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Venus in the 10th house

Venus, being a good luminary, brings great luck to a person if he is in any of the corner houses of the horoscope. If the luminary is located in the 10th house , which is responsible for a person's career and self-realization, then this gives the native not only luck in business, but also success.

The 10th house symbolizes the superiors, and the presence of the planet of sympathy and harmony in it brings the location of the authorities to the native. Often the owner of Venus in the 10th house is promoted, given help and support in the performance of his duties, with due attention to his business ideas, projects and proposals.

Features of the character, behavior of a person and his aspirations

The owner of Venus in the 10th house makes a positive impression on others. He is smiling, has natural grace, polite and benevolent. In order to create a spectacular image of a successful person, the native carefully selects his clothes and jewelry, and also regularly visits beauty salons. Such people, as a rule, take part in photo shoots with pleasure and have a rich collection of their portraits.

In most cases, such people choose a job to their liking. This approach helps them to achieve heights in the business they love. Human activities can be associated with the beauty industry and the arts. The owner of the horoscope can be successful in legal, commercial and consulting activities. The sign of the zodiac in which Venus stands is important, as well as the aspects that it forms with other planets.

Venus, zodiac signs and aspects

The greatest career heights are reached by people who have an essentially strong Venus in the 10th house. It could be Venus in Taurus , in Libra, or in Pisces . The luminary, moreover, must be richly aspected. Harmonious interactions with other planets will give you good chances and ample opportunities on the professional path, and tense aspects will spur you to overcome difficulties and achieve the impossible.

Venus in earth signs (in Virgo , in Taurus , in Capricorn ), as well as in some water signs, will report success in applied activities (sewing, leather goods, etc.), in construction, gardening, in financial sciences.

Venus in the signs of Air ( Venus in Libra or Gemini ) inclines towards literary and journalistic activities. The native can be successful in negotiating and signing agreements. If the planet is in Aquarius , then this is conducive to engaging in both intellectual and creative activities (for example, web design).

Venus in fire signs (in Sagittarius , in Leo and in Aries ) will report success in sports, in organizing social and cultural events (holidays, entertainment, competitions, etc.). Such a person can succeed in modeling and show business.


Venus in the 10th house of a man

The owner of the horoscope is interested in partnership and marriage. He strives for a strong and stable relationship. He is attracted to women who are socially realized, serious and who know their own worth.

Sometimes the spouse may be superior in age and social status. Acquaintance with a soul mate can take place at work or in the line of duty.

Venus in the 10th house of a woman

If Venus in a woman's radix is ​​in the 10th house, then she is distinguished by high ambition and determination. As a rule, she considers it important for herself to achieve success not only in her personal life, but in her chosen profession.

Such a woman has good taste and is versed in art. In personal and business relationships, she creates order, stability and balance.

Lilia Garipova


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