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Square Mars – Ascendant – in war as in war

The tension of quadrature translates into conflicts with others, with oneself, and most importantly, with society, especially when the confrontation is along the line of the Ascendant, personifying social success and demeanor in public. Given that Mars is considered a harmful planet, provoking fights, protracted wars and the emergence of enemies, the path of a native up the career ladder and relations with people will not be easy.

If the red planet is in a harmonious position, outbursts of aggression will be rare, mainly in the area of ​​affairs of the house and the sign where it stands, and in part affecting the Ascendant sector . In the case of an afflicted Mars, care must be taken all life, developing diplomacy, control over emotions, willpower and endurance. The key to a quiet life is the ability to yield, move away from danger, transforming negative outbursts of feelings through sports and creativity into the driving force of success.

Influence of the square of Mars – Ascendant on fate

With many bad aspects and quadratures, a tendency towards violent problem-solving methods has been observed since childhood. In his youth, he is an inveterate bully, forcing the whole district to obey. If the horoscope is good – the oppositionist, always arguing and defending his ideas of justice.

Methods of fighting evil may not be better than crimes, in any case, if Mars is in fire signs, the native goes into a frontal attack, becoming enraged by the resistance of the enemy, which leads to injuries, gunshot wounds, burns and even murder through negligence.

It is necessary to take care of the head and jaw, as fractures in these areas during fights are common in the Mars-Ascendant square. With the position of the red planet in water and earth signs, a person is more calculating and takes revenge on enemies, having thought out sophisticated offensive tactics, using it also for social advancement. It is dangerous to have it in enemies.

By nature, carriers of the aspect are incredibly energetic and capable of becoming commanders-in-chief both in the army and in business, but an unnecessarily violent temperament causes total collapse. You need to know the main dangers of the Mars-Ascendant square in order to know what to work with:

  • irascibility, aggressiveness, impulsiveness of decisions lead to mistakes and destruction of relations;
  • inattention, haste, envy of calmer and more responsible people;
  • tactlessness, sharp straightforwardness, rude humor, entering into a conflict with half a turn;
  • the habit of quarreling, breaking contacts without understanding, and throwing accusations without evidence;
  • the thirst for competition and victory over an opponent at any cost includes uncontrolled aggression;
  • conflicts with the authorities and difficulties with education in the position of Mars in the 3rd and 10th houses ;
  • respect and sympathy for people with criminal inclinations and a rude character, friendship with whom ultimately brings problems for the native.

People with a square in the horoscope are rarely loved if the aspect is not worked out. They possess a huge amount of energy, but they do not know how to dispose of this karmic capital. Hence the subconscious hostility of others and enemies literally out of nowhere.

Love and marriage squared Mars – Ascendant

It is much more difficult for women to cope with the imbalance of the warlike planet and the rising sign. In personal relationships, this is manifested in falling in love with aggressive abuser, competition with which spurs their sexual fantasies and creates the illusion of eternal struggle, but results in mutual humiliation, battles and violent short-term truces.

A girl with a square Mars – Ascendant feels like a man inside, therefore she perceives the stronger sex as rivals and fights with them for a place in the sun, forgetting about female weapons: diplomacy, gentleness, coquetry. Most men do not perceive her as a future wife, and a stormy temperament scares off potential fans. A strong Venus will help you find happiness in marriage, but it won’t do without conflict.

The stronger sex also has problems in relationships due to incontinence and rudeness. Carrier of the square Mars – Ascendant cannot stand independent and independent women, striving to be the master in the family. For insubordination, he can easily hit on the neck consciously or in a state of passion, which he will later regret. Violence is inherent in its nature, so you need to handle it very carefully and in no case make it angry. Women with fiery Venus are strongly discouraged to marry him.

Elaboration of the square Mars – Ascendant

The complex aspect is being worked out through sports first of all. An element of collective competition is needed: football, basketball, hockey, water polo, since one-on-one, on the contrary, awakens aggression. Vigorous activity with intense stress, as well as running, walking, shooting, juggling with fire, jumping into the water as a hobby neutralize excess stress. Shows a change of activity, frequent travel.

The second important condition for working out the Mars – Ascendant square is the development of diplomacy, friendliness, humility, meekness. It is recommended to visit the church weekly, read prayers, talk with a psychologist. Respect for men, instead of seeking to win and humiliate, will save women’s privacy. Talismans made from natural stones will help develop the necessary qualities. The choice depends on the element of the sign where Mars stands:

fireruby , almandine , hyacinth;

waterscarlet coral , hematite ;

earthred agate , jasper , carnelian ;

airstrawberry quartz , cubic zirconia of red hues.

The setting for these stones should be chosen from steel, white gold and brass, and it is better to wear them as earrings or a ring on the index and ring fingers.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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