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Trigon Saturn – Ascendant. Self-isolation lover

Trigon (trine) symbolizes good luck and support of higher powers throughout life, subject to the practical application of the talents given by the planets of the aspect. If an ascending sign is involved, you need to choose a profession and develop as a person in its directions, not forgetting that it is the strong qualities of the planet in the trigon that will help along this path.

Saturn is habitually associated with difficulties and limitations, but not in the case of the strongest favorable aspect of the horoscope. Here the native displays the best features of the planet of order: responsibility, punctuality, self-confidence, which favorably distinguishes him from the crowd, despite his natural modesty and restraint. Even if the Ascendant is in Aries , Leo or Sagittarius , a person will restrain impulses and think through the consequences of any word, while maintaining creative intensity and ambition.

Capabilities of the Saturn – Ascendant trine

Serious, disciplined and principled bearers of the aspect command the respect of both superiors and colleagues. They always keep their word, as a rule, are incorruptible, while trying to delve into the smallest nuances of the case and do everything in the best possible way. Ambitiousness is recognized and controlled here so as not to become a target for the envy and meanness of competitors. Wise Saturn manifests itself in intentional friendship with competitors instead of head-on rivalry, and this bears good results.

If the planet of order is in Libra, then the representatives of the trigone become wonderful diplomats and peacemakers, as well as fair judges.

The native will also show itself in the best way in professions that require diligence, attentiveness and patience: pedagogy, medicine, law, and if the Ascendant or Saturn is in the signs of Gemini and Aquarius , then in the field of media and literature. The elements of earth and fire will most likely involve the native in business and finance, but even there he will be prudent and cautious. For success, you need to consider other positive features of the trigon:

  • poise, decency, seriousness, discipline;
  • the father is a worthy, respected person, who from childhood taught the native to be responsible, to be a loyal comrade and to do everything clearly on time;
  • outwardly, the trine carrier looks younger than his peers, despite the seriousness and polite coldness, plus youthful thinness, photogenicity;
  • organizational talent, practical acumen, an innate sense of justice;
  • the ability to intuitively calculate a lie, resistance to stress, invulnerability to negative suggestions and threats;
  • addiction to useful activities, the development of which requires perseverance and attentiveness: exact sciences, music, gymnastics, acupuncture.

The flip side of the coin is excessive conservatism that appears with age. The native does not look for new paths and follows the old, beaten paths, which is why he loses his lucky opportunities and potential friends. An additional positive aspect with Uranus or the Ascendant in Aquarius will save .

Love and marriage with trigon Saturn – Ascendant

Personal dates, gifts and holidays don’t matter much for both men and women. They are not greedy, but they will gladly spend money on loved ones, buying a practical thing that will benefit the household, or clothes, but they do not understand the meaning of presenting a luxurious bouquet of flowers at a fabulous price or another decoration. Their style is strict and even somewhat boring, but the conservatism of views has a positive effect on family values.

Home is a fortress, fidelity to vows given at the altar or in the registry office, with a mutual warm feeling, is more valuable than shiny tinsel, because the owners of the Saturn-Ascendant trine will be honest and caring companions in life. That’s just romance, beautiful words and courtship from them can not wait. Therefore, their partners in love should be the wards of Venus and Mars in the signs of the earth.

The water element is also suitable if its representatives have enough financial support and fatherly care from the native. As a rule, such marriages happen the second time, when passions fade into the background, or in adulthood of both participants in the union.

Practical interaction with the trigon Saturn – Ascendant

The native loves to spend time alone, with the exception of the Ascendant in the signs of fire, but even then the best way to recuperate will be loneliness or pleasant physical activity: a gym, digging up earth in the country, harvesting. If Saturn and the ascending sign are in the element of air and water, then meditation and prayer practices will help cleanse the soul and relax. As a rule, a person has a close relationship with his father until a ripe old age, which brings him inner confidence and calmness.

If for some reason the relationship with the parent is far from ideal, it is necessary to help the elderly, to do charity work, and it is also important for women to cultivate respect for older men, discarding negative emotions.

It is advisable to choose a profession related to the restoration of justice and harmony of the physical body and soul: medicine, law enforcement and legislative systems, as well as working with numbers: accounting, economics, finance, life insurance.

Talismans made of natural stones will help to become more relaxed and open to the world: black and gray spinel, agate , onyx , sand jasper , jet . Jewelry combining obsidian with a tiger’s or gray cat’s eye will bring good luck.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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