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Pisces – characteristic of the sign


Pisces - characteristic of the sign

Sign period : (February 20 – March 20)
Planet :
Sign property:
changeable, unstable

are the brightest representatives of the water element. They are born dreamers and quite romantic natures. The characteristic of Pisces shows that there is absolutely no rationality in them, but you can see with the naked eye the constant construction of castles in the air and painfully humanistic aspirations. They are well aware of all the shortcomings of their nature, and can easily be ironic about this. However, you should never allow others to joke with you.

Pisces - characteristic of the signRepresentatives of the Pisces sign give the impression of being weak and helpless, and this helps them easily enjoy the support of strangers. However, they themselves are very kind and sympathetic, and friends often overstep boundaries, selfishly putting pressure on the kindness of Pisces.

Pisces are very generous. If someone needs their money, they will gladly share it without thinking about the consequences. At the same time, these people are very passive in achieving their plans. It is good if there is a person nearby who will contribute to the implementation of fish plans.

Pisces man – characteristics

A man born under the sign of Pisces usually has a wide variety of talents, but they are always waiting for some opportunity that may never come. Such a man definitely needs the support of a sober-minded person. This could be a parent, uncle, aunt, spouse, or close friend. Be that as it may, the characteristics of the Pisces man speaks of the need to constantly push him to new achievements, otherwise everything will remain at the level of castles in the air.

These aquatic men are big visionaries. They can easily exaggerate their capabilities, even if they don't need to. They constantly swim in their waters, and cannot feel the solid ground under their feet. In fact, this is their nature, and it is a great luxury to demand stability and reliability from Pisces.

It is very difficult for Pisces to find their place in the real world, and even more so to build a career and achieve success in the professional field. The most successful option would be if this man is eager to conquer a niche at a very young age. Then he will easily plunge into a new, not yet comprehended world.

The characteristics of the Pisces man testify to his external secrecy. No one will see the slightest expression of emotion on the face of such a man, except for the closest ones. However, the smile of a man born under the sign of Pisces in this case becomes a real gift.

Analyzing the nature of this water sign, one cannot fail to mention that boundless sensuality and hidden emotionality that accompanies the Pisces man with a special aura throughout his life.

Pisces do not seek to create a family and have children. They do not tolerate short intrigues and are supporters of long-term relationships, but this is not enough to form a family union. Therefore, the ideal life companion for Pisces will be a woman who has a little more willpower and is reasonable enough who can skillfully push her lover to choose the right decisions.

Pisces woman – characteristics

Lady Pisces is the embodiment of femininity and romance. She has a talent for seduction and can win the hearts of many men. Such a woman feels good among representatives of high society, and stubbornly strives to get into their company. The characteristic of the Pisces woman speaks of her unwillingness to be distracted by minor everyday problems, she seems to live in a fictional world, and does not want to sink to sinful earth at all. The sentimentality of this lady makes her painfully susceptible to any manifestations of rudeness and cruel attitude.

Pisces - characteristic of the signThe characteristic of the Pisces woman also reflects the dependence of her internal state on the phases of the moon . Like any other water sign, Pisces thrives on full moon periods. They are active, at this time the widest scope for activity opens up for them. However, in the process of the growth of this heavenly body, Pisces women can fall into a severe depression.

Lady Pisces is absolutely not conflicted, it is difficult to bring her to the level of open confrontation, since she always strives for an amicable resolution of conflicts. In addition, she is quite soft and delicate, which helps her find an approach to the toughest and most unpredictable people.

Fish is a creative person full of experiences. The characteristics of her emotions affect all aspects of life and are so multifaceted that they amaze others. She knows how to truly empathize, but she cannot cope with ordinary daily difficulties. This suggests that the most suitable partner for Pisces will be the one who will support her in this harsh material world and at the same time be fueled by the powerful energy and magnetism that emanate from this representative of the water element.

Pisces sexual compatibility

The young years of the representatives of the sign of Pisces are full of searches for something mysterious and intimate. Cancers and Scorpios will be able to help them in this . The latter are most attractive to Pisces because of their desire for power and a desire to take the reins of government into their own hands. A more mature age is characterized by the achievement of harmony in union with Libra or Aquarius . Libra perfectly balances the dreamy nature of Pisces, and Aquarius is very close in spirit to Pisces.


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