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Opposition Sun – Ascendant. Healing with applause

Opposition symbolizes internal conflict, inability to apply mutually exclusive aspirations and desires. To achieve success, which is blocked by an aspect, you will have to negotiate not with external enemies, but with yourself.

With the conflict between the Sun and the Ascendant, it is difficult to realize professionally and be sincere for fear of not meeting the high expectations of the father at the beginning of life, later the boss and society as a whole.

If the Sun is included in the opposition , then the native is faced with the need to adapt to the expectations of society, to inscribe himself the present, as he is according to the sign of the Ascendant, into social responsibilities and service, if the daylight is in the 6th house . When the main star of the horoscope is in the 7th sector , the need to adjust or find a mutually beneficial compromise with marriage and business partners, and sometimes with enemies, but always through internal changes in outlook, behavior, and verbal expression of emotions comes to the fore.

Dangers of opposition Sun – Ascendant

A person is afraid of loneliness, but communication is also a field of competition. Getting acquainted with nice people, the native is afraid that they may be more successful, educated, charming, and strives to prove in every possible way that he is not worse. In reality, it turns out not friendship, but competition, who is better, and potential friends become rivals or simply exclude the arrogant from the social circle.

But in reality, it’s just a fear of rejection. If you remove it, then the bearer of the Sun – Ascendant opposition will turn out to be a surprisingly courteous, sensitive and understanding person. Most often, in childhood, his leadership qualities were suppressed by an overbearing father, who saw in the child a potential competitor in terms of the attention of his wife or his own business in the future. But it is in the ability to lead people with you and to reveal the potential of the organizer vividly that healing lies. The conflict consists in the opposition of the true essence in the ascending sign and the desire to express oneself in the Sun, therefore it is much softer in people with the Ascendant in Aries , Leo and Sagittarius , and greatly spoils the life of the owners of 1 house in the signs of water. The main problems of the opposition:

  • painful need for compliments and approval of parents, friends, bosses;
  • indecision, resentment, fixation on appearance and self-improvement;
  • instability in front of flattery, exposure to other people’s influence, including hypnosis;
  • a person does not seem to be who he is: a leader with a fear of public speaking or a shy quiet man who secretly runs his own company through shady ways;
  • reduced immunity to viral infections in opposition to the 6th house: pneumonia, tuberculosis, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and ARVI are likely;
  • a constant repetition of the situation when you need to humbly negotiate with your father, husband or higher official, suppressing anger and resentment.

If the Sun is in the 6th house, working relationships will be especially important, and success in a career will be a confirmation of his solvency for a person. A native needs to prove to his “I” first of all that he is able to work harmoniously in a team, although at first it will be difficult to feel at ease there due to shyness or children’s complexes.

Love and partnership with opposition Sun – Ascendant

The main problem for men and women with such opposition is a sense of personal inferiority without a strong union, both in business and in marriage. For them, documenting the relationship is important. Official registration symbolizes that a loved one or business partner belongs to them completely and forever. For the same reason, they will endure the difficulties and scandalous antics of the satellite to the last, so as not to destroy the illusion of unity.

The owners of the opposition Sun – Ascendant, being in a subordinate position, do not leave their hateful position for a long time if the star is in the 6th house. Friends and spouses play a huge role in Sector 7 position. Due to insecurity and fear of loneliness, the native often makes the wrong choice, just to feel unity in marriage, to pour out the accumulated love on someone who is ready to accept and reciprocate. This is especially true for women with a domineering and authoritarian father with the Ascendant in the signs of earth and water.

Harmonization of opposition Sun – Ascendant

The first point of a problem-solving plan is realizing your own worth, giving up resentment, envy and fear of not being liked. Competition should be replaced by cooperation, agreeing with your own mind to see strong and interesting people not as rivals, but as teachers and companions for a common cause. Working in partnership gives owners of the Sun-Ascendant opposition the desired self-confidence, as they feel the support of another person.

The good news is that all psychological and financial problems are easily solved, it is worth contacting professional consultants or just talking heart to heart with friends. This is how the potential of the opposition force works, especially if the 7th house is involved. If the 6th sector is affected, you will be lucky in the treatment: smart and caring doctors are always met by the native.

Correctly selected talisman stones will help harmonize the opposition Sun – Ascendant. To reveal personal power, the following are suitable: diamond , zircon , citrine , amber , emerald , sun stone and brown aventurine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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