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Trigon Saturn-Neptune. Sixth sense at the service of logic

Trigon (trine) is the most powerful and favorable aspect of the horoscope, uniting the planets standing in the same element, albeit in different sectors of the natal chart . Interestingly, even the antipodes form a fusion of their highest qualities, creating rare talents. The astrologer’s main gift to the native is an indication of these abilities in order to develop them. Then the support of the higher powers is provided until old age.

It is especially important to know this for the owners of the rare Saturn-Neptune trine. Heightened intuition and a sense of beauty exist in harmony with logic, discipline and a strict plan for achieving success. A vivid imagination in tandem with reason creates the talent of a true artist, transmitting information from the higher spheres to improve the modern world.

Possibilities of the Saturn-Neptune trigon

There is a small nuance: at a low level of development and with a workload of everyday problems, a person is unlikely to feel the magic of the aspect. If the 5th , 6th and 12th houses are affected , then the sixth sense literally leads the native to the right places at the right time. Such people are indispensable in intelligence, business and military service. Born lie detectors will not miss falsehood and traitors.

The ability to clothe the rich imagery of Neptune in the crisp forms of Saturn makes Trine bearers great photographers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, poets and dancers. They are subject to any genre, thanks to a clear vision of the algorithm for translating the beauty of heaven into earthly.

In business, they can anticipate benefits and calculate risks. They are cold-blooded financial exchange players and successful investors. Obstacles dissolve before the pressure and desire of such a person, especially if you develop the strengths of the Saturn-Neptune trigon:

  • organization, enthusiasm, daydreaming, hard work;
  • ambition, including scrupulousness in matters affecting reputation, the ability to stand up for their interests and beliefs;
  • continuity of the family moral code;
  • mastery of emotions: throw away the excitement, focusing on the main thing, and surrender to the flow of inspiration and passion at will;
  • addiction to solving secrets, riddles, joining secret organizations, hiding information about oneself;
  • compassion for those in trouble, the ability to quickly organize charitable assistance;
  • wealth and promotion through the sympathy and patronage of elders in age and social status.

Holders of the Saturn-Neptune trine are excellent tacticians and forecasters who can succeed both in the exact sciences, military affairs, and in creativity, for example, in music, and in the diplomatic service.

Love and marriage under the trigon Saturn-Neptune

Men and women with this aspect dream of strong and lasting love that lasts from youth to old age. This is possible given the favorable position of Venus and Mars, but even with negative aspects, painful dependence on relationships rarely occurs from these planets.

Holders of the Saturn-Neptune trine relieve disappointments and pain in creativity, creating masterpieces of music and painting, and freed from negativity, they are reborn. They are wonderful partners, loving, empathetic and striving for joint creative and spiritual development. Satellites with solar or rising signs in the elements of water and earth are suitable for them.

Thanks to their conspiratorial abilities, they can hide relationships on the side for a long time or even live in two families, if Chiron is in the 4th house . Several novels simultaneously manage to support carriers of the trine with Chiron in the 5th sector of the horoscope and, as a rule, these are representatives of bohemia. With a strong Saturn in the 7th house, the native is a loyal family man who carefully chooses a partner.

Practical interaction with the Saturn-Neptune trigon

Creating, even as a hobby, is vital to success and financial prosperity. Fantasy is directed towards practical problem solving. You need to follow high moral principles and communicate more often with old people. It is the elderly who will pass on to the native fateful information and valuable knowledge, which will later serve to enrich financially and spiritually.

The position of Saturn will show the professional affiliation of the patron, and Neptune will show the direction of creativity.

During his life, the native receives specific signs from higher powers, which makes it possible to understand whether good or evil will come to him as a result of choosing one of the paths. You should not get carried away with behind-the-scenes games and intrigue, even if it is good at it, in order to achieve personal goals. Neptunian talents can only be used to covertly confront enemies.

With the harmonious position of the planets, a person can make any dream come true, there are no barriers to this.

You can strengthen the magical effect of the trigon with the help of talisman stones. Decorations with serpentine , lapis lazuli , charoite, obsidian and adularia will help the native . If it is necessary to strengthen the weakened Saturn, then preference is given to blue sapphire , amethyst and jet . The energy of Neptune increases with constant contact of the owner of the horoscope with corals .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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