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Saturn-Neptune Sextile. A dreamer with a practical grip

Sextile brings a lot of favorable opportunities to the native’s life, necessary for the realization of karmic tasks. The peculiarity is in disclosing potential through creativity, even if you have to work hard and monotonously. This principle is well known to the owners of the Saturn-Neptune sextile, who know how to manage a rich and violent fantasy through self-discipline and direct it towards practical goals.

Intuition is reinforced with logic, and the severity of behavior disappears when it comes to personal creativity. At a low level, Saturn makes you pay attention to limitations and difficulties, and Neptune beckons to plunge into the rainbow world of illusions. This is worked through through prayer and meditation, which require a combination of concentration and inspiration, and the study of the particular aspect.

Pros and cons of Saturn-Neptune sextile

Fidelity to the moral principles gleaned in the family and compassion for the unfortunate determine the character of the native. However, this is not an enthusiastic dreamer. The person gives the impression of a cool philosopher in communication, who cannot be led astray. He knows how to stand up for his interests and beliefs, arguing the advantages of a personal creative concept, and will not panic over harsh criticism.

Instead, it will once again carefully review the project at the time of the flaws and improve it. Interested in magic, parapsychology and the power of reason, the owner of the Saturn-Neptune sextile will not advertise psychic abilities, but will participate in restoring the principles of justice and solving secret cases (for example, in detective investigations) incognito. It is important for him to feel like a superhero in a mask, saving the world. When planning a career and personal life, the native is also not inclined to advertise his intentions and often surprises loved ones.

Strengths and weaknesses of Saturn-Neptune sextile:

  • imagination is guided by logic and is concentrated in a purposeful stream for practical use: writing a book, article, creating paintings, films;
  • ambition and ambition, the ability to learn from one’s experience and take responsibility for actions;
  • high self-control combined with keen intuition and focus on specific matters;
  • mercy is shown not by emotions, but by practical actions – the organization of humanitarian aid, charity concerts;
  • passion for mystical riddles, the desire to get into a secret society and gain access to classified materials;
  • intuition and extrasensory perception are used for a practical purpose: in healing or playing on stock exchanges, at a low level – for winning in a casino;
  • warm contacts with the older generation: they adopt experience and implement it in modern technologies;
  • in the negative – fraud and deception for personal gain, which destroys karmically.

Wearers of sextile need to eradicate passivity and slowness. The habit of thinking about a strategy is good in moderation. With damaged planets, there is a risk of staying on the coast and watching the successes of the more daring.

Sextile Saturn-Neptune in a love relationship

Men and women with the Saturn-Neptune sextile tend to fall in love with like-minded people who share their secret hobbies for mysticism, karma, and Eastern healing directions. Spiritual and emotional community is important for them, while the material security of the chosen one does not matter. They understand how rarely there is a person who understands their feelings, with whom you can talk openly, throwing off the social mask, and therefore will not let him go, even if he is a poor musician.

Owners of the Saturn-Neptune sextile love to materialize the dreams of the chosen one. They clearly remember the dropped words about desires, combine them into a coherent image and present it on a silver platter. Sometimes their companions are even frightened by the accuracy of the execution of the enigma. If a woman mentions that she loves flowers, then the native will not just buy her a bouquet to her taste, but find out her preferences from her relatives or view photographs of the past, but will calculate and present her favorite forget-me-nots or lilacs.

Carriers of the Saturn-Neptune sextile like to educate and educate their chosen ones in a creative way, to acquaint them with unknown aspects of art, to structure their own works in their own way. In this regard, they show dictatorial inclinations, believing that they are better versed in the criteria of taste and fashion. Therefore, as a marriage partner, they are more suitable for a practical person, a contemplator, but not an art creator.

Sextile Saturn-Neptune in a child

The aesthetic development of children with the Saturn-Neptune sextile is greatly influenced by the personality of the father. With the harmonious position of the planet of power, the father spends a lot of time with the baby, reads fairy tales, takes to music and drawing lessons, perhaps he himself is related to creativity, and in the future the child continues his work. With evil Saturn, the owner of a sextile from childhood is forced to defend his ideals, hide his true thoughts, sometimes lie and dodge in order to save what is dear. Success in the art line will soften the attitude of the parents and give rise to pride in the child.

Strengthening an aspect with stones

To strengthen the beneficial energies of the planets with the help of natural stones, it is worth paying attention to Saturn, especially if it is in the signs of Aries and Leo . Jewelry with black onyx and quartz , obsidian and hematite will support it. To strengthen Neptune in this aspect, it is safe to wear amethyst , turquoise and serpentine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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