices cannot be stopped.

Heavy physical activity is contraindicated if it is not digging a garden and field work. Contact with the earth is healing for the six-house Capricorn. If Saturn is quite harmonious, without multiple defeats, then religious fasts, medical fasting, dousing with water will be very effective (it is important to remember that ice-cold liquid is dangerous and they need to start with warm).

Animals of noble breeds with a dark color are shown astrologically, which will be a kind of totemic protection against diseases. Black cats, dogs, horses do an excellent job.

For career success, owners of the 6th house in Capricorn need blue sapphires, amethysts, black diamonds, jet, obsidians. Health will be protected by dark red garnets and almandine.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 6th House in Capricorn:


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