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Scorpio – characteristic of the sign


Scorpio - characteristic of the signSign period : (October 24 – November 22)
Planet :
Mars, Pluto
Sign property:
stable, constant, fixed

is the most mysterious and incomprehensible sign of the zodiac for others. The characteristic of Scorpios says that among them you can find great humanists, and complete egoists, materialists and romantics, owners of colossal intelligence and very stupid people. Only one thing is always known: next to this sign, you need to be careful and careful, since its actions are difficult to predict.

Scorpios are very independent in all aspects. Sometimes they are cruel and cynical. According to the characteristics, Astrologers distinguish several types of Scorpions. Poisonous Scorpios are known for stinging their prey badly with an elaborate offensive phrase. Such people are usually vindictive and suspicious. Noble Scorpios are fair and reasonable. In addition, there are also “gray lizards”. This type is distinguished by a weak character, usually such Scorpios quietly hate, but on occasion they can even cling to the one who sincerely supported them.

Scorpio - characteristic of the sign

Scorpio man – characteristics

The Scorpio man, although he gives the impression of a cold cynic, is torn apart from the inside by the emotions raging in him. He is very passionate and constantly strives for excellence in everything, be it just the decor of the room or his whole life.

The characteristic of the Scorpio man testifies to his unique natural magnetism, to enormous internal energy. In addition, many feel how strongly that person's intuition is developed. He seems to penetrate the mind and extract from there exactly what he needs.

Marrying a Scorpio means shouldering a huge responsibility. As a rule, this man does not tolerate objections expressed in a harsh form. The characteristic of a Scorpio man speaks of a high level of intellectual development and a tendency to find charm in philosophical reasoning. He is really interested in reasoning concerning the theme of the universe.

Among the negative aspects that determine its nature, one can single out a tendency to excess in food, alcohol and sex. Intimacy for Scorpio is so important that at times his sensuality spills out, like sparkling wine from a glass.

Scorpio's desire to go to the end in everything concerns his relationship with others. A man in love Scorpio is ready to follow his chosen one to the ends of the world and it does not matter if she reciprocates. As a friend, Scorpio is as loyal and reliable as you can imagine. But it is better not to become the enemy of this person – in the fight against the ill-wisher, Scorpio is ready for anything.

The characteristic of the dual nature of the Scorpio man makes him unpredictable. This person rarely gives others a smile, but when this happens, it is a completely sincere manifestation of friendliness.

The Scorpio man is perhaps the only representative of the zodiacal circle who can boast of such an incredible balance of intellectual and emotional principles.

Having married, Scorpio will immediately give his wife a clear idea of ​​who is the master in their family. However, this does not detract from the power that Scorpio is ready to furiously direct to protect his loved ones. Next to him, any woman will be like a stone wall. In addition, a loving Scorpio, despite his domineering manners, will be very gentle and caring with his wife.

Scorpio woman – characteristic

A woman born under the sign of Scorpio is beautiful and feminine, but at the same time has a powerful inner strength. She is very attractive and sexy, and a rare man will not notice this. Lady Scorpio lives and rests with taste, enjoying life and communication with people.

Scorpio - characteristic of the signThe characteristic of the Scorpio woman indicates that this lady is very wise, and her wisdom literally borders on cunning. Being by nature a dominant in relations with a man, she can so skillfully disguise her strong character behind expressive femininity and elegance that her partner will never guess in her life that his chosen one is actually commanding.

The Scorpio woman makes high demands on her future husband. He must be smart, strong in character, endowed with external attractiveness and a great degree of masculinity. This lady will immediately feel her man thanks to her highly developed intuition and will do everything possible to achieve his location. She usually does it well.

In addition, the characteristic of Scorpio women speaks of her cleanliness, love of money, or rather the opportunities that they give, as well as moderate severity in relations with children. This lady is rather arrogant towards those around her, since she respects only the most powerful and purposeful people.

Scorpio sexual compatibility

In his younger years, it is best for Scorpio to enter into a relationship with Cancer or Pisces , since they are related by emotionality. Later, Scorpio will find his happiness in the arms of Capricorn or Virgo , as he is impressed by their determination. After forty years, this representative of the water element will want to see a partner next to him, with whom they will find a common desire for intellectual improvement – these are, as a rule, the signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius .


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