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Sextile Mars – Ascendant. Musketeers of the king, to battle!

The most promising auspicious aspect of a horoscope mitigates the negative effects of Mars by connecting a traumatic and explosive planet with an ascending sign that affects social success. The positive qualities of a militant alliance come to the fore: determination, purposefulness, courage and justice. If the Ascendant is in fire signs, then the bright charisma and enthusiasm of active actions in the movement towards the goal simply cannot go unnoticed.

There will be enemies, but they too have a secret admiration for the native, recognizing him as a worthy rival. Straightforwardness and unwillingness to lie, even to the detriment of their own interests, cause sympathy and a desire to help such a sincere and fearless person. By nature, powerful immunity and good health help out in disasters and in war, which the bearer of the horoscope may face if there are negative aspects with Uranus and Pluto.

Influence of Sextile Mars – Ascendant on destiny

Purposefulness, hard work, endurance and bold creativity help to achieve success in any chosen activity. The native is especially impressed by sports, military affairs, business, politics, because it is here that he can show a leadership principle and loudly declare himself. Glory, recognition of the uniqueness of personality and commanding abilities will always be a priority for both men and women with this aspect.

The house and sign, where Mars and the Ascendant are located , show with the help of which qualities of character and external circumstances it is easier to achieve the desired. If sectors 3 and 9 are affected, then good luck awaits in traveling, communicating with teachers, in the learning process, in car racing. 7 and 8 at home – creativity is revealed in a team, with the support of a team, in tandem with a spouse, 10 – with higher education and as a boss.

Other characteristic signs of the Mars – Ascendant sextile, affecting appearance and fate:

  • red complexion or cheeks flashing easily with a blush, red hair, eye capillaries often burst with overexertion;
  • women with this aspect, being for example fair-haired or brown-haired, prefer to dye their hair in red shades;
  • irascibility, emotionality, dedication to the chosen cause and spiritual ideals;
  • exactingness to other people and to yourself, success comes in a team, loneliness is contraindicated;
  • lovers of challenges and competitions, it is easy to take on the weak and get involved in an extreme adventure;
  • unrestrained courage, a desire to perform feats and good deeds, to restore justice;
  • loyalty in friendship and love, good relations with children, they most often have sons.

Thanks to the positive energy of the sextile, the astrological predisposition of the Mars-Ascendant connection to injuries and burns to the face and head is softened. There may be dangerous situations, but something always saves. The stone touches on a tangent, the close person leads away from the blow, the fire barely scorches the skin. However, caution with electricity and firearms is helpful.

Love and marriage with sextile Mars – Ascendant

Interestingly, regardless of gender, the native prefers to be friends and work with men. Women choose an atypical profession involving cooperation with the stronger sex: military and sports medicine, law enforcement, the Ministry of Emergencies, firefighting. They also behave independently and rudely, ignoring the stereotypes of society, which does not diminish the number of fans who admire their independence, passion and adherence to principles.

They get married early, but in marriage it is difficult because of the unwillingness to play a second role and devote themselves to the home. Active work, love for extreme sports and sports are the three pillars of the native’s world, with which he will not part even for love.

A man with a sextile Mars – Ascendant radiates the charisma of a superhero, intelligent, strong and fair. He is looking for true love, and above beauty he values ​​fidelity, courage and an active life position of the chosen one. Sexual compatibility is also important for both sexes. They do not accept kept women, although they are generous by nature, but they will not tolerate infantile opportunists who want to live at their expense.

Strengthening sextile Mars – Ascendant with talisman stones

Despite the softening effect of the sextile itself, in the presence of negative aspects from Uranus, you need to bypass electrical devices and choose dates for flights together with an astrologer. If threatening arrows come from Pluto , it is better to avoid crowds of warlike people, the crowd carries potential danger. It is especially important to follow these recommendations when unpleasant incidents have already occurred. This means that the protection of the Mars-Ascendant sextile has weakened and will continue to get worse. Stones-talismans corresponding to the elements in which the red planet stands will help to restore positive energy:

fireruby , hematite , obsidian , red garnet , pyrite, sardonyx;

water –  red coral , black onyx , jaspilite, fire opal ;

earthheliotrope , carnelian , titanite, red jasper , brown garnet ;

airstrawberry quartz , red and watermelon tourmaline, carnelian .

Martian minerals enhance determination, courage, but at the same time help to be focused and avoid mistakes. It is better to set them in white gold or choose a simple metal – iron, cupronickel for semiprecious options. These jewelry should not be worn at high temperatures, injuries and fresh burns.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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