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Planets without aspects or planets in a mine

When the owners of the natal chart discover a planet without aspects in their horoscopes, they worry why it happened and what it means. This situation really deserves special attention, because without the support of major aspects, the planet becomes unpredictable and it is extremely difficult to control its influence. It acquires the features of Uranus: hypertrophied and suddenly manifests itself in behavior and influences the choice of its owners, and then falls asleep for a long time, and then people forget that they could freely use talents and abilities in its sphere of influence.

Of course, the very presence of a planet in one sign or another is an application for success and development, but aspects combine its strength with other areas of the horoscope, supporting and enriching them with new events and psychological shades. Without this, the planet is lonely, and sometimes the individuals with such a position of the planet have no desire to turn on its energy. It is no coincidence that the second name of the position without aspects is the planet in the mine. However, it can become an incredibly powerful platform for dizzying success if people consciously approach the disclosure of its features.

Special nuances of the planets without aspects

On the other hand, our planet is not struck by the negative aspects that complicate life and create unnecessary obstacles on the way to what we want. They do not help, but they do not prevent the planet from manifesting itself separately, independently, although absolutely unpredictably. The weakness and strength of the position depends on many factors.

The main features of the planets without aspects:

  • the absence of the main major aspects: conjuction, trine, sextile, square and opposition, although for the purity of interpretation it is still necessary to exclude quincunxes and other minor aspects;
  • the acquisition by the planet of the features of Uranus, this can be tracked by the theme of the house, how unpredictably its energy is turned on in a number of events in this sphere;
  • weak manifestation in prognostic interpretations: the planet often does not give the eventfulness that the astrologer predicts, because it behaves unpredictably.

The problem is that without the control of the will on the part of the owner of the chart, the planet goes into the negative. For example, Saturn in Leo without aspects literally squeezes the heart, thirsting for entertainment and creativity. The owners of the horoscope feel like  violators of the labor regime and they themselves limit their rest, shopping, any creative actions, although no one forces them to do this.

However, the same Saturn suddenly turns on and encourages people to systematically and uncontrollably bring their creative plans to life, like Pushkin, isolated in Boldino during an epidemic and creating many beautiful works in a short time.

The difficulty is that repeating such a feat at will will no longer work. The planet without aspects turns on suddenly.

Manifestations of planets without aspects in the fate of man

Any changes and events occur through communication with other people. The isolation of the planet makes it prickly and sharp, its ward do not know a sense of proportion and make many mistakes. This is an Achilles’ heel and a magic button at the same time, but people need to know what to expect from a particular planet, depending on their manifestation.

Sun without aspects

People with such a position of the planet are independent, stubborn individual farmers. They themselves make decisions, lead people, not thinking about their ambitions and desires, or ignore other people’s orders and act in their own way. Such men and women attract partners due to strong Venus, Moon, Mars, but it is unrealistic to build cooperation or a family with them. It is especially difficult with women, they do not allow their spouse to be more important, they do not listen to his opinion. Failure to respect the opinion of a partner leads to loneliness.


Moon without aspects

The emotions of the owners of the horoscope  are suppressed, or they arise only if events occur that concern them personally. Other people do not cause strong feelings. Indifference to the experiences and desires of the wife and mother, children’s fantasies and emotions make the native indifferent and sometimes even cruel. The man believes that the wife should be a servant, and the girl with the Moon without aspects does not have a special need for motherhood, or there may be problems with pregnancy.


Mercury without aspects

Men and women with such a planet deny learning through someone else’s experience and knowledge. They go their own way, checking everything on personal experience. Their minds are closed from notations and suggestions, which makes them either limited losers or  brilliant writers and scientists.


Venus without apsects

The absence of aspects closes the sense perception from the tastes and values of other people. The owners of such a planet do not care what they think about their appearance, they themselves choose the style, image, direction in creativity and a comfortable level of finance. These are independent and bright artists, designers, actors, businessmen with an original approach to their work.


Mars without apsects

The owners of Mars without aspects believe that no one can do better than them and drag the whole heap of things on themselves. Such individuals reject the help of other people, criticize it, devalue it, extol their skill and workaholism, even if objectively they do little, for example, when Mars is in Taurus or Pisces. A strong planet makes people the masters of their craft, but with a scruffy, absurd character.


Jupiter without aspects

The individuals with such a planet without aspects are their own teachers, confessors and a source of wisdom. They do not listen to other people’s advice, reject financial support, creating their own teaching and business from scratch.


Saturn without aspects

The owners of the natal chart do not care about the rules of other people, they will never allow others to limit themselves, they will not bend under the habits, tastes and conventions of society, existing in their own mode of affairs and concerns.


Uranus without aspects

The owners of Uranus without aspects are proud of their  uniqueness and odiousness, turning flaws into virtues or annoying others with arrogance and tactlessness. They are either  innovators or  destroyers, but they themselves are often unable to defend themselves from chaos in their personal lives.


Neptune without aspects

The owners of the chart deny miracles, divine help, religion, the influence of art on the soul and believe only in facts and evidence-based theories. At the same time, personal fantasies are quite real for them and do not require argumentation.


Pluto without aspects

People with such a planet without aspects are  fisted opportunists, closed from change and transformation. They avoid any new experience and impressions, deprive themselves of the opportunity to change their fate for the better, but do not conflict with the authorities, thanks to which they survive in any situation.


If the level of development of the owners of the natal chart is high, then thanks to the planet without aspects, they can show the highest class of mastery to the world, without fear allowing themselves to be different from everyone else,  innovators,  transformers and role models.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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