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Sextile Saturn – MC (Midheaven). The gift of patience

Since the Midheaven is the highest point in the horoscope, it symbolizes a place of fame and public honor. Choosing a profession along the lines of influence of the zodiac sign of the 10th house , where the Meridian of Medium Coeli passes, and the planets that give aspects to it , it is easy to win the hearts of fans, fulfill a karmic mission, get rich and enjoy the results of your fruitful work for many years.

Sector 10 is considered the patrimony of Capricorn, therefore, the beneficial influence of sextile with Saturn, his ruler, here is expressed in the innate ability to rule, restore justice, and invincible persistence in achieving the goal. Saturn does not give what you want easily, you will have to go through strength tests, but the result will last forever. An important tip along the way will be advice to continue the traditions of the ancestors.

Influence of sextile Saturn – MC on fate

The native’s advance is like climbing a high mountain, but this is not Sisyphean labor. Each stage on the way to the top is marked with increasing rewards and self-confidence. Sextile does not work all the time. You need to learn to feel or calculate with the help of an astrologer the time of his active inclusion.

The help of influential persons, the unexpectedly vacant high position, the need of the team for a leader during the crisis, will become the launching pad for future glory, but only in the case of careful preparation for this moment.

The owner of the Saturn sextile – MC is simply obliged to organize his day in the most efficient way, so that there is enough time to improve both the body and the intellect, as well as to communicate, in which at first it will not be easy to prove himself in all its splendor, especially if Saturn or the Midheaven is in signs of Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio or Pisces.

This is preparation for the moment of glory, the active action of the aspect, which works as a springboard. Without it, progress to the top of the mountain will be slow, and this will shorten the distance. Other important nuances of sextile:

  • discipline, physical and emotional endurance, stress resistance, planning ability, good sense of time, form, rhythm;
  • confidence in their ability to achieve their goals, but doubts about physical and emotional attractiveness;
  • strict code of justice, rules of conduct in society, conservatism of views;
  • the choice of profession is often determined by family traditions: hereditary doctors, judges, teachers, notaries, civil servants, sculptures and musicians;
  • patience, shyness, honesty and concern for subordinates;
  • difficulties in making friends and in personal life, if Saturn is in 3 or 11 houses ;
  • the belief that you can only succeed through hard work, saving on pleasures;
  • predisposition to political and military activities, if Mars is in fire signs or in the 1st house .

A person’s destiny is to understand their leadership talents and get rid of mind-limiting attitudes. It is important to develop the zones of influence of Mars and Venus , since the core of Saturn in self-discipline and patience is there, but often there is not enough excitement and creativity.

Personal relationships

The native’s ambition is hidden. Outwardly, he does not give the impression of an ambitious person, this pops up periodically in moments concerning his reputation and future career.

Sextile Saturn – The middle of the sky affects relationships indirectly. There are not many friends, but they are real, time-tested and passed fire and water together with the owner of the horoscope.

It is easier for the carriers of the 10th house in air signs, since here it is possible to streamline innate sociability and instead of a stream of endless contacts, there is an imperceptible selection of useful acquaintances in the native’s notebook. If the MC is in the element of fire, here it turns out to be unrestrained adherence to principles, when loved ones are not forgiven for the slightest mistake or mistake.

The most difficult thing for the owners of earth signs in the 10th house and the location of Saturn. Sextile provides them with a strong position in society and a career through favorable circumstances, chances bestowed from above, but they can secretly be in love with a colleague or boss, while being embarrassed to somehow express their feelings, except for favorable aspects with Venus.

Practical interaction with sextile Saturn – MC

It is important for carriers of the aspect to know that the planet of order will definitely arrange for them a strength test and test. On the one hand, an opportunity is given to show oneself as a top manager. On the other hand, there will be a certain obstacle that must be taken in order to be accepted by the team or the boss.

The same exams are to be held for the positions of a leader or commander. It is important to show the qualities of Saturn – patience, respect for elders, worldly wisdom and generosity.

Also, the aspect assumes that it is the native who will set the standards in the profession, form the external image of its representatives through his image, so the reputation must be impeccable.

It takes courage in public expression: speaking from the rostrum, communicating with the people, and the higher the position, the more creativity a disciplined pedantic person will need to maintain balance. Here he will be supported by talisman stones: blue sapphire , amethyst , purple spinel, charoite and obsidian .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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