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Saturn Square – MC (Midheaven). Fighting loneliness

Saturn is considered a source of obstacles and difficulties, overcoming which, a person grows spiritually and receives undeniable rewards over time. Even the planet itself the order is the basis for study and transformation of internal systems, as well as a part of the square with Meridian Midheaven exacerbates the climb career.

The carriers of the aspect will be helped by the harmonious connections of Venus , Jupiter , Mercury , as well as the strong positions of the 5th and 10th houses . In this case, it will be easier to cope with Saturnian melancholy and quadrature complexes. But there will still be obstacles in study and career. First of all, this is due to the nature of the native, his fears and fears of breaking the rules, many of which exist only in the imagination. But leaving everything as it is, a person will take the karmic baggage of problems into the next life, so they need to be solved now.

Dangers of square Saturn – MC

A native is a serious and hyperresponsible person who respects the law, rigor and discipline. With the predominance of the elements of the earth in the 1, 5, 10 houses and the position of Saturn in the signs of Capricorn and Virgo in the horoscope , these qualities determine the personality completely, creating the image of an unsociable and arrogant professor. It is easier for the carriers of the planet to have order in air and fire signs: they are not so constrained by conventions.

However, in matters of professional realization, the owner of the square is intuitively inclined to work and study alone, believing that only on his own he can take into account all the details and give a perfect result. If the Moon and Neptune are not in water symbols, empathy is low, making it difficult to cooperate and express personal sympathy.

The owners of the Saturn – MC square consider the world to be unfair and cruel. Their firm conviction: success can only be achieved by hard and honest work, so the rapid rise of frivolous talented rivals is perceived as a personal tragedy. Jealousy and inability to change themselves are damaging to their health. Failures in the profession are directly reflected in psychosomatic diseases of the skeletal system and teeth, therefore it is important to study all the nuances of the influence of the square on fate:

  • a sober mind suppresses fantasies, a rigid moral code gives rise to sexual complexes or a sense of superiority over other people;
  • fear of a creative approach to work, fear of criticism or ridicule from others, the habit of playing by the rules of the company;
  • an increased sense of self-importance and a weak sense of humor: a person does not adequately perceive jokes and harbors revenge;
  • tough policy in the position of chief, punishment of dissidents with a ruble, dismissal for minor mistakes;
  • professional success is difficult, people do not appreciate or do not see the titanic efforts invested in the business;
  • shyness, self-doubt, tongue-tied (if Mercury is weak), fear of public speaking and self-presentation;
  • internal restrictions on the right to wealth, comfort, pleasure from friendship and love, the desire to become a superman.

It is vital for the owners of the Saturn-MC square to feel professional realization. Only success and a sense of the results of their work, awards and prizes reconcile them with the imperfection of the world around them, give an inner core for resisting troubles.

Personal relationships

The native grew up in a harsh Spartan atmosphere. One of the parents adhered to the principles of strict upbringing according to the regime, with strict observance of the requirements of discipline. More often than not, emotional warmth in the relationship was also absent.

With additional negative connections with the 12th house, it is possible to grow up in state-owned houses: a boarding school, a hospital, and even a prison. In any case, the first stage in the formation of a personality will be overcoming these obstacles, even if professional psychotherapy is required.

Having discovered the unspent resources of emotionality and having learned how to correctly and dosed express feelings, satisfying the need to create beauty, the native will easily become an indispensable employee and sensitive leader, capable of organizing any number of subordinates. The family will also have difficulties without this. The undeveloped square of Saturn-MS encourages us to perceive family events and communication with loved ones as a burden that interferes with professional success. A native is a workaholic, married to his job, but without balance with his personal life, happiness will not be complete.

Elaboration of the square of Saturn – MC

To harmonize the aspect, self-isolation should be avoided. The periods of loneliness necessary for self-improvement and meditation practices should not be prolonged. Without communication with peers, and not only elderly people who help the native with advice, connection with reality goes away and difficulties arise with the right choice.

It is necessary to learn to cooperate, to build relationships based on feelings of sympathy, and not only for the sake of practical benefits. Sometimes, to speed up professional implementation, you will have to leave the parental home early.

The owners of the square of Saturn – Midheaven achieve success not only in business, accounting, science, medicine and linguistics, but also in creative directions, an example of which are the director Luc Besson and the actors Brandon Fraser, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck. It is thanks to their inner rushes and experiences that they are able to create multifaceted images in cinema.

Perfect squaring goes through sports that require intense training and focus, such as tennis and shooting.

Jewelry with natural stones such as tanzanite, lapis lazuli and amethyst will help to find inner balance .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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